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Name:MF Luder
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
Website:MF's Tumblr
I'm MF Luder, long time fangirl. Bisexual. Ravenclaw. INTP. Lover of comics and space things. I have a lot of OTPs and OT3s.

At times I almost dream I, too, have spent a life the sages' way and tread once more familiar paths.
Perchance I perished in an arrogant self-reliance an age ago, and in that act, a prayer for one more chance went up so earnest,
so...instinct with better light let in by death that life was blotted out not so completely...
but scattered wrecks enough of it to remain dim memories as now, when seems once more...
the goal in sight, again.

Transformative works statement: I am pleased, nay honored, if you are inspired by something I wrote to create your own work. Have at it, I say! Podfic, remix, story in same universe, fanart, etc. All I ask is that you a) link to my original work, and b) leave a link to your work so that I can admire and rec it. You can either leave a comment/link on the work that has inspired you or send it to my email.

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