Sep. 23rd, 2017

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So tomorrow is the series finale of Teen Wolf.

This feels weird to me because honestly the only season I watched while airing was S3A. I haven't watched any since and I watched S1-2 while I was really sick and on pain meds. I have no idea what's going on this season other than everyone's still in HS and Derek's on the run from the law but he was also only in 3 eps total or something? Apparently Kate is also back to torture Derek more. No one told Stiles anything but what that "anything" is, no idea (a monster turning people to stone? And Gerard Argent?). Scott and Malia are together and okay. Also, Jeff Davis has a lot of problems with the way he treats his actors, his characters, and his plots. TW may be the most plot hole riddled show I've ever seen. It's one of the worst for queerbaiting and apparently he's also screwing over Stydia fans (which I am not a fan of the ship, but I'm pretty sure sometime last year he said they were end game or something and that seems a little rude).

I also won't get to watch the episode because I'll be at work.

Despite all this, TW has this strange place in my heart thanks to fandom and fanfic. And I'm honestly sad that there will not be more in the Stiles-Scott BFF story, or the Lydia is am amazing being who rules at everything, or the "can Jeff please stop torturing Derek with his abuser and can Sterek truly, rightfully happen". I'm sad there won't be new clips to make manips from or new plot holes to make Sterek fix-its.

It's not that Sterek will go away or even TW (I think it's getting some absurd reboot in 2 years, IDK, IDK, fuck you Jeff Davis). But whenever a show stops airing, its fandom dies, even if some people keep making fics and art. And I'm sad to see that go. I know all the actors deserve better and TW fans deserve to have the show end (like SPN fans; please let the show DIE CW FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY). I'm sad in the same way I was when SGA died and those AMAZING McShep writers moved onto fandoms I couldn't follow (or, some moved on to TW which was a boon but who knows now?). TW and Sterek will begin to fade and even when fresh blood discovers it 5 years after, it still won't be the same, you know? It won't have that same burning passion of fandom's light.

I suppose I can just hope for an additional season 7 to come out 10+ years from now ala XF and Twin Peaks to bring the fandom back to life, if only to bemoan the bad writing and get sentimental over how their babies have grown.

RIP TW fandom: may you go on to new fandoms (that I'm in) with maybe, for once, a canon queer ship. You deserve that.

RIP Lydia. May you go onto MIT like all the best fics and become the best math/physics genius ever, or eventually run the country and save it from itself. Hell, do both.

RIP, Stiles: may you be the best next Fox Mulder working for the FBI.

RIP, Derek: may you finally escape Kate Argent's grasp, find peace with yourself and your past. And fucking put a ring on Stiles.

RIP, TW. You deserved better than Jeff Davis.

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