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They are smart. They are funny. They're probably ridiculously rich. Both are real estate agents. Jonathan does contracting and design. Jonathan is also an illusionist. Both are black belts in karate. Drew plays guitar. Drew also apparently went to school for massage. Massage. They play the bagpipes. I mean, the bagpipes. They're actors (of a sort). They host a TV show. They're INCREDIBLY attractive. They are apparently jack of all trades.

If there is a fandom for the Folgers is there no fandom for these boys?!

Seriously, how can you resist these two?

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Where is the fanfic? I don't have time to write

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(And you have to watch this vid. They're going on a date together. HAH! (Also, I imagine the girls went off on their own date together.))
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With Fall TV fast coming up, I figured I'd finally see what new shows are happening and what I might need to add. And of course, I can't but help post some very basic thoughts. :P

Let the commentary begin! )
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Alright, so I'm not a Glee fan (I hate pop-y remakes of songs, particularly when they're already pop songs) but I AM a fan of Matt Bomer and this is a gorgeous rendition of this song. The harmonies are lovely. So yup, a Glee ep I'm going to have to watch.

(If you're not into Glee like me, Matt Bomer is playing Darren Criss' older brother and they clearly haven't gotten along for some time.)

And of course, I'm crafting the crossover where Neal never told Peter about his younger brother and that they're not on speaking terms and oh, right, no, Neal isn't his birth name...
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You know those posts on ONTD with sad!Keanu, creepy!Misha, surprise!JDM, or other famous shots of celebrities posted in random pictures? You're welcome, says Jon Stewart.

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Hawaii 5-0

Nov. 27th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Not gonna lie, that makes me want to watch the show. Thoughts, anyone? I'm really not into adding another cop show to my massive list, but Alex is hot and the banter is cute.

Hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving/Thursday!

There are so many things I love about this video. First, Matt is hot. And a good dancer. And hot. And apparently taking fashion tips from Zachary Quinto. Where's the Matt/Zach RPS?? And then there's Tim who is totally into it even when he's clearly all "WHAT AM I DOING!?". He's obviously a totally sport. And while Matt is hot, Tim is sexy in a dorky way doing this. Like someone's dad. But I like men who are the age to be dads

And finally, there's the kid in the middle who is all ~SOOPER SRZS~ and clearly not even enjoying the fact that he's in between two actors, much less their appeal to ladies like
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What I truly can't decide is whether I want to read the Jacob and Mulder as BFFs fic first, the Jacob/Castiel/some mixture of the characters SPN fic first, or the Jacob and Rodney McKay as frenemies-who-were-both-geniuses-and-Rodney's-still-a-little-miffed-Jacob-got-that-honor-first and somehow, years later, Jacob also ends up in Atlantis and Jacob and Sheppard have beautiful hair!babies fic first.


Things I noticed/found worthy of commentary: )
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For anyone still confused by what the finale means, what the island is, etc, get the take from someone at Bad Robot. It seems pretty spot on from what I guessed at which is interestign considering I didn't watch the show. Maybe that gave me an advantage, though. I never got confused by all the stuff in between. Apparently, they weren't kidding when they said they had the ending planned the whole time. JJ, people like Chris carter could take a cue from you. I can't believe I just said that.  Whatever happened to me hating JJ?  He went and made Star Trek, that's what happened.  Sigh.

Someone from Bad Robot Takes on the Lost Finale

(I really need a MiB/Jacob icon. Also, I need to find me some MiB/Jacob slash.)
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So you know those HOT new LULZY Stonehenge Apocalypse stills of Misha? And how everyone's either like, hey, Misha stole his clothes from Dean, or hey, it's one of Misha's con outfits?




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Dear Fandom (and ONTD stans),

Whenever you start accusing people in a fandom (ONTD) or fellow fans (every fandom out there) of being "crazy" (i.e. too obsessed because someone got a tattoo or writes Wincest or WHATEVER), please be referring to THIS POST on ableism. I think you'll find it hard to refute the author's logic.

