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Now, apparently, there's some controversy over the reactions to this clip (seems to be Coulson/Barton shippers versus self-proclaimed feminists - yeah, this is fandom, of course), but that aside, here was my reaction watching it the first time:

1. Hahaha, Natasha's face when the guy goes "I don't give everything". GENIUS.
2. Hawkeye compromised? WTF does that mean? WTF WHEDON DON'T KILL HIM.
3. Her face when she hears about Barton. AW.
4. DAMN. Natasha kicks ass.
5. Stunt doubles really should be the actual superheroes because the fuck, no one can roll their chair like that or flip it or...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.
6. Coulson's calm, collected, 'tick tock I'm waiting' expression while he's on "hold". It looks exactly like someone does in an elevator or on hold. While he's listening to Natasha decimating the people and surrounding property. HAHAHAHA, COULSON, I LOVE YOU. BEST FACE EVER.

And seriously, I keep watching this clip over and over because Natasha rolling that chair and Coulson's FACE are like, the best thing yet about this movie. IT NEEDS TO BE MAY 4TH NOW.

ETA: And then there's THIS interview and, more importantly, video of Jeremy Renner. I am ridiculously in love with this man. Move aside Fassbender, you've been replaced! (Not really, but kinda.) I'm just sort of imagining it's Clint on a photoshoot Stark set up for him because you know, if Steve would maybe be embarrassed/awkward by photoshoots, Clint would eat that attention up. :D
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Alright, so I'm not a Glee fan (I hate pop-y remakes of songs, particularly when they're already pop songs) but I AM a fan of Matt Bomer and this is a gorgeous rendition of this song. The harmonies are lovely. So yup, a Glee ep I'm going to have to watch.

(If you're not into Glee like me, Matt Bomer is playing Darren Criss' older brother and they clearly haven't gotten along for some time.)

And of course, I'm crafting the crossover where Neal never told Peter about his younger brother and that they're not on speaking terms and oh, right, no, Neal isn't his birth name...
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Adrian Pasdar in Castle Spin-off?

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I NEED Adrian back on my TV like AIR. WHERE'S THE PETITION?!
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FYI: Castle casting spoiler, but this is too good to cut.

Question: Any new Castle scoop? —Daniel
Ausiello: SUPER-SIZED SCOOP: Piter Marek is joining the cast for a two-episode arc! [Crickets] OK, maybe that’s more of a medium-sized scoop. Anywhoo, the actor — best known as Willie’s Season 4 blackmailer on Ugly Betty — will appear in the upcoming two-parter starring HeroesAdrian Pasdar. His character is described as a “resourceful entrepreneur who strives to look as American as possible.


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I did it for the men, I might as well do it for the women, too, right?

BuddyTV 100 Sexiest Women
  • Yay, someone from Supernatural! Good for Cindy Sampson being the sole representation on this list.
  • Paget at #86? Oh, HELL no.
  • Seriously, why are we counting reality TV "stars"?
  • Morena Baccarin, yes...
  • Julie Benz should be higher than #74. The woman still looks 20, FFS!!
  • Maggie Q bothers me. She looks plastic or something. I can't quite put my finger on why I don't like her.
  • I love Shiri Appleby. Good placement.
  • LOL, the picture for Bethany Joy Galeotti is actually one from Life Unexpected, not One Tree Hill. FAIL.
  • Daniella Ruah at only #66? Pssht. She's one of the hottest women on TV right now. AND NCIS: LA actually makes her a decent character.
  • Why is some bitchy-looking Real Housewife (of Atlanta, WTFever) at #51? Who created this list!?!?
  • Another list fail. Ziya David. Spell check, anyone?
  • Julia Stiles is on Dexter, what?? This is new information.
  • I just do not get the appeal of Leighton Meester. Or Blair for that matter.
  • Now, I don't watch TVD, but Nina IS gorgeous.
  • Grace Park: stunning, flawless, should be WAY higher than #28.
  • Olivia Wilde is SEX and should also be higher than #19.
  • It's ridiculous how hot Aly Michalka (Hellcats) is.
  • Katie Cassidy, YES.
  • Hooray for Christina at #3!!
  • Umm, where is Robin Tunney?!?

Alright, here's my list, with one not-on-TV-right-now actor and one movie actress because I can't help but include them. Again, based on looks (versus character or personality).

