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Anyone here watch Numb3rs back in the day? I'm on like S3E5ish now and I can't believe how sucked in I got. Shit, the show's making me want to know more about math! I get really excited when I know what Charlie is talking about, like network analysis or logistic regression.

I also LOVE Megan and Larry together. He's just left for space now; I hope he comes back at some point? :( But, more proof I have a thing for brawn/brains combo. And for once, it's a het pairing! I just really have a type.

I am particularly intrigued by Don Eppes, though. So normally, when I end up liking a slash (or femmeslash) pairing, my characters are always bi in my head (unless they are identified as gay, like in Queer As Folk). I see canon het relationships and then I like them with a guy and it just fits both canon and my head canon. Obviously, I know that there are people out there who only very late and after being married come out and identify as gay or lesbian. But often I try to take canon in with my head canon and as a result, I prefer to write and read my stories with the characters as bi. Don, is a rare case where, in my head, he is gay. To me, it's two part. One, I simply do not see sexual chemistry between him and the girls they put him with. Now, the character (or the actor?) exudes when he starts making out with Liz in S3, the way he kind of stalks her a bit (with his movements, not creepily) was incredibly HOT. But then, he starts kissing her and it just fizzled for me. Like, it did not feel like there was anything between the characters at all. Two, I feel like Don being gay would explain several aspects of his personality? Like, why he doesn't date that much. I see Don not out to his family, for fear of their reaction. He's always felt he had to be a model for Charlie; I could see him worrying that he wouldn't be the right kind of model, despite Charlie being a grown man. But if Don knew he was gay around 20 or even 25, Charlie would still have been young and "impressionable". I also understand that while the FBI doesn't (didn't) have DADT, it is a "masculine" position/organization - particularly when you consider his past in manhunting. I really see that as an influence on Don's attitude towards homosexuality - that he might present an image that wasn't tough enough, or wouldn't be respected by his peers if he came out. And finally, what makes Don a weird character for me, is that I don't ship him with anyone. It looks like Don/Charlie was the number one pairing, but nope. I just don't see him with anyone who has been on the show. So I have a head canon that's entirely different from the show, and I don't ship him with anyone. Basically, I want to write and read Don/OMC. Which, there was like 3 on AO3. And no one reads those (is there anyone in this fandom anymore, anyway?). It's a very strange place for me.

I also, feel like Don Eppes and John Sheppard would be either besties, or twins separated at birth. Their manerisms are similar, their attitude, down to their stride, even. I see a great deal of similarity between the two. (I mean, they even play big brother to a brother who got more care from Dad - Charlie because he was a genius and Dave because he was closer to their dad's ideal son than John was.)

Likewise, I really feel like Rodney McKay and Larry would be besties. Like, Larry would be the one guy in the physics community McKay would have gotten along with. They could certainly have epic food discussions (McKay with his lemons, Larry with his white food). Also, they can bond over their federal agent/military significant others and how they mess with their science orderly lives.

So I kind of want this SGA/Numb3rs crossover where McKay needs Larry in Atlantis or there's a Vegas-like situation where the Atlantis team ends up overseeing the LA FBI's case or something and they find out these connections...and John clues Don into coming out to his friends and family or something.Maybe John and Don even messed around at some point?!

Thinky thoughts, written into the void. :) (And yes, Skye, I know I should be watching Agents of
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Sometimes, TV makes me so sad. And I don't mean when an episode or moment makes me cry. But rather, how books have endings, even if they don't have endings. When I read a book series, it may take me a few days to get over it or to break myself out of that world. But once I do, it's like an old friend that you can occasionally revisit, or maybe the friends whom you drifted apart from, but you know that somehow, they're doing okay.

But TV, man. Fuck cancellation and even just series ends. For me, it's not the same, for some reason. Worst of all, is the cancellation. The X-Files, for instance, will always be my favorite show just because of nostalgia. I grew up on it (illicitly) and came into fandom with it. I sometimes feel tremendous loss, but it the closest I feel to having a "book ending". Cancellations, though. Firefly and how it could have been so much more. Other shows like Dark Angel or V or Terra Nova where you're left wondering what great things would have come next or what the answer was. Then there's the bitter endings, like Heroes, where ultimately, while I miss the show, by the end it was so fucked up; I am bitter because of what it could have been.

