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Yo! More of Heaven Can Wait, FINALLY! I am probably more excited than you all, even. :-D If you've missed out or want to remind yourself, just check out my heaven can wait tag and they're all in order.

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More Heaven Can Wait that had this one sentence that was just kicking my ass today, so it's posted several hours later than planned, but it's only 10:49 and thus posted in the same day still.

Also, a version of the artwork I made for [ profile] siberian_skys' birthday.

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Ok, wow, it's been awhile for this fic, but I finally got around to it again, and am steadily working on new parts beyond what I'm posting now. If you want to refresh your memory, you can go to this post, and it links to all of them in order. Main header found there as well.

Prologue 1 of Heaven Can Wait

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