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*I provide links to my tumblr for all tumblr based art in case an artist changes their url and the link breaks.

*I will note if there is a pairing after the art link

*I will note if the work is generally NSFW (Note: NSFW may have different interpretations. I use it for either sexual acts or sexualized nakedness. Things like bad language I do not consider NSFW, so use your own caution when viewing.)

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Disclaimer: Some of these fics contain more than one pairing. Make sure you check the author's notes if you're picky.

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Have another gift. OMG, this is why I can't listen to podfic. I can read it, I can watch it, but listening to it makes it so awkward. LOL!! And the fact that it's actually Zach??!

It's all edited together, but it's genius. Wonder if Zach knows yet?

*can't stop giggling*
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Supernatural Stuff

1. Quarters, Sharing is Caring, and Heaven or Las Vegas by [ profile] trinityofone are all part of an AU verse in which Ruby is snarky demon but still ends up being the friend to an angel, Castiel discovers a little bit more about being human, and there's the hunt, the Impala, arguments, and sex. Dean/Castiel and Sam/Ruby.

2. Lend a Hand and Lift Me by [ profile] xgreyfeather

In which Anna gently matchmakes (more or less, she opens Castiel's eyes), Dean has his usual problems of believing he's worth anything, and the two fix each other. There's sex, and yet it's still lovely. Dean/Castiel

3. The Consequences of Falling by [ profile] pandarus

Ok, I can say I have a few quibbles with some characterization, but as a whole this fic is outstanding. Castiel makes the transition from angel to human when he decides to save the boys lives and who is there to pick him up? Ruby, of course. This is one of the best Ruby characterizations ever. You'll definitely like her more than Kripke's (mainly because the S4 finale isn't in here). And she gets what she deserves at one point. Oh, also? There's an offering of Castiel as a virgin. Very funny, very sexy, with some nice angel!angst and Dean!angst. Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby.

4. Have Faith by [ profile] gembat

A brilliant, lovely, unique piece of digital Castiel/Dean art. Take a look. NSFW.

5. Till We Have Faces by an unrevealed author (part of a secret fic thing at [ profile] deancastiel).

The apocalypse is over and Dean has been granted a gift to see Castiel's true form. There's a wonderful OC in this short story and Dean and Castiel break my heart in all the good ways. But it's not just about them, either. My favorite line of the whole piece is a little comment Dean makes to John Winchester. Dean/Castiel.

Star Trek Stuff

1. Interview with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

Chris to Zach: That's your morning voice? That's a great morning voice.

They also totally fight over vocabulary. Dorks! ♥

2. Dancehall Drug by [ profile] anythingever

An intensely hot and hilarious Zach/Chris RPF. Seriously. Hilarious as fuck. In which Chris somehow fits into Zach's pants, and there is hot, HOT sex (just, not quite with each other).

3. Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) by [ profile] roga

A very funny remixed fic featuring John Sheppard as "the new guy" at Starfleet Academy. Have you heard of anything as absurd as Kirk trying to outdo the master of cool? Kirk has to learn his lesson the hard when he tries to out seduce the next big spacewhore. John Sheppard/Jim Kirk, SGA/Star Trek crossover. I want this pairing like ALL THE TIME now.

4. I'm On A Ship by [ profile] sparkly_stuff (and other fans)

Ok, I'm actually sad the creator changed the format of the post, because the song used to start automatically. So, in my opinion, for full effect, scroll down to the youtube vid at the bottom of the post (without reading the stuff in between!!) and start it, the scroll up to the top and follow the picspam down. Then reexamine the gif at the top and check out the other youtube vid another fan made singing the lyrics to clips from the movie. This whole post is made of EPIC WIN. Genius, seriously.

5. However Improbable by [ profile] tabled

This is one of the funniest fics I've read in the new Trek fandom. The author's McCoy is just PERFECT. One-sided Spock/Kirk.


DNA's Hottest Men of 2009

Gratuitous sexiness. And several boys my flist will recognize.
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Ok, in for a quick jaunt (at the library) because I am desperate! I read this AMAZING Star Trek: Reboot fic (see below for rec) and now I am craving other fantastic Kirk/Spock reboot fics. Please tell me there are more out there! Rec away, please, please, please. I am dying of boredom. And, does anyone have or have links to all the ST promo shots? Or your favorite Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto photo shoots? Pictures of them together? I want there to be another movie, like NOW. It's just this craving. I would appreciate anything you can share with me. My Google-fu is seriously lacking of late.

Now, rec time!!

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) by [ profile] seperis

I don't want to spoil the plot because it's so good and you'll figure it out soon enough if you're a ST fan. But trust me when I say the characterization is so spot on. The storyline and backstory really build up the relationship and the characters. She manages to bring in several of the other crew members into the story as well as the politics of Starfleet. It's a beautiful, emotional, and heart-moving story that will have you sweating and needing a cold shower as the tension builds.

Grab bag!!

Dec. 7th, 2008 09:46 pm
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It's been awhile since I've posted any recs; I've been saving up. Enjoy!!

SGA Comic by [ profile] gnine

So cute!!

Masters of Sci-FI, Fantasy and Horror

While it's good with geniuses like Kripke and Joss Whedon, it passes over the ultimate--Chris carter.

The Slow Rise of NCIS

It's rare to find articles on NCIS, and this article points that out. A good read and tribute.

BSG Duo Comes Out

Sexual spoilers. lol

An Angel Close By Me by [ profile] zelda_zee

The first and still best Dean/Castiel fic I've read. It's beautiful.

EW Article on New Star Trek

OMG new Trek!!!

Star Trek Trailer

Finally, the long-awaited trailer. I saw this on the big screen when I went to see Quantum of Solace. O.M.G!!

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