1. Tricia Helfer (BSG, Dark Blue, The Defenders, Human Target)
2. Eva Green (Casino Royale)
3. Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds)
4. Robin Tunney (The Mentalist)
5. Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)
6. Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place, Gossip Girl)
7. Elyse Levesque (Stargate Universe)
8. Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse)
9. Aly Michalka (Hellcats)
10. Tiffani Thiessen (White Collar)
11. Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist)
12. Gillian Anderson (X-Files)
13. Stephanie Jacobsen (Melrose Place)
14. Cote de Pablo (NCIS)
15. Alona Tal (Supernatural, Leverage)

My women are as all over the map as the men I'm attracted to. Although there are 6 brunettes in the top 10.

These amazing women will also one day get a picspam...
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BuddyTV 100 Sexiest Men
  • How did Jerry O'Connell beat LL?
  • Michael Weatherly should be higher than 80!!
  • Kerr Smith need to be MUCH higher. (Baze is cute but Kerr>>>>>>>Kristoffer)
  • Mmm, Shaun Sipos. LOVE.
  • I'm happy with Jared and Jensen's placement.
  • Matt Bomer, YES.
  • No, for number 1. Just, no.
  • Misha Collins does not deserve to be #77, what is that BS, BuddyTV?

My list is more like (based solely on looks):

1. Tim DeKay (White Collar)
2. Kerr Smith (Life Unexpected)
3. Misha Collins (Supernatural)
4. Joe Flanigan (Stargate: Atlantis)
5. Shaun Sipos (Melrose Place, Life Unexpected)
6. Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)
7. Matt Bomer (White Collar)
8. Adrian Pasdar (Heroes)
9. John Barrowman (Torchwood)
10. Michael Weatherly (NCIS)
11. David Hewlett (Stargate: Atlantis, Hellcats)
12. Thomas Gibson (Criminal Minds)
13. Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)
14. David Duchovny (X-Files, Californication)
15. Mark Harmon (NCIS)

One of these days I will make a giant picspam...
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I don't know if this is a SPN image or from another show he may be doing but, I feel like Misha has officially validated all the Cas-as-priest fic out


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Who else watches both Fringe and Supernatural? If you don't you won't understand where I'm coming from, but I absolutely wish that the character of Tom Newton played by Sebastian Roche was how Balthazar had been written. He's much more sinister, more smart. More believable and, for a character for which we know no back story, surprisingly three-dimensional in nature.

I was also going to share a tasty photo to prove all the naysayers wrong, but I hate my screen capture program because it SUCKS ASS. (Anyone know a good, free one?) He has this glorious half-naked scene in episode 4 of Fringe this season.

But believe me, Sebastian is good enough to be slashed with Misha. (Can I rewrite Balthazar so that he is Newton somehow and then slash him and Cas? That'd be so much better than current Balthazar.)

Spoiler for Fringe from two weeks ago )
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First @colinferg (Colin Ferguson, mostly known as the Sheriff on Syfy's Eureka) writes this:


And then @mishacollins writes this:


You'll have to forgive me a moment while I imagine this man doing yoga in the same room as this man.

And "next weekend" David Blue is joining them.


Ok, moment over. You can go back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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I really need to stop reading/obtaining spoilers because frankly, they're making me like season 6 less and less.

Spoilers and stuff you've probably seen elsewhere but now with bonus commentary from me! )

There are so many things I love about this video. First, Matt is hot. And a good dancer. And hot. And apparently taking fashion tips from Zachary Quinto. Where's the Matt/Zach RPS?? And then there's Tim who is totally into it even when he's clearly all "WHAT AM I DOING!?". He's obviously a totally sport. And while Matt is hot, Tim is sexy in a dorky way doing this. Like someone's dad. But I like men who are the age to be dads

And finally, there's the kid in the middle who is all ~SOOPER SRZS~ and clearly not even enjoying the fact that he's in between two actors, much less their appeal to ladies like


Jul. 8th, 2010 10:19 pm
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Is this for real??

It is apparently the baby of a couple who works for Rogue Events. N'aaaaw.

He's fucking adorable and my ovaries are ~EXPLODING~. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD.

