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You know, I don't ship Thor/Loki (mainly because while I like Thor in fic, I wasn't terribly impressed with Thor!themovie), but I can tell I'm already going to be doing a lot of headdesking over the "I don't get why people ship incest, do these people even have siblings?" Like, seriously, YKINMK. Just like gay and straight (and everything in between) write gay sex, I'm positive both people with and without siblings write incest. You don't understand it, you don't ship it, that's cool. But seriously, GTFO. It's fandom. It's fiction. It's fantasy. NOT REALITY. People can have perfectly healthy, "normal" relationships with siblings (or parents or whatever), and still ship incest. CALM YOUR TITS.

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Coulson does not approve.
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FOR REALSIES. I giggled like a crazy person through this ENTIRE VIDEO. The voices! The changes in wording! The absurdity!

I particularly enjoyed every time someone sang "hope" or "so". I HOOOOPE you're happy! SOOOOO if you care to find me!

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You know those posts on ONTD with sad!Keanu, creepy!Misha, surprise!JDM, or other famous shots of celebrities posted in random pictures? You're welcome, says Jon Stewart.

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I don't know if this is a SPN image or from another show he may be doing but, I feel like Misha has officially validated all the Cas-as-priest fic out


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There is currently a bill in the Senate that has bipartisan support and the backing of groups like the entertainment industry and the AFL-CIO, called S3804 the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA,) which is seeking to ban websites based on illegal material.

Now, I'm not one to jump to censorship conclusions, but after reading into it, I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

The main goal of this bill is to allow federal courts and the government to shut down websites and even entire domains which offer up content deemed illegal. Of course, the spirit of the bill is to pursue things like Napster and various places that offer free media. But the wording is very broad.

The list is for domains "dedicated to infringing activity," which is defined very broadly — any site where counterfeit goods or copyrighted material are "central to the activity of the Internet site" would be blocked.

Many people are worried about the way the bill is phrased, that it could allow the government to blacklist many websites that are in fact legal and that offer legal services, such as mediafire, megaupload, and even YouTube. They also worry it could stall start up companies. If this bill were to pass, it would force companies like Google to block the domains as determined by the Attorney General.

I believe fandom has a stake in this. Not only do many of us stream our shows (I know some Supernatural fans found their go-to streaming place gone this week), but fanfic and vids are by their nature illegal. (Whether they should be or not is a different discussion.) Fanfic writers/vid makers/etc are not often pursued because the size of the group, as well, companies and producers recognize that it's more hassle than it's worth and that fandom helps promote their creations.

However, we on LiveJournal have experienced censoring already. The wave of problems that came when LJ transferred over control over to Russian-based ownership frightened many fans with issues of underage fanfiction. While it didn't become of the end of fandom or LJ as many thought, it did result in the Adult Content settings and a flurry of fans moving over to Dreamwidth and Archive Of Our Own.

Obviously, I have no evidence that fandom sites will end up being blacklisted. But should we give them the chance? Our creative reuse of the TV and movie characters we love is not meant maliciously. But at the end of the day, the disclaimers we attach to our stories and vids and art hold no legal merit. Copyrighted material is central to fandom's activity. By its very wording, technically, LJ, Dreamwidth, AOOO, and all those pairing specific places where you post fic fall under the criteria to be blacklisted, as well as various LJ comms or streaming websites where you get your media.

There is a petition to the Senate that this bill be stopped. I'm not going to request that you sign it. I do ask that you read it, the articles it links to discussing the bill in further detail and gain a knowledge of what this bill is. After that, if you decide that you support it, then sign the petition. But the most important thing is to be educated. This bill could be farther reaching than we could foresee, or it may simply restrict the Napsters of the world. I don't know. But don't leave it up to chance by not researching the implications.

More information:
COICA Fact Sheet
Track the process of the bill and other important information
Huffington Post
Text of the legislation

My own disclaimers:
1. I am not a lawyer. I do not know how this could be pursued in the courts, if it could be ruled unconstitutional, or if LJ and other fandom sites could ever come under the purview of this bill.
2. I don't have any links to the big debacle of LJ, its new ownership and the underage/pornography issues. If I've misstated the basic issues here, please let me know. Also, if you have any links, feel free to share them so I can flesh this out.

Please, feel free to link your flists here or to share this information on your own LJs if you feel strongly about it.
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So you know those HOT new LULZY Stonehenge Apocalypse stills of Misha? And how everyone's either like, hey, Misha stole his clothes from Dean, or hey, it's one of Misha's con outfits?




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(Umm, so now, without ever even having seen more than 1 ep of this show, I kind of ship Jacob/Man in Black. God, what is it with me and the incest? *faceplam*) In my defense, the two are very Michael Lucifer, only Jacob is Michael.

Weird dream. And I don't even watch Lost! )

Very generic references to things that happened in tonight's The Mentalist finale. Not so much spoilers as bitching. )

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In conclusion: CONNECT 4 MILLION.
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I get so annoyed over the constant hate of a) fans in general and b) Supernatural fans specifically. Especially since it's insulting the vast majority of people who watch a show (with a few exceptions like NCIS where maybe 1-5% of the watchers are in the actual fandom). I don't like it when actors do it, I don't like it when networks/execs do it, and I REALLY don't like it when other run-of-the-mill TV watchers or worse! other fans do it.