But does anyone else have just that one show? That favorite show that maybe didn't leave a giant question hanging or end naturally, but that, it seems like your soul dreadfully misses? Excuse me while I have a super dramatic moment here, but I will forever be upset over the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis. I remember how little interest I had in SG1 or SGA back in 2005 when I saw my first episodes. Hell, I only got into SGA because my computer had died and it was the "best" thing on basic cable one night in my dorm. And I wasn't even thrilled with where the show was headed per se. While I didn't mind Keller (especially in comparison to Katie, UGH), I didn't like the writing of it, and the return to Earth made me annoyed (though if it had gone into another season instead of just a movie, I think it would have been cool to see some politics play out (and hopefully a declaration of independence) - I still just get this intense longing for the show to be around. I miss the boys and the humor and it's cheesyness and the love it gave me. I legitimately think, I feel more upset about the loss of that TV show than a) any other and b) nearly anything in life. Losing SGA feels like a friend I've lost who just one day started giving me the cold shoulder and never, ever, told me why she was upset or why we weren't friends anymore; I'm incomplete - not because I didn't get the final answer, but because it's gone and will never come back. And I go back and rewatch it, but it's not the same and it makes the ache worse. It's physical, even. And so bad, even fanfic can't fill it!

Hi, I'm MF Luder, and I'm in love with a cancelled TV show, and I'll never be over it.

This rambling brought to you by 3:30am, loneliness, and a rewatch of Aurora.

(Also, hey, sorry I haven't been around much, I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues that have made thinking or sitting down to write up reviews of the things I've seen rather difficult. Sorry I'm not being a good fandom friend right now!)


Jan. 8th, 2012 02:43 pm
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How did I not catch John's, "why don't you guys just make out and get it over with, huh?" to McKay and Zelenka in First Strike the first couple of times I watched it? Hilarious! And John, your jealousy is showing. ;D

(Why don't I have ANY SGA gifs? I feel like one would be appropriate here in this short
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You know if John had kids he'd totally do this and Rodney would be facepalming his way through all the neighborhoods as Shep blasted the Top Gun theme song - even though he was the one who rigged the sound system - and Madison would tag along singing because while she's in a princess dress (no seriously, did you note the cute little blonde girl?) Uncle John has taught her an appreciation for planes and she's only 10 but she kind of wants to be like him when she grows up. Just in a pretty dress. And Jeanie would be all, "Mer, it's Halloween, let him have some fun," and Rodney would be all "ADJSKSH;" and Caleb would just smile and make sure Madison didn't eat too much candy before they got home.

BRB, puking rainbows.

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(Side note: my layout is suddenly cutting off the vids and graphics I post, does anyone else see this or are you getting the whole image? Anyone know how to fix this?)
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Hello flisties!

So, as I mentioned, I'm feeling a bit of ennui regarding Supernatural right now. However, thanks to [ profile] crack_van, I've discovered Good Omens as a fandom. I've been reading some great fanfics, but I'd love more. Crowley and Aziraphael hit all my buttons. Good and "evil," boy!sex, ambigous, powerful creatures, plus...ngl, the curtain!fic is absolutely doing it for me. I LOVE my angst and more so than anything else, I love apocalyptic, tragic DOOM fics. But it's nice to get to read something light-hearted and fun. Are any of you in Good Omens fandom? What are the good LJ comms? Rec me some fics, if you wouldn't mind!

Also, I'm rewatching all of SGA. And I kind of forgot a) how much I love McKay and Sheppard, and b) that I have a thing for half-humans, apparently. Why do I like inter-species sex? I don't understand. But, I do. Wings, angels, and bug!Sheppard. UNF, bug!Shep is so hot. So, if you wouldn't mind, I'd love some recs about Sheppard as in Conversion. I'm sure I've read most of them, but it's been forever, and I've got a hankering for some blue-skinned, yellow-eyed, uber powerful Sheppard and McKay sex. (I'm always slightly amused because that was the first SGA ep I watched - before even knowing what the show was - and my initial reaction was WTF is this? and since getting into the show, it's always been one of my favorite episodes.)