ETA 1: WTF, people telling him to "get to it" regarding having kids?? THIS IS NOT THE 19TH CENTURY ANYMORE. I'm sure if he wanted kids, he would have them. If he wants kids, he WILL have them.
ETA 2: If Misha had a kid, I think I would feel guilty for perving on him. I mean, I perv on David Duchovny, Joe Flanigan, Adrian Pasdar, and David Hewlett. But somehow, I feel like I perv Misha differently. And if he had a kid, it would be
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Vid Recs )

4. Outbreak

This cartoon reminded me of Croatoan and the beginning of The Devil You Know. Basically, it's a riff on all zombie movies, but I kinda liken it to SPN in many ways. (Also, if you're not an XKCD connoisseur, hold the mouse over the comic to get more humor.)

5. For actor Misha Collins, playing Paul Bernardo became an unwelcome trip into his own dark side

Just an interesting article on Misha playing Paul Bernardo in Karla. It's a really interesting look into Misha's thoughts on the movie and character (especially since he seems to have reversed his opinions). It also showcases that Misha is intelligent and well-spoken (when he wants to be, lol). And he's never even been in a fist-fight, awww! My favorite line from the writer: The American actor with the handsome face of a young Robert Redford . Misha spouse, y/y?

6. I've Got Legs. Do You Like Bread? by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins and Michael Rosenbaum)

Thanks to this author, I discovered a renewed love for RPS...of the strangest kind. I can't really get into the Misha/Jensen or Misha/Jared fics for some reason (because I like J2 together? because no one ever addresses #1 in the fics I read? IDK.). But the author's writing and characterization really got me excited for this pairing: Misha and Michael Rosenbaum. That's right, Rosenbaum of Smallville. Yeah, plays Lex Luthor? Michael is such a dork in RL that he seems a perfect match for Misha. This fic is kid!Mike and kid!Misha and it's totally PG and utterly ADORKABLE. THEY'RE BESTIES. It's an RPS AU. (Jensen and Jared are girls. Brilliant!) Seriously, even if you're not a RPSer (as in you don't like the idea of two real people kissing who aren't together) it's adorable. GO READ.

7. The Baum is the Key (and the Rosen) by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins/Michael Rosenbaum)

Pure, unadulterated RPS/SPN CRACK. But it's brilliant. Really good crack is hard to pull off, but this author can make you WTF, spit Coke through your nose, and go awww all within sentences of each other. The characterization! Like, I don't care if it's nothing like Misha or Michael in RL. It's written so well, so fully-fleshed out, you absolutely believe it's really Misha and Mike. It helps that the author uses real Misha tweets. Because he actually is that cray-cray. Also, Misha babysits. And Tom Welling plagues everyone at CW parties with the PheTomenon.

8. Look at us we're beautiful by [ profile] zelda_zee (Misha Collins/Adam Lambert)

Not cracky at all, though the pairing may somehow make it seem so. But the situation is plausible (we all know Misha has been to Burning Man) and the way the author writes Misha is fascinating. The story itself is smoking (heh, pun not intended) and incredibly sexy. PWP, but we all love a little porn, right? The image of the two of them together...they'd be gorgeous.
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What I truly can't decide is whether I want to read the Jacob and Mulder as BFFs fic first, the Jacob/Castiel/some mixture of the characters SPN fic first, or the Jacob and Rodney McKay as frenemies-who-were-both-geniuses-and-Rodney's-still-a-little-miffed-Jacob-got-that-honor-first and somehow, years later, Jacob also ends up in Atlantis and Jacob and Sheppard have beautiful hair!babies fic first.


Things I noticed/found worthy of commentary: )
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New photos (though sadly, none of the new ones are of Misha Collins) and a much better blurb about Stonehenge Apocalypse HERE.

In “Stonehenge Apocalypse,” the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge are suddenly unlocked, causing the stones to shift along the earth’s power grid and creating devastating natural disasters around the world. Is Stonehenge really an alien machine originally meant to create a fertile, life-sustaining planet – which it’s now about to destroy? It is up to brilliant and eccentric radio show host Misha Collins (“Supernatural”) to prevent this by stopping a crazed cult leader (Hill Harper, “CSI NY”), eager for Armeggedon


ALSO!!!! We're going to tweet the shit out of this movie ALL DAY SATURDAY. I want Craig of @Syfy and @scifitalk and all those other Syfy-related twitters to be OVERWHELMED by the Stonehenge Apocalypse tweets. So, the hashtag is....


