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Bout time, eh? As always HUGE thanks to my betas [ profile] xscribe and [ profile] siberian_skys who haven't a) given up on me yet, and b) are very patient with me.

Part 1 and the HUGE header can be found here

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First off, I say "BAH" to tonight's game. Well, at least [ profile] siberian_skys is happy.

It's been about a month since I wrote a fic because of all my crazy computer issues. So, to get back in the "saddle", I went with a little idea that had been nagging at me from back when that fic idea meme came about. I just wanted to get something out there, so hopefully, it's not too rough. Hell, I kind of surprised myself. It turned out longer than planned, much pornier, and way darker than I ever thought I could write. Oy.

Title: And What Rough Beast
Author: MF Luder
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Keywords: Wincest, slash, non-con, horror, evil!Sam, dark!fic, masturbation
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Vague Houses of the Holy
Disclaimer: All characters herein belong to Kripke and Co. and the CW.
Archive: My LJ, Sam/Dean Archive, Sinful Desires, Biani's Slash Archive, anywhere else, please just let me know.
Summary: “I remember, Dean. There was a time I asked you to make sure and shoot me if I went evil. You promised. You made a promise to me. You’ve always kept your promises. You should have kept that one.”
Warning: When I say dark fic, I mean it. Hints of non-con, horror, and probably some things that would turn a weak person’s stomach. Read at your own risk.
Author's Notes: When there was that little fic request meme going around, [ profile] __3amconfession asked for evil!Sam. I think I even outdid myself. Unbetaed.
Extended warning including fic spoiler at the end.

And What Rough Beast )

Extended warning, including fic spoiler )
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Once upon a time a little Lucy once said that she would never write a crossover with a crossed pairing. Sometimes, she wonders why she ever thinks about constraining herself, because inevitably, she breaks such rules. This is why she does not make New Year's resolutions.

Title: Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn.
Author: MF Luder
Fandom: Heroes/ Supernatural
Pairings: Peter/Dean, hints of Sam/Dean and Peter/Nathan
Keywords: incest, Petrellicest, Wincest, apocalypse, crossover
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Nothing specific
Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to Tim Kring and NBC. Supernatural belongs to Kripke and the CW
Prompt: Peter/Dean, Snowfall (at the end of the world)
Summary: "I never imagined it'd end like this. I always thought it'd be some demon show-down. Some kind of final war between good and evil."
Author's Notes: First italic quote from an REM song by the same name. Title taken from the same song. Second italic quote from the movie The Lion in Winter. Originally intended for [ profile] technosage's Heroes pornathon, but it turned a little too angsty for me to think of it fitting there. Unbetaed, though some cutting done with the advice of [ profile] siberian_skys.

Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn. )
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So after some hardcore frustration and amazing fast beta work, I present you all with my first fic in...well, it feels like forever. I am getting it out even sooner than planned thanks to my worship-worthy betas. So THANK YOU both!!

Written to fulfill one of [ profile] robinchristine's Christmas wishes.

Title: Lullaby
Category: Dean/Sam, Wincest, schmoop, pre-series
Summary: And if you wake before I'm gone, remember this sweet lullaby.

Lullaby )
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After a lot of thought and's part four of Ides of the Mothmen.

Part 1 and the HUGE header can be found here

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A few things before we get to the fic. First off--go vote!!! I don't care who, just do your civic duty!

And second, I love what a bundle of contridictions us Minnesotans are. We wear sweatshirts and shorts in 30 degree weather. I was traversing some neighborhoods tonight and this is what I saw. Green grass. Check. Brown leaves on the ground and dead trees. Check. Winter decorations (xmas lights, giant snowflakes, etc). Check. And people grilling. Check. No matter what, we got all the seasons happening here in MN. LOL!!

Finally, I have fic for you. Part 3 of The Ides of the Mothmen. I feel like its been awhile.

Mothmen P3 this way... )
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It has finally happened. Another update on one of my WIPs. This is very exciting. I may even have to throw old New Year's Eve confetti into the air. Many, many thanks to [ profile] siberian_skys for doing a quick beta once she got to it. I promise your icons shall be done once I get back.

Title: Ides of the Mothmen
Author: MF Luder
Category: Sam/Dean, OFC, Dean/OFC
Summary: A simple poltergeist case turns into something much more haunting and mysterious. Clues towards an impending disaster are around every twist and turn, and three people seem to have the key. When Dean begins experiencing visions, will Sam think he's going crazy? How much can Dean take before he breaks?

Part 1 and the HUGE header can be found here

Ides of the Mothmen, Part 2 )

BLR Part 2

Sep. 27th, 2006 12:57 am
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Part 2 )
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SPN fic I started a long time ago and finished up for [ profile] spn_gleeweek. Also, it's very important to read the author's notes in order to understand the leaning of this fic.

And OMG it was too long for one post. So you can find the second part linked.

Only a day and a half left!!