Here's another little tidbit I picked up. I've never been a Sheppard/Ronon slasher, but rewatching these first few season 2 eps where Ronon reacts to Sheppard's military command and emphasizes the order parts? I'm totally seeing Sheppard as Ronon's dom. Like when he says to Ronon, "I couldn't order so much as a pizza right now, but if you need it to be an order, fine. That's an order." and then Ronon does whatever he was just bitching about a moment before. I realize this is military and not sexual but, my slash goggles are firmly in place, tyvm.
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There's a very common photo of McKay and Sheppard where McKay is looking at what I think is a lifesigns detector and John is peering over his shoulder. BUT I SUDDENLY CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE. I thought I had it in my save photos, but I don't for some insane reason. And I can't remember the episode for the life of me.


actor,misha collins

I am convinced that someone should write the fic where McKay is body-swapped into some character of Misha's. Maybe Jacob (Stonehenge Apocalypse), maybe Castiel, but COME ON. I am nearly positive their expressions and even the hand position are nearly identical.

ETA: Ahah! Thanks to [ profile] annundriel for the cap! It's not the episode still I was thinking of, but it is a cap from the scene. Look at the furrowed brows, the hands!! Jacob and McKay are scientist twins separated at birth. *nods* (And somehow, he's also related to Daniel Jackson because come on. Fringe radio talk show host/scientist who believes Stonehenge has something to do with aliens? They stole that script right from Stargate!)

stargate: altantis

(Also, I'm loving Torri's hair long and straight. It makes her look younger!)
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I have to get up early tomorrow, need to read 3 journal articles before class, AND no one tagged me to do this damn meme.

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You know, I don't think I will ever understand the sheer hate that lies in the fandoms of Stargate: Atlantis and Supernatural. I mean, both shows have served their purpose. While there are certainly some writing issues, that happens in every show. But people become so defensive of their characters and it's like, I realize I'm heavily involved too, but IT'S JUST A TV SHOW. And if you really dislike it that much, STOP WATCHING. It's not worth your time and stress, you know?

I need to get this off of my chest, thank you. Now onto more homework. )
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Argh, I usually avoid all wank, and I may offend some people on my own flist but I can't take it anymore!!

Now, not only are fans insulting the actresses playing the roles as thought it was their fault (and not say a writing staff and/or creator decision), but now they're insulting clothing and style? *rips hair out*

Seriously, I have never had a problem with Jo, or either version of Ruby. Or Bela. I get the whole idea of liking the us (WinBros) vs them, but we XFers liked that about M&S too and did we hate every other person on the show? No. I admit, I don't like Ruby 2.0 quite as much as Ruby 1.0...but it's not the actress' talent that plays in this. In fact, I think Gen has done a good job trying to get down Katie's mannerisms. What I don't like as much is how she's not as snarky--and that's a script thing.

I simply do not understand the loathing fangirls have in this fandom for the girls on the show. I think it knocks women back. And I am every bit for a kickass, "realistic" girl. But there is nothing wrong with actually looking like a girl. Scully ran around in heels for 9 years, why can't Ruby? She's a demon. Do you think her feet even hurt? Want to talk about realistic, start complaining that the show never features a girl who weighs over 110 pounds.

(And on a side note, this is my problem with the vast majority of Keller!haters. Because she was scared and couldn't handle herself in the woods, she's a horrible person!! The fact that she's a medical genius doesn't count for anything. Oh, and they never minded that McKay complained and was scared to do things on missions.)

Sexy Tiems

Feb. 18th, 2009 12:05 am
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Last night I had another of those you-can-tell-Lucy-has-been-watching-too-much-TV dreams. Which is actually surprising because I haven't been watching all that much. I'm behind on many shows (I haven't even had a chance to start Heroes or BSG despite having them dled) thanks to my insanely busy life which keeps me from even having personal time, much less a social life as well as precluding me from writing on LJ often or doing any reviews. :-P

Anyway, dream. It's not all that long or even interesting, just somewhat...huh. And I love that I can Mary Sue myself all I want in dreams and no one can say no!!

Randomness ensues )
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Top 5 episodes

1. The Shrine

David Hewlett's acting is always top-notch. While the plot is a little lame and the surgery with a power screwdriver? Not so much. But the acting by the whole cast, and that scene between McKay and Joe was amazing.

2. Vegas

The visuals in this episode were fabulous. I loved the totally different approach. Plus, an entire episode based on an AU--without our universe crossing over? Very cool. It's something I wish we could have seen more of. Joe's acting was phenomenal. And I loved the incarnation of Rodney we saw.