No love but a lot of constructive criticism,

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(Umm, so now, without ever even having seen more than 1 ep of this show, I kind of ship Jacob/Man in Black. God, what is it with me and the incest? *faceplam*) In my defense, the two are very Michael Lucifer, only Jacob is Michael.

Weird dream. And I don't even watch Lost! )

Very generic references to things that happened in tonight's The Mentalist finale. Not so much spoilers as bitching. )

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In conclusion: CONNECT 4 MILLION.
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Alright. I know I should be squeeing over Supernatural--and I will--but right now, I have to focus on the Conan situation.

I've been fairly quiet on my LJ. On [ profile] ohnotheydidnt though, I have most certainly not been. I've been with Conan for just under half of my life. He's a funny, classy man. NBC is run by a bunch of dicks who haven't known good programming since The West Wing and fuck it all, yes, I include Heroes in that. At this point, the bitching is pointless. Suffice it to say, despite the fact that I don't matter anyway, not having a Nielson box, I will not be watching NBC again until Zucker is gone. Yes, I will finish out Heroes. But beyond that, they get nothing from me.

Most of my RL friends couldn't care one iota and it upsets me. Yes, I realize fandom is my hobby whereas it isn't for most people. But at a certain point, it gets very frustrating for me. I realize, yes, it is a bunch of middle-aged white guys battling over a TV show. But Conan has brought people like me in and made us feel welcomed, as well as giving us many laughs. In relation to Haiti and aid, a TV show is nothing. But laughter is gold.

I digress.

If you didn't watch his show tonight, you missed out. It was funny, random, silly, and heart-warming, just like the man himself. Even after this mess, Conan still had good words to say. Bless his heart.

I can't wait for when he returns to air. No matter where he is, I will be there supporting him as I have done for many years.

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Why? Why does every fangirl hate the women on Supernatural? And why can't there be romantic interests? I proudly slash Wincest. I also like Dean/Castiel. But I have no issue with the boys with someone else. What is so damn wrong about it? Why CAN'T Dean and Anna hook up (beyond the fact that their name would have to be DeAnna, LOL)? I don't see how they are so horrible together. She's not a bad actress and not a bad character. But, I don't get the Ruby hate either. I actually thought the evil was a copout, but that aside, she was still a kickass character. *throws shoes in rant-like rage*

I am currently on hold for TNG as I have to wait to get more seasons from my friend, so I started Roswell tonight. Has anyone else seen this AND Twilight? Alternate "vampire" for "alien" and NO LIE, it's the exact same plot. the alien's all, we can't be together, no one can know, I saved your life. And the chick's all shocked that he's an alien (which, there's a biolab scene that is incredibly similar to the blood test/bio scene in the Twilight novel), devises a plan so that no one suspects, and falls in love. There's also a sheriff. And the female POV voiceover.

Why can't they get together? Who cares if you're different? Does it really matter if your biology is different? You can't kiss??? Have these people never watched Star Trek?

And why is no one attractive on this show?

On the other hand, the composed music is pretty awesome. The music in the episodes? Kind of cheesy. Also, Katherine Heigl. WEIRD.

OH! And Toby Ziegler is on this show. That makes it worthwhile.

Is Roswell a Vancouver show? Leyla (from SPN) is on this show. I like that actress.
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The Child. Really? That was your season premiere? There wasn't even a point. Random life form impregnates Troi only to conviently affect the plague they were carrying in that ep? Maybe if the plague hadn't been there, there could have been some point to the child growing up fast (I thought it might be like an Adria). It wasn't as lame as the oil slick episode, but it came damn close.

Teri Hatcher was in TNG? LOL!!! I love it. I didn't even recognize her until they did a full face front.

They have JAG in the future? I suppose, spaceships are often more associated with naval vessels than the air force (with the exception of the Stargate verse). Still, having changed USS (United States Ship) to United Space Ship, one would think they would change the USA military judicial name to something less...USAish.

