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I've had a slow start to TV this fall. WHile I am not getting my own work done, I'm still somehow too busy to actually watch TV. IDK. But the last few days I've caught up on a few. Nothing real in depth, but some general thoughts. Spoilers!

Arrow )

Castle )

The Mentalist )

Elementary )

Supernatural )

Hart of Dixie )

Once Upon A Time )

To catch up on still: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Shield
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I really should rewatch the episode before making true commentary as my roommate talked for about five minutes in the middle (and for 10 minutes of the beginning of Arrow, grrr), but whatever. *handwaves*

Spoilers ahoy! )

In other news, have you all seen the new "Cooking fresh and fast with West?" I can't believe Misha put that "salad" in his mouth at the end.

CW TV Night

Apr. 4th, 2013 12:19 am
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Look, I get that Dean is a good guy (generally) and has died/risked his life to save the world and a whole bunch of people he doesn't know/hardly knows, but...what is with EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER sacrificing their lives for him?

Some days I really miss Ruby because she didn't take that shit. True, she died for her own cause, but it was kind of refreshing that that cause wasn't "The Winchesters".

More thoughts after I rewatch the ep. Because I have a lot of them. But I also need sleep and have a lot of feels.

Oh, also, I'm very bitter with Oliver right now, because while it isn't his fault, he just managed the push toward Tommy becoming "Merlyn" and it makes me sad because I want a nice happy threesome with them and Laurel and it's too tragic if they're archenemies (been there, done that with Mulder/Krycek and it hurts!). Basically, TV gave me a lot of feels tonight.
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UGH, I CAN'T. I have so many feels from this ep. SO MANY FEELS.

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Like, I can't even go into them all. I've tried to leave comments on those of you who made review posts, but if I missed one or you're curious as to my thoughts on something from the ep, ask/link away.

Basically, it boils down to:

  • CAS!

  • Dean!

  • Meg, no!!

  • Crowley, you smarmy bastard, I love you and WTF is this about Mesopotamia, aren't you supposed to just be a simple crossroads demon, WHOAREYOU.

  • Naomi, GTFO

  • Dear Chuck - please come back and sort out this clusterfuck.

  • Cas!!!!!! ;___;

Also, I'll warn you, I don't hate Meg/Cas so if you want to defriend me, that's cool, but it's not like I'm a staunch shipper or anything, and I don't exactly plan on posting "I'm a Meg/Cas shipper!" stuff. But, just wanted to warn you all since fandom seems to be in a tizzy over it.
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So first of all, I always enjoy me a good god episode. Though granted, none have ever been quite as cool (creepy) as the S1 apple orchard gods, but nonetheless, I'm a big mythology fan so it's always fun. That said, I would have liked a bit more action from Artemis and Zeus. It was a sweet episode (I liked Sam and "Shane's" talk) but not very exciting?

Spoilers and some comments on Dean at the end )
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So, I've seriously had it up to ~here with some Dean/Cas fans. And I am one!!

First annoyance: See how I used "Dean/Cas" instead of "Destiel"? There's an actual post on tumblr where someone was talking about their own fic and referred to DeanCas instead of Destiel and some motherfucker (says in Samuel L Jackson voice) had the audacity to respond and correct it by saying it's not DeanCas, it's Destial. ARE YOU SHITTING ME. Get a life. (I realize this last part is ironic as I clearly need a life since I even bother to be annoyed by it, but hey. Just don't be rude!)

And second annoyance...

Spoilers for last night's ep )
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To those of you who have seen last night's Supernatural episode...

If Dean were to meet Dexter knowing all his quirks and tendencies (shall we say), would he kill Dexter?

Given...(tiny spoilers) )


Fall TV

Sep. 25th, 2011 08:50 pm
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Shows I'll try:

Terra Nova

The previews we've been getting sort of remind me of Stargate. They're transported through a wormhole, basically. And it sort of reminds me of the BBC's Outcast. Except back in time with dinosaurs instead of on a new planet with aliens. I'm not a dinosaur fan but I love the trop of people being transported to a new world and having to navigate life and animals and ~drama and politics.

Hart of Dixie

Dude. Fluff. Pure fluff. But with Rachel Bilson.

American Horror Story

I don't know how long the premise can run, but two words: Dylan. McDermott.


I'm putting this on the try because even though I've seen the first two episodes, I don't like it yet. It's predictable and tacky (and the CGI is AWFUL). But the men are pretty and something is keeping me attached. I'm just not sure what it is yet.

Shows I already like:

New Girl

It's full of stereotypes, cliches, and sitcom cliches, but there's no laugh track and I giggled all through the first episode. And it was endearing at the end. "We're reverse Mormons. One man just doesn't satisfy her." Hee hee. I may get bored or annoyed, but I think I'll last a few eps.

The Secret Circle

Also predictable and cliche not only to the genre but to CW shows (there was a great article about how its the quintessential CW show), but I love Britt Robertson, and while so far Gale Harold's character deserves a big MEH I have faith in him, and I like anything supernatural that ISN'T vampires. The love triangle is already annoying but...that comes with CW shows (see even Ringer).

I'm really beginning to HATE LJ though because I put all the already-running TV comments under a cut and it FUCKING DELETED THE CUT when I went to rich text. So to sum. Castle, The Mentalist=AWESOME. NCIS=MEH. NCIS: LA=Meh, but I love the characters. Supernatural=surprisingly liked it, but still have no faith in writers for the future. Haven't watched Fringe yet, though Joe Flanigan is in it!!


SPN 6x20

May. 7th, 2011 02:35 pm
So, I'm super late, but thank you to [ profile] xfirefly9x for the tinfoil hat!! It'll come in handy to make sure the aliens can't read my mind. TRUST NO ONE. ;)

Right now, I can't even piece together a true review/recap of "The Man Who Would Be King" because it exhausted me emotionally and I have 50+ papers to grade. But suffice to say...AMAZING. I was absolutely crying by the end. I don't recall if I've ever truly cried at a Supernatural episode before. I know I've been on the verge, but this may be a first. Just, Cas at the end...*heart breaks*

Also, CROWLEY. And that Hell!  ♥!

One small potential casting spoiler for the finale? )

Now, I'm going to listen to all my Castiel-based fanmixes while I grade and try not to get tears on my students' papers. You probably won't see much of me in this next week, but after that, I've decided I need a break from RL people, so I should be back a bit more often (though I will have two jobs AND summer classes, EFF MY LIFE). Miss you all!
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A brief review/commentary, just to prove I'm alive, basically.

Every night in my dreams... )

In other news, I miss White Collar and am very happy Hellcats is back this week. Not that I'll have time to watch. Fuck, I'm so behind on TV and fandom...I hope the one or two of you still lingering around here are doing well!

Swan Song

May. 13th, 2010 11:54 pm
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Alright, real review/commentary post time, now.

SPN, I do still love you... )


May. 13th, 2010 09:09 pm

WHAT...? )

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