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I saw Civil War last night. Overall, I really liked it. It was a good movie. SO much better than BVS. ( I know they're not a direct comparison, but CACW tackled some themes of BVS (collateral damage) and did it 10x better.) I will say, it did not have the emotional impact of the comics, because, as we all know, the Steve/Tony friendship has never been solid in MCU. I also think Steve was my least favorite character, though at many points I did agree with his statements, and at a few points was kind of like "Tony, stop and listen!". (Clint was kind of a dick, too.) I have many thoughts, but I also feel the need to see it again before truly processing anything, which sadly won't happen until school is done in 1.5 weeks.


Someone I was with, when we got out, literally said Tony Stark was the villain. Actually said those words together. And I just...

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I flipped. Dude actually took some steps back from me.

I am way too emotionally invested in Tony Stark. Typically I keep my ranting confined to the internet but...
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Marvel: appears to announce another Civil War, on the heels of Original Sin and featuring Iron Man fighting Sam Wilson!Cap.


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What slays me every time is Stan Lee setting out to make an on-the-surface horrible character well-liked. Make him human. And Marvel since 2000 has just been like HAHAHAH IRON MAN IS AN ASSHOLE AND CAP IS FUCKYEAHAMERICA AND EVERYONE LOVES CAP AND SHOULD HATE IRON MAN. EVEN THOUGH WE'RE ALSO GOING TO MAKE A IRON MAN MOVIE. THAT'S JUST BECAUSE HE'S SHINY AND WE CAN SHOW HIM BEING AN ASSHOLE TO WOMEN.

Whoever the fuck is at Marvel just does not understand Tony. Or Steve given their jingoistic interpretation.

Civil War:

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*Caveat: Those of you who know me, know I actually love the original Civil War. But Marvel keeps playing the same theme of Steve vs Tony and IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. Why are they enemies?!?!
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Someone posted a brief rundown of the end credits scene of Ant-Man. Admittedly, I haven't seen it, I can't entirely place it in its context, but I am so fucking pissed. Scene description/dialogue and why I'm pissed below the cut.

Ant-Man end credits spoilers )
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Ok, first things first...THE X-FILES IS BACK!!!

Please let these 6 eps finish the alien colonization mytharc. PLEASE.

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Agents of SHIELD spoilers through last night )
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Thank you, Agent Carter, for that excellent finale which only further enabled my Howard/Peggy, Howard/Steve, Howard/Peggy/Steve, and even, ultimately, my Steve/Tony shipper's heart.

I mean, seriously. She used "loved" in the exact same reference regarding Howard as she did with herself.

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Also for badass Black Widows.
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Marvel Femslash Prompt Fest

Marvel has lots of awesome ladies; go prompt, write, or make art!
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Now, apparently, there's some controversy over the reactions to this clip (seems to be Coulson/Barton shippers versus self-proclaimed feminists - yeah, this is fandom, of course), but that aside, here was my reaction watching it the first time:

1. Hahaha, Natasha's face when the guy goes "I don't give everything". GENIUS.
2. Hawkeye compromised? WTF does that mean? WTF WHEDON DON'T KILL HIM.
3. Her face when she hears about Barton. AW.
4. DAMN. Natasha kicks ass.
5. Stunt doubles really should be the actual superheroes because the fuck, no one can roll their chair like that or flip it or...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.
6. Coulson's calm, collected, 'tick tock I'm waiting' expression while he's on "hold". It looks exactly like someone does in an elevator or on hold. While he's listening to Natasha decimating the people and surrounding property. HAHAHAHA, COULSON, I LOVE YOU. BEST FACE EVER.

And seriously, I keep watching this clip over and over because Natasha rolling that chair and Coulson's FACE are like, the best thing yet about this movie. IT NEEDS TO BE MAY 4TH NOW.

ETA: And then there's THIS interview and, more importantly, video of Jeremy Renner. I am ridiculously in love with this man. Move aside Fassbender, you've been replaced! (Not really, but kinda.) I'm just sort of imagining it's Clint on a photoshoot Stark set up for him because you know, if Steve would maybe be embarrassed/awkward by photoshoots, Clint would eat that attention up. :D
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So at first, I was all COULSON, I BET HE'S FANBOYING STEVE RIGHT HERE. And then I looked closer and I can't even squee over Coulson and Steve in the same shot (which isn't as good as Coulson and Clint, anyway, but that's another topic) because all I can think now is STEVE, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!

No seriously. A plaid shirt in browns/creams and plaid pants in gray?!


Tony needs to put him on What Not To Wear. Or at least send Pepper shopping.
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So, I'm very curious. It appears that the number 2 slash pairing in Avengers (movie) 'verse is Clint/Coulson. Like, where the fuck did this come from? The less than a minute screen time in Thor where they talked over walkie-talkies? Or is there greater interaction in the comic book that everyone is basing this on (Does Coulson exist in comic 'verse, even? I know Maria Hill does, but I haven't come across Coulson...)?

