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So, the other night, as SPN was airing, some guy named Chad who apparently works with the WB mad some very ill-advised tweets (that account is now deleted, apparently) starting by saying that neither Cas nor Dean were bisexual and Destiel would never happen, followed by a whole bunch of other ridiculous comments that were things like "well, I wouldn't say no if it crossed my desk". I have to admit, if it wasn't queerbaiting, it came awfully close. Basically, it was tacky and fandom (particularly Destiel shippers) exploded.

For me, though, aside from the tweets being unnecessarily obnoxious (I'm pretty sure the two Ben's pulled bullshit like this too, back in S6 and S7 - man I hated those writers), the news of it didn't surprise me. 9 seasons now, and I've never expected or assumed that a slash ship would become canon or even that Dean at some point would actually come out as bi or gay. They give little tidbits (that are actually intended to be done for humor, not to actually hint that Dean is anything beyond straight), and I'm perfectly content with that. So, below, I have some more in depth thoughts on this whole situation. Mainly about how I don't understand when fandom decided it wasn't happy with fanfic anymore and how all ships must now be canon.

(Also posted on tumblr, so feel free to skip or whatever if you've read it.)

Unpopular opinions, hell yeah )

ETA: Fandom debunker uploaded all the tweets here.

This is the one that I saw pop up predominently and seemed to send fandom into a tizzy.

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(No spoilers in post. Feel free to post in comments, though.)

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Maybe it'll be better than I'm envisioning.

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I will now return to my happy Marvel place.
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Who else watches both Fringe and Supernatural? If you don't you won't understand where I'm coming from, but I absolutely wish that the character of Tom Newton played by Sebastian Roche was how Balthazar had been written. He's much more sinister, more smart. More believable and, for a character for which we know no back story, surprisingly three-dimensional in nature.

I was also going to share a tasty photo to prove all the naysayers wrong, but I hate my screen capture program because it SUCKS ASS. (Anyone know a good, free one?) He has this glorious half-naked scene in episode 4 of Fringe this season.

But believe me, Sebastian is good enough to be slashed with Misha. (Can I rewrite Balthazar so that he is Newton somehow and then slash him and Cas? That'd be so much better than current Balthazar.)

Spoiler for Fringe from two weeks ago )
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LOL, apparently, Supernatural isn't the only show where ten-year-olds have gotten their hands on the script. Supernatural has "assbutt" and "dickbomb". The Mentalist now has "sheep dip". I don't understand, but whatever.

Hmm, I like the reasons, but I don't know if I'd agree. I feel a little more like Gideon. Or Reid, but not that smart.

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Hey, I'm back! Sorta. Despite now paying for the internet in our new place, it seems to be no better than the sporadic internet we had before the cable company came.

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I really need to stop reading/obtaining spoilers because frankly, they're making me like season 6 less and less.

Spoilers and stuff you've probably seen elsewhere but now with bonus commentary from me! )


Jul. 13th, 2010 02:45 pm
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How did I not notice the first one (or three) times watching "The End" that Castiel winks at Dean when he says "I think I need to confer with our Fearless Leader"??


Pointless post is pointless, but I had to share my new revelation.

God, I love this episode so much.
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Vid Recs )

4. Outbreak

This cartoon reminded me of Croatoan and the beginning of The Devil You Know. Basically, it's a riff on all zombie movies, but I kinda liken it to SPN in many ways. (Also, if you're not an XKCD connoisseur, hold the mouse over the comic to get more humor.)

5. For actor Misha Collins, playing Paul Bernardo became an unwelcome trip into his own dark side

Just an interesting article on Misha playing Paul Bernardo in Karla. It's a really interesting look into Misha's thoughts on the movie and character (especially since he seems to have reversed his opinions). It also showcases that Misha is intelligent and well-spoken (when he wants to be, lol). And he's never even been in a fist-fight, awww! My favorite line from the writer: The American actor with the handsome face of a young Robert Redford . Misha spouse, y/y?

6. I've Got Legs. Do You Like Bread? by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins and Michael Rosenbaum)

Thanks to this author, I discovered a renewed love for RPS...of the strangest kind. I can't really get into the Misha/Jensen or Misha/Jared fics for some reason (because I like J2 together? because no one ever addresses #1 in the fics I read? IDK.). But the author's writing and characterization really got me excited for this pairing: Misha and Michael Rosenbaum. That's right, Rosenbaum of Smallville. Yeah, plays Lex Luthor? Michael is such a dork in RL that he seems a perfect match for Misha. This fic is kid!Mike and kid!Misha and it's totally PG and utterly ADORKABLE. THEY'RE BESTIES. It's an RPS AU. (Jensen and Jared are girls. Brilliant!) Seriously, even if you're not a RPSer (as in you don't like the idea of two real people kissing who aren't together) it's adorable. GO READ.

7. The Baum is the Key (and the Rosen) by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins/Michael Rosenbaum)

Pure, unadulterated RPS/SPN CRACK. But it's brilliant. Really good crack is hard to pull off, but this author can make you WTF, spit Coke through your nose, and go awww all within sentences of each other. The characterization! Like, I don't care if it's nothing like Misha or Michael in RL. It's written so well, so fully-fleshed out, you absolutely believe it's really Misha and Mike. It helps that the author uses real Misha tweets. Because he actually is that cray-cray. Also, Misha babysits. And Tom Welling plagues everyone at CW parties with the PheTomenon.