Because, he just does. He's going to kick those styro-rocks asses!!! REMEMBER THOUGH: do NOT put as many #mishapwnsthehenge hashtags as possible in your tweet. THIS IS CONSIDERED SPAMMING AND WHY MR TWITTER MAKES US PERSONA NON GRATA EVERY TIME WE TWEET ABOUT SUPERNATURAL, CAPICHE? One tag AND ONE TAG ONLY per tweet. And then just create 500 tweets using it in one day. That's how we'll trend.
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I have no idea what the point was behind this ultimate fight but...Misha's facial expressions are adorable as always.

Jared really has a thing for Misha's...lower torso area, doesn't he? LOL. I feel like all the stories are about Jared grabbing Misha's ass or as in this one, playing footsie with his crotch.

"Clearly, not gay enough for the French." (Ok, the first half is just kind of silly and Misha rambles before getting to the point, but it's totally worth it.)

And why is there even less stuff from the Paris con than there was from the Germany con? I haven't seen a single Q&A transcript. *pouts*
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Alright, I said I'd found a few vids that were gems, right? Well, here you go.

1. "Drinking With Misha"

What I love about this vid is how firstly, HE'S WEARING THE STONEHENGE OUTFIT. I think this was done the same day as the TV Guide interview? Otherwise, boy needs to stop playing chicken with his car and start spending more money on his wardrobe because he should know by now we pay attention to these I love how the interviewer flirts with him: "I'm a desperate girl..." LOL! Also, Misha's drinking. AGAIN. And they talk about Misha's chasteness. Plus, Misha says "BDSM". There's this awesome awkwardness that shines in Misha's eyes when the interview brings up Dean/Cas. But it's hilarious.

More Misha Goodness )
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1. So I was in Best Buy tonight and discovered they have released Dark Angel in new packaging so that a whole season is only the size of one DVD. AND, they're only $24.99. Guess what I bought? Wish I could have afforded both seasons, but for now, I have season 1 (which I preferred anyway). There has not been enough scruffy Michael Weatherly in my life since I watched this show last. (And God, Ben tears at my heart EVERY TIME.)

2. Julie McNiven (Anna of SPN and upcoming next season of SGU in what seems to be a recurring role) now has twitter. @JulieMcNiven She's not verified by Twitter yet, but has been verified by David Blue (of SGU).

3. Supernatural recs! Sadly, I don't have the full list I had before since my computer died, but I've collected a few new ones already and recalled a few I had saved from before.

I Think I Know Where You Belong by twentysomething (Dean/Cas)

I'm a huge sucker for college and high school AUs and this one is wonderful!! Definitely one of my favorite high school AUs ever. Sweet, somewhat clueless, nerdy!Cas and baseball star!Dean who live next door to each other and talk to each other by writing on pieces of paper and putting them up in their windows. Also? Best older brother Michael ever. He's hilarious, seriously.

So Sleep in the Fallout Tonight by [ profile] thevinegarworks (Dean/Cas)

This is a desperate and confused Cas and exactly how I wish the alley scene in 5x18 could have gone. The author has some truly lovely phrasing and lines in this fic. It's angsty and so them.

Good Boy by [ profile] mummyluvr314 (Dean/Cas if you squint and you tilt your head and close your left eye, it looks exactly like "President of the United States" umm, yeah, I've been watching too much West Wing, ignore me)

Oh, GOD. You think you know where this fic is going and then it yanks the rug right out from underneath you. It's tragic and you want everything to be ok, but it just can't be. A very unique angsty tale.

Folie a Deux by [ profile] thunder_nari (Dean/Cas(Jimmy), Jimmy/Amelia)

Every sci-fi show seems to have the kind of episode where it's all a dream, or the characters think it's a dream. The Real World, in Stargate: Atlantis, for example. If SPN had one of those, this would be it. It tears at your soul because you could completely believe this tale, easier than the SPN 'verse. Just, go read. It's brilliant.

Jeans by [ profile] p_m_p_m

Only the most amazing Misha manip EVER. Um, seriously. *fans self*

As We Go Along and Making it Up by [ profile] aesc

I love genderswap fic. And I love het. So combine a truly awesome, always-a-girl!Dean with the very male, human!Castiel and God, I go crazy. But more than just the amazing sex, I love how Dean and Cas are the same; they're the characters we know. And the story is sweet without being overly sappy.

Duck by [ profile] schmevil (gen)

The author calls it crack, and technically, sure. But it's so adorable and so heartfelt that I simply can't see it as crack. It's hilarious and sweet and who says God can't be a duck, hmm?

4. Help me find a fic? See above. Huge THANKS to [ profile] one_dreamery!

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