3. Search and Rescue

I just rewatched this and I loved the pairings (McKay and Lorne, Sheppard and Ronon). Sheppard's dream at the beginning was very moving and I loved that we saw Aiden again!! while the birthing scene was rather unlikely, it was a good episode overall with great snark and funny lines. I still like the introduction of Vegas even if she didn't say much. She was pretty kickass.

4. Whispers

while I wan't scared, it was creepy, unique, and I loved the team. Plus an episode with two dark-haired fellas, well, it was nice to see them interacting again.

5. Enemy at the Gate

It was packed full of action. Yes, some of it was very contrived (wormhole gate thingy, what?), and I know others didn't like the Rodney/Jennifer bit. But I liked how Woolsey stood up for Atlantis and I love Davis! (Though yes, the poor guy never gains promotion.) Just a good, ending episode.

Least 5 episodes

1. Inquisition

While it gave Woolsey an episode, it didn't really reveal much about him that we didn't already know. Yes, he can bribe and cajole and he stands up for his people. But in general, the episode was DULL.

2. Outsiders

Seriously, I had to look up what this episode was even about.

3. The Seed

A ridiculous plot.

4. Identity

While it wasn't horrible, it has been done before.

5. Remnants

I had to look this one up too. Once reminded, it wasn't so bad (the first real horror with Sheppard's hand), but the fact that I had to look it up meant it wasn't that interesting.

Your thoughts? And a poll for your favorites.

[Poll #1334069]
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To those of you who say the SGA writing staff writes their own fanboyness, here's proof:

Jadeski writes: “Question for Marty G: How do you feel about writing the most polarizing episodes of SGA? ‘Sunday’ and ‘Brainstorm’ come to mind immediately but I’m sure there were others. Do you set out to divide people or is it just one of those things?”

A:Not really. I write the shows I, the fan, want to see. Some people disagree with me…that’s really it. No nefarious plan…

BUT. BUT! He's also the biggest McShep fan ever. LOL

DemonHunter writes: “If Atlantis went on to season 6 would McKay have been a daddy next year???”

A: Yes…and Sheppard would have been the mommy. It would have been an awesome arch.

Oh, Martin!!
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Various entries in regards to Brain Storm (which upon seeing it I knew would come out in droves) have driven me from my homework shroud to comment on fandom for the first time in forever.

I am cutting because I know someone will complain if I don't but there's like .05 percent amount of spoilers in this and that's within error range but whatever. If you saw a preview for the ep, you know everything here. )
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Sorry for not being around much. RL is KILLING me. I watched all my TV from last week, but have no time, nor even the coherency to make any real reviews. A few quick things though:


That look Sheppard gave McKay after Novo's comment about funny stories? HILARIOUS.


Yawn-worthy the last two weeks. I think it's amazing everything they come across, oh, look. Walter has worked on a project that involved it. Getting predictable...


This week's was the best so far. Maybe I won't give it up quite yet.


Very cute. And I love DiNozzo being so gung-ho to talk to Daddy!Gibbs. LOL


Not as good as PMP (you XF fans know to what i refer), but funny. Also...leiderhosen. HA!!!

Next week's Heroes

I don't like Mohinder at all anymore. Don't touch my Nathan!!


Sep. 5th, 2008 11:29 pm
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No spoilers beyond the Sci-Fi previews.

Read more... )
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I am just seeing the S5 SG:Atlantis cast promos from MGM. Does it irritate anyone else that they look like cheesily made manips? Shouldn't promos actually look nice? I mean at least last season it was only the group photo that looked shoddy. This year, even the individuals are crap. :-P

Cast Promos
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Firstly, a very big, warm, and happy birthday to [ profile] biani! She is just a wonderful person, and a fabulous fan. Hope it's a good day, dear!!

Lucy angsts about her recent McShep OTPness )

Ok, all that aside, here are some (you guessed it) really good McShep fics/art of late.

1. Unconventional Heroism by [ profile] sardonicsmiley

An IronMan AU. Yes, you heard me right. I know, I know, after ranting about everyone's sudden squee over RDJ, I go out and join the bandwagon (of Iron Man, not RDJ which I was already on, thank you very much). But I wouldn't rec it if it wasn't great. It's witty and smart, and John is to Lois Lane as Rodney is to Superman. Yes, I had to throw that in because I've never understood how Lois didn't realize Clark=Superman. Seriously, just a pair of glasses? But seriously, this fic is great--it's wonderful to see a fic where Rodney's bravery is not in question and shines through.