Don't get me wrong. I've come across Clint/Coulson in any number of Steve/Tony fics and have found Clint to be my favorite. And then started reading Clint/Coulson stories with them as the main characters. Because when written right, Clint is better at snark than Tony. He's like a character made entirely of crack. He's awesome. And somehow, him pestering Coulson cracks me up to no end. So yeah. I kind of ship it. (And Clint/Natasha, but I also kind of ship Tony/Natasha...thank you 616 and Ultimates for giving me awesome pairings. Oh, and also Pepper/Coulson based on the Iron Man movies...) I also love Clint in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes; again, his snark slays me. And I love Coulson being kickass and annoyed and yet affectionate about all the Avengers even when he wants to taser them (Tony). And seeing him have someone to go home to is nice.

Point being, I'm digging the Clint/Coulson. I just have no idea why everyone else started shipping it. I did through awesomely-written fic. But everyone else??

And in that vein...who knows more good Clint/Coulson authors? Fic recs? :D
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Season 2 of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes finally airs on Disney next month and they redid some costumes. But I just can't get over Cap's body shape. I mean, look at this:


First of all, his shoulders are like the size of a car. His head? Tiny in comparison. But mainly, I can't get over that star. Like, they don't even try to make it normal. It's like someone took a normal picture of Captain America and stretched it out one way only. It just cracks me up the way they're so ridiculously drawn. Steve is ginormous!! (Also, Tony's parenthetical bangs are like my favorite part.)

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When is someone going to make an Avengers friend meme? I NEED MORE MARVEL-BASED FRIENDS.
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You know what's hard? Trying to write a proper apocalyptic fic in Marvel 'verse. Like, Sam and Dean live in this crazy world where Hell is real and monsters will slice through your anti-demon tattoos to get in you. And yeah, they have angels and occasionally even God, and yeah, you can write happy (or sad) afterlife fics. But at the end of the day, thinking of something to destroy the earth isn't hard. Even if Sam and Dean survive or live on in Heaven, there's this whole planet of people that there's no real logical way for them to get "out".

But now, take Marvel. First of all, I like canon. I like manipulating canon to fit my story. I also like multiple parts and characters of Marvel 'verse. When I watch A: EMH, I can't help but think "Magneto would take that alien spaceship down no problem" and then I watch something X-Men related and I'm like, "Tony Stark could hack into that giant robot in like, two minutes". And so, as a writer, I can't help but think of the WHOLE of the 'verse. And I get annoyed when other authors keep it contained to one group (i.e. Avengers or X-Men or Fantastic Four) because if the world were truly in peril, the other groups would step into help, and I can't get that thought out of my head.

And so, I'm trying to think of something that can a) kill Avengers, b) kill most of the population, c) destroy the earth, and d) not be stopped by the X-Men, the Avengers, SHIELD, The Fantastic Four, and The Immortals (yes, I even feel the need to include them because they exist and so I have to try to explain why they don't feel threatened by this apocalyptic force).

And I'm just like, The Fantastic Four have steered Galactus away before. Dark Phoenix didn't destroy the world. The Earth survived Loki's attempt to take over. Like, all these massive forces that should be enough to wipe the earth's population out can be counteracted by all these beings with powers. And hell, even if they can't, they have spaceships. And super geniuses like Reed Richards and Tony Stark and Henry McCoy. They're going to find some other planet or dimension to take themselves and Earth's population to.

At this point, I'm stuck on only something Supernatural-based that can't be fought off with magnetism and technology. But even then, there's Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch and Asgard which could use the magic Sam and Dean often use to fight back.

So what would cause Tony to stare out his tower window at pure and total devastation and make it properly hopeless?

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Apparently, in X-Factor #231, on an alternate Earth, Steve is a cyborg. And evil. Cyborg!Steve comes to Tony looking for a fight. Context? Who needs it?

And then this happens. )


Feb. 7th, 2012 11:05 am
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So, for once I'm actually excited for a Spider-Man movie. But I guess I never realized Peter was a science whiz, I always thought he was more like Clark Kent (well, Jimmy, really) with his camera, so that bit surprised me. I think I'm going to like this origins story, though. I like Emma Stone far more than Kirsten Dunst. And the trailer looks awesome. Mainly, though, it's all the Avengers fic I'm reading because Peter usually ends up cracking me up in them :D

Iron Tron?

Jan. 31st, 2012 04:31 pm
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I just have to say, I love that Tony Stark in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes takes being a "futurist" a little too far. You can predict the future or create it...without having to include Tron fashion into your daily life.

No, really )
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Looks like Marvel has its own meta 'verse like Supernatural. They should make a whole comic of it; I'd buy it.


Jan. 10th, 2012 07:07 pm
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It's impossible to imagine waiting 3.5 more months until The Avengers comes out. I honestly might want this more than the next Star Trek. And that's saying something. But I need Tony and Steve to interact in the movie!verse I know. I've rewatched each Iron Man and Captain America in the last few days. I just clicked through The New Captain America/Iron Man Slashy Moments List for the second time and started crying at the Civil War moments. Yes, I'm a big baby who cries over comics. *wipes tears furiously* GAH.

What are you doing to tide yourself over between now and May 4th? I CAN'T STAND THE WAITING.

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