I love that in Measure of a Man, they called Data a "toaster". Oh, BSG, I miss you!

There were a lot of episodes I wasn't impressed with again (don't get me started on the clip show finale!!), and things like Riker's beard, but I did like more, too. They weren't all so dull. Although I had to roll my eyes every time Riker Kirked again. He amuses me. He likes Troi so much, yet goes around doing that. Psssht. Although I LOVE how people are always going after Picard and he has to like, deflect them with a backhanded tennis swing!! Poor man. Chased after all over the place (well, ok, he pursued the JAG lady).

I like the Borg. They fascinate me. I also know I once saw part of that Borg movie when I was like 9 and at someones house. So I'm excited.

Tell me though, how does Starfleet provide for its presumed millions of officers/doctors/mechanics/etc? There is no money. Everything is provided. I guess with holodecks one doesn't have to pay for entertainment, but I still wonder how they get these items without some form of payment. Yes, I get its supposed to be built in line with a communist society. Still, I'm more in tune with that late 21st century man they unfreeze who rants about
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I don't know whether to be happy or disappointed in the latest reveal...

Read more... )

Sexy Tiems

Feb. 18th, 2009 12:05 am
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Last night I had another of those you-can-tell-Lucy-has-been-watching-too-much-TV dreams. Which is actually surprising because I haven't been watching all that much. I'm behind on many shows (I haven't even had a chance to start Heroes or BSG despite having them dled) thanks to my insanely busy life which keeps me from even having personal time, much less a social life as well as precluding me from writing on LJ often or doing any reviews. :-P

Anyway, dream. It's not all that long or even interesting, just somewhat...huh. And I love that I can Mary Sue myself all I want in dreams and no one can say no!!

Randomness ensues )
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I like The Mentalist more and more each week. Even the other characters besides Jane are growing on me. They're not too active yet, but they work well together, and we've gotten a few nice glimpses of their character via Jane's interaction with them. And Jane is just this wonderful guy that is a wholly good person, using the money he won gambling to buy his coworkers gifts, donating thousands of dollars to "world peace" and giving a stranger enough money to buy her mother a new liver. At the same time, he's entirely explicit that he wants to see Red John die--not put away--but die. And then on top of it, he's charming and smart, and funny. What a great character. And while yes, he wants his revenge, he isn't this completely beyond fucked up that in RL I'd never want to date. It's kind of a nice change.

So I was thinking tonight. I want a crossover with The Mentalist and The X-Files. Where Mulder investigates Jane to see if his psychic powers are real. Jane leads him on for a while, but Mulder is not fooled, being a bit of a "mentalist" himself. Somehow the two become friends, though, both having tragedies in their past (and having crushes on their coworkers) and while Jane doesn't believe in aliens, or even real psychics, anytime he comes across a case that seems weird, he calls up Mulder. And when they're in the same town they meet up for beers.

I like that story idea. :-)

So, who wants to write it for me? LOL Does anyone on my flist even watch The Mentalist?
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Sorry for not being around much. RL is KILLING me. I watched all my TV from last week, but have no time, nor even the coherency to make any real reviews. A few quick things though:


That look Sheppard gave McKay after Novo's comment about funny stories? HILARIOUS.


Yawn-worthy the last two weeks. I think it's amazing everything they come across, oh, look. Walter has worked on a project that involved it. Getting predictable...


This week's was the best so far. Maybe I won't give it up quite yet.


Very cute. And I love DiNozzo being so gung-ho to talk to Daddy!Gibbs. LOL


Not as good as PMP (you XF fans know to what i refer), but funny. Also...leiderhosen. HA!!!

Next week's Heroes

I don't like Mohinder at all anymore. Don't touch my Nathan!!
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I had the chance to watch Fringe tonight when it reaired. Initial thoughts? The beginning was definitely gross. But not really more so than an episode of NCIS. And despite all my inclination to not like it...I kind of did.

A bit more... )

PS: OMG did you guys see who is guest starring in ep 4 of this season's SPN??!?!

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