2. Bar Harbor's Best with fic by [ profile] wojeleh and art by [ profile] beeej

I love boating AU's. It's an amazing piece of art that really just brings to life the fic. Such a wonderful combination together. And really, John Sheppard on a boat. Did I mention how much I love boating AU's? Go, read! *shoos*

3. A City Seems with fic by [ profile] thisissirius and art by [ profile] mortari

Let's just say, the very first SGA fic I wrote? This story is what I wanted it to be. I bow to the amazingness (yes, that's a word) of [ profile] thisissirius. A beautiful, heart-breaking tale.

4. Nevermind with fic by [ profile] aesc and art by [ profile] newkidfan

You have not seen art until you have seen this. The art and story flow one right into another and it will astound your mind. I simply can't rec this enough.

5. Of the Spotless Mind by [ profile] lunabe34

A beautiful, tragic piece that broke my heart. So moving.
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An analysis of JoeM's poem about the end of S4 and concerning S5. I will say I haven't any special info beyond that seen on his blog, so my word is neither completely baseless, nor entirely correct. It's just me, guessing. Spoilers for S4, including the most current aired ep, BAMSR.

Taken directly from Joe's Post. Nothing changed, my comments are in ()'s.

Speculations... )

Well, what do YOU think?

Bonus that I think [ profile] siberian_skys will enjoy: Torchwood S2 Spoiler...but it's hot men kissing!! Frankly, I'm willing to watch the show just for this scene!
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So, I was able to cross off something on my to do list as I got through all of my Heroes eps. And wow. Just...WOW.


I really loved the stand-off at Claire's house, HRG giving himself up. I've felt for some time he wasn't as bad as he seemed and sure enough...He is a little "morally gray" but that's what makes him such an interesting character.

Hiro and Nathan. I cannot say enough just how adorable they are together. Nathan ttoally lets himself open up and just relax when he sees Hiro. And how excited Hiro gets. And Hiro and Ando as well. They are the perfect Batman and Robin team.

A lot of people were talking about Claude and Peter. I did like their interactions. It was nice to see someone actually beat Peter up over his emo-ness. I hope we'll see him again.

Peter and Nathan. As ever, could they stand closer together or touch more? Good Lord, boys. ♥

Mohinder and Sylar. For real. Both creepy and kind of hott. I figured Mohinder would figure out soon enough but OMG that last bit when Peter went to his home...(anyone have SPN flashbacks? Minus the white nightgown?)

Sylar. Seriously, the guy who plays him? Genius. What an incredible actor. He gets into every role and makes it different from Sylar, but still keeps Sylar's creepiness. It's amazingly well-acted.

And Claire with the Haitian and Mother Petrelli. OMG, I can't wait to see how that works out.


I thought the ep was a bit boring tonight until the very end. I wasn't surprised by Mrs. Logan's home situation.

Spoilery poll )

More Recs:
Joe Flanigan in the Hotseat: I have no clue just how old this is (but I'd say mid 90's based on the HAIR), but it's while Joe's on Sisters, some old NBC show. Anyway, the point is not even who the actor is, or the show...but just how embarrassed an actor can get in an interview. Seriously, I never feel bad for actors, but poor Joe is entirely outnumbered. He's got his girlfriend (now wife), and her parents, and the interviewer. He even falls off his chair at one point. It's adorable.

David Hewlett: Ok, so this actor? Yeah, he's hilarious. I rarely find actors in interviews or Q&A's to get anything more than a chuckle from me, but David just cracked me up in this.

Atlantis Royale: You don't have to be just a SGA fan to like this. It's a great little music vid designed to make SGA gone Bond. Quite good. The clips work really well.

A Dog's Breakfast--The Trailer: Seriously, EVERYONE must watch this. It's David Hewlett's upcoming indie comedy and it looks freaking hilarious. I mean when the first scene of a trailer is a man covering up himself with only a rubber ducky? That's classic.

A Dog's Breakfast Q&A with David Hewlett: It also includes Jane, his producer (and I'm assuming wife?) and they have several amusing things to say about the movie and DH. Just how is David "so awesome"?

A Sneak Peak at A Dog's Breakfast: OMG if you think the trailer is good--this is hilarious!! His sister in the movie is played by DH's real sister and the show they're watching is a totally mockery of Stargate: Atlantis, using real SGA actors (and I love that "Teyla" is dressed up as Vala from SG-1!). This movie is definitely going to be worth seeing.

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