Yes, there are a few people out there that probably need a reality check. No actor should be attacked physically or verbally, and no fan should think stalking or obsessive love letters are ok.

But fanfic? Making YouTube vids? WHO THE FUCK CARES? I don't think that makes a person "crazy". And I'm a little sick of getting labeled as thus. More importantly, I am sick of reading in certain comms, "oh this comm is great, it's not full of those crazies from fandom" EXCUSE ME. *I* am in that comm and you know what? You'd probably consider me crazy.

Things You Should Know (about fandom):

1. Fandom is mean to be FUN.
2. I don't insult or judge your kinks, why should you judge mine?
3. Don't try to act all moral. If you're going to insult Wincest for immorality, then maybe you should look at yourself. Have you had sex outside of marriage? GASP. That's immoral! Let he among us without sin cast the first stone. Until then, GTFO.
4. If you're not interested in it, DON'T READ IT.
5. It's all FICTION. I suspect less than 1% of those who write incest would actually condone it in real life. Or do it themselves. That number may even be less than .05%. Writing doesn't mean you approve. Otherwise, the very fact that you watch a show about a serial killer (take Heroes or Dexter or any procedural for example) clearly indicates that you condone serial killers. Let's be logical, folks.
6. If you're going to insult one fandom's use of incest, why not insult them all? Why must you focus on this one? It's because it's known. The show itself mocks it. Thus, you are not showing intelligence. You are evidence of bandwagon reactions to something unknown.
7. There is a fine line between acknowledging weird or unusual and perhaps not appropriate behavior and being mean/rude. I admit, I recoil a bit when I see people with "Jensen Ackles" tattooed across their back. It's not me and it seems a bit extreme. But I am not judging the person. Do I think the action is probably not appropriate? Yeah. But it is by no means against the law and I suspect those people are in their right minds. Who hasn't done something entirely illogical or emotional? They feel a connection with that person. It's not harming you and it's not harming me. There is no need to insist on calling them crazy and then leaping to the conclusion all fans are. The same can be said for being a participant in fandom or for, more specifically, fandom kinks. I don't get mpreg at all. It's weird and not my cup of tea. SO I DON'T READ IT (referring back to #4). But if someone on my flist writes/reads it? That's ok with me. I don't call them crazy. It's entirely implausible. But I still would never call them crazy for enjoying it.

I could go on with this all day, I think. I've just had it up to HERE with Supernatural fans, people who claim to be Supernatural fans, the meta on the show, and all the others who sit back and judge the show and its fans. When I first joined fandom 5 years ago, it was fun. These days, I find it less so. The bitter in-fighting and the brutal attacks of fans (and writers/execs) makes it a hostile place to be most days. Now, I don't let someone declaring I am crazy stop me. Or even bother me most of the time (in that I don't feel ashamed or guilty). But man, is all this bullshit getting on my nerves.

So, I just want to make this clear. And please, if this bothers you, by all means defriend me. I don't want you either then if you can't accept me as a whole being and can't realize I'm not insisting you read/write it.

I got into SPN fandom with Wincest.
I have read Wincest.
I have written Wincest (and one day, will finish my WIPs).
I LIKE Wincest.
I have read J2.
I have written J2.
I DO NOT believe J2 will actually get together and DO wish them all the happiest with Gen and Daneel.
I have read Petrellicest.
I have written Petrellicest.
I LIKE Petrellicest.
I LIKE other RPS.
I have a lot of kinks.
I LOVE Castiel.
I like angel!sex.
[ profile] mishaland is AMAZING.

Comment and/or defriend away. Thank you for your time.

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(This rant brought to you by this ONTD thread.)
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I was discussing the finale with a friend and we came to a conclusion. One of the two actors (maybe) wanted to leave the show. Now Adrian has been saying he wants to move his character into new directions and only ONE THING could do that. (To be honest, I think someone like Claire or Peter needed a new direction. I love them both, but theirs are the characters that sometimes lack real depth. NATHAN WAS JUST FINE.) So the question...was Zach too busy in light of Star Trek or is Adrian getting ready to be done? Because Zach will be back, all spoilers say (I didn't have a doubt) which means Adrian will be leaving at some point. Rumors anyone? Guesses, thoughts?

Star Trek:

Ok, the release date of the movie is the 8th. And yet, there have been showings all day. Even my mediocre sized town had one at 2pm. Isn't that illegal/not allowed until the release date? That's why they always do midnight showings, right? What gives?

Sexy Tiems

Feb. 18th, 2009 12:05 am
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Last night I had another of those you-can-tell-Lucy-has-been-watching-too-much-TV dreams. Which is actually surprising because I haven't been watching all that much. I'm behind on many shows (I haven't even had a chance to start Heroes or BSG despite having them dled) thanks to my insanely busy life which keeps me from even having personal time, much less a social life as well as precluding me from writing on LJ often or doing any reviews. :-P

Anyway, dream. It's not all that long or even interesting, just somewhat...huh. And I love that I can Mary Sue myself all I want in dreams and no one can say no!!

Randomness ensues )
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This video must be seen in all it's disturbing glory. No, when you watch the first few seconds...I am not kidding. This is a REAL advertisement. For Diesel, apparently.

I think the winking is the most disturbing aspect. I mean. Really. CREEPY.

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