Category: Sam/Dean
Summary: We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school.

Blood, Love, and Rhetoric )
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Wh00t! More SPN fic from me. This is the fic that got me through my pornstipation period. And so that should tell you something. LOL

Title: Pheromone, My Lovely
Author: MF Luder
Category: Sam/Dean, crossover with Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Lois, Clark, Lex, other small characters
Summary: A woman strikes her 'Revenge' on the city of Metropolis, but Sam and Dean think it's a love demon.

Pheremone, My Lovely )

And if anyone knows any Lois and Clark archives this would be acceptable at...let me know.
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Yo! More of Heaven Can Wait, FINALLY! I am probably more excited than you all, even. :-D If you've missed out or want to remind yourself, just check out my heaven can wait tag and they're all in order.

Interlude 4 )
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Ok, I promise. This is my last post before leaving. So what we have here is the first part of a new SPN fic. It's a WIP so I hope you'll forgive me. Hopefully, I'll have more of this and more Heaven Can Wait when I get back. No, I haven't forgotten that fic, I promise.

Title: Ides of the Mothmen
Author: MF Luder
Category: Sam/Dean, OFC, Dean/OFC
Summary: A simple poltergeist case turns into something much more haunting and mysterious. Clues towards an impending disaster are around every twist and turn, and three people seem to have the key. When Dean begins experiencing visions, will Sam think he's going crazy? How much can Dean take before he breaks?

Ides of the Mothmen )
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I'm watching the Twins game and Meatloaf is guest announcing.  Weird.  At least he's a baseball fan.

In other news, my computer is dying.  It's giving me all the telltale signs.  This SUCKS ASS.  I cannot have this happen.  It's summer and I have nothing else to do.  Not to mention, how in God's name could I catch up on over a month of LJ!?!? FUCK.

Also, everyone should go read chapter 1 of The Back Road Kings by [profile] 1shotjunkie here:  (sorry I can't get my code to work)

Well, anyway.  Here's 9 of 10 drabbles. These are all in response to your requests.   Lorelei, your's is giving me issues so I'm afraid I don't have it yet.  But I will.  Unbetaed again.

First, the XF one.

Plans )

And now 8 Supernatural ones.  Not all of them have actual pairings, so Dusty, you could read some. ;-)

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Ok, the August 15th ed of The Advocate. You all should buy it for the hott manly pictures in it.

But beyond that, I found several interesting things in the magazine. And you know, I am super tempted to subscribe. Except...well, I don't subscribe to any magazines. LOL And I can't have that coming to my dorm room.

Advocate ramblings (some good things for Wincesters, or those who are fans of my philosophical sex thoughts) )

I also ate a spider today. Damn. It was gross. Also--I just read one of the best J2 RPS fics ever. *nods enthusiatically* All revolving around Jensen singing. And since I have listed to this song (points to music) a billion and one times and have fallen in love with the one teeny tiny solo (3 words) Jensen sings, this fic was like GUH! cause I so know what Jared went through. I'd want to maul Jensen too. *runs away because she really isn't creepy obsessive like that* Anyway--go read. The Song on Track 5

I am very sad at the turn out for drabble requests. Only five of you? Is that cause you all missed that post, you don't care, or I only have like 5 readers? LOL Anyway, if you are just seeing this bit, see my last post and please, make a request.

Anyway. We now have some good ole SPN fic to post. I am an impatient woman (or so I've been told). Again, my online persona and RL are like polar opposites because in RL? I can outlast anyone. I learned that from getting picked on. Wait them out and they fucking can't touch you.

Erm, ok. Didn't mean to go into detail there and bore you with my life experiances. Forgive?

Bring on the fic, they cry!!

Title: One Thing He Can't Know
Author: MF Luder
Category: Dean/Sam, Wincest
Warning: Teeny, tiny reference to unrequited, underage Wincest.
Summary: Dean's thoughts on Sam.

One Thing He Can't Know )


Jul. 9th, 2006 06:04 pm
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Got back from a nice long walk to the bank and the grocery store.  Whee.  Now I'm watching Dark Angel.  And ok, it's pretty damn cheesy.  But I love Michael Weatherly and eventually Jensen will be on.  Michael's hair cracks me up.  Jessica Alba though...why does everyone think she's the most gorgeous thing ever?  I mean she is pretty and a gazillion times more beautiful than me.  But her lips...they bug me.  They're bigger than Angelina's.  LOL I'm mean.  I'll stop now.

I wrote two drabbles today, the first ones ever.  One XF and one Supernatural.  They compliment each other but they're not the same.  And the XF one--first time in...oh, two months I've been inspired. 

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More Heaven Can Wait that had this one sentence that was just kicking my ass today, so it's posted several hours later than planned, but it's only 10:49 and thus posted in the same day still.

Also, a version of the artwork I made for [ profile] siberian_skys' birthday.

Chapter 4 )

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