8. Look at us we're beautiful by [ profile] zelda_zee (Misha Collins/Adam Lambert)

Not cracky at all, though the pairing may somehow make it seem so. But the situation is plausible (we all know Misha has been to Burning Man) and the way the author writes Misha is fascinating. The story itself is smoking (heh, pun not intended) and incredibly sexy. PWP, but we all love a little porn, right? The image of the two of them together...they'd be gorgeous.
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I have no idea what the point was behind this ultimate fight but...Misha's facial expressions are adorable as always.

Jared really has a thing for Misha's...lower torso area, doesn't he? LOL. I feel like all the stories are about Jared grabbing Misha's ass or as in this one, playing footsie with his crotch.

"Clearly, not gay enough for the French." (Ok, the first half is just kind of silly and Misha rambles before getting to the point, but it's totally worth it.)

And why is there even less stuff from the Paris con than there was from the Germany con? I haven't seen a single Q&A transcript. *pouts*
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Alright, I said I'd found a few vids that were gems, right? Well, here you go.

1. "Drinking With Misha"

What I love about this vid is how firstly, HE'S WEARING THE STONEHENGE OUTFIT. I think this was done the same day as the TV Guide interview? Otherwise, boy needs to stop playing chicken with his car and start spending more money on his wardrobe because he should know by now we pay attention to these I love how the interviewer flirts with him: "I'm a desperate girl..." LOL! Also, Misha's drinking. AGAIN. And they talk about Misha's chasteness. Plus, Misha says "BDSM". There's this awesome awkwardness that shines in Misha's eyes when the interview brings up Dean/Cas. But it's hilarious.

More Misha Goodness )
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Can you all tell I have nothing to do except post in my journal? I read or write fic or watch TV all day until I go to or after I come home from work. IT IS GLORIOUS. (Yes, I know, I should probably be going to work out or starting prep for the fall for my thesis or something, but I think I can take the month of May off for the love of Chuck, right?!)

Anyway. Fic and naming question I'm putting out there for you fine folks.

So, we know that in canon, Dean is named after his grandmother Deanna, yes? Yes. So, it seems likely that, should Dean have been born a girl, his name would have been Deanna, correct?

This seems logical to me.

Several authors when writing genderswitched Dean have used this name. I'm pretty sure I saw it back in my Wincest days, and I've seen it more recently in the D/C pairing. I know for sure [ profile] aesc uses "Deanna" for her girl!Dean 'verse. But, I have also seen other variations of Dean in fic including Dina and probably some others.

My concern is, when writing always-a-girl!Dean the name intellectual property? Or can it be termed fanon? That is, I don't want to plagarize [ profile] aesc and any other author who may have called Dean "Deanna". Yet, I find myself unable to think of another creative female form of Dean. And to me, it makes sense that Deanna could be considered canon as a female Dean's name. But again, I do not want to upset fandom (nor infringe upon the authors creations!) by inappropriately "stealing" the creative name of another fan to use in fanfiction.


[Poll #1568126]

Feel free to send other SPN fans over here whether they read Dean/Cas or genderswitch or not. I'd like a general temperature reaction to this issue.
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I wish my friends would let me in on the plans a little sooner. Like, I was informed as they were going out the door. Sorry guys but I haven't showered since yesterday and would need some make up because my face currently hates me. So, no, 10pm is not going to do it for me. Sigh. I just going to drink by myself then. *sings* Allllll by myselfffff, don't wanna be...! J/K. (I promise, I'm not drunk. Merely bored and thus a little loopy. I'm actually excited about starting my job this week.)

Here, have some awesome vids.

1. Someone linked to this in the [ profile] ontd_spnparty episode post and described it saying "a fan already did this better" in reference to the Sam/Impala/flashbacks bit. Well, I did like that part of the show, but this vid is pretty amazing. And I want the song. Anyone got it?

2. I think us Dean/Castiel shippers may need to remind ourselves why we liked D/C, or maybe just affirm that yes, it did once exist. *shakes fist at Kripke* #2 especially. And #10. All the touching!

Ok, that's all I'll post for now. Misha con vids tomorrow maybe? I found some gems.

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Check out my brand new icon made by [ profile] hsapiens made for a prompt I put up at the

All you icon makers should go check it out; it's awesome!!

So, I have already signed up for [ profile] spnrarepairs and I already knew about [ profile] deancasbigbang, but now there is also [ profile] castielfest and YOU GUISE, I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THIS AWESOMENESS. I mean, I want to sign up for the Big Bang and the fest. But, I have two jobs and one challenge already and I don't want to have to drop out. My record with Big Bangs isn't good. The fest and rarepairs are due just about the same week and BB after school starts. SIGH. CHOICES, YOU GUYS. I CAN'T THINK THIS MUCH DURING SUMMER.

I'm also sad to hear about fans departing the fandom or jumping ships. Seriously, it makes me want to tear up. I can't blame them, I'm upset with Show, too. And considering I (sorta) left SPN once before, I do understand when things lose your interest or if you get really frustrated with the writers. I just hate to see awesome people go!

(You can all tell I'm off school, can't you? I think I've posted more in the past 3 days than I had the entire month

[Poll #1564795]

Umm, yeah. Based on that last list, you can see why I hesitate with these other fests...
You should all head over [ profile] spnrarepairs and sign up for their current exchange. I know some of you out there fancy Castiel as the little black dress of SPN ([ profile] kaylbunny , I'm looking at you), and someone besides me has to love the idea of Dean/Tessa or one of the rare femmeslash pairings (like Ruby/Jo or Anna/Ruby). And you can do RPF, too (Misha!fic, yay!). It looks like a lot of fun; I'm signed up and I'd love to see more of you there!

You don't have a lot of time, though! Sign-ups are over May 15th. That's THIS SATURDAY AT NOON.

*peer pressures you all*

Can't resist them, now can you? :D

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