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Top 5 episodes

1. The Shrine

David Hewlett's acting is always top-notch. While the plot is a little lame and the surgery with a power screwdriver? Not so much. But the acting by the whole cast, and that scene between McKay and Joe was amazing.

2. Vegas

The visuals in this episode were fabulous. I loved the totally different approach. Plus, an entire episode based on an AU--without our universe crossing over? Very cool. It's something I wish we could have seen more of. Joe's acting was phenomenal. And I loved the incarnation of Rodney we saw.

3. Search and Rescue

I just rewatched this and I loved the pairings (McKay and Lorne, Sheppard and Ronon). Sheppard's dream at the beginning was very moving and I loved that we saw Aiden again!! while the birthing scene was rather unlikely, it was a good episode overall with great snark and funny lines. I still like the introduction of Vegas even if she didn't say much. She was pretty kickass.

4. Whispers

while I wan't scared, it was creepy, unique, and I loved the team. Plus an episode with two dark-haired fellas, well, it was nice to see them interacting again.

5. Enemy at the Gate

It was packed full of action. Yes, some of it was very contrived (wormhole gate thingy, what?), and I know others didn't like the Rodney/Jennifer bit. But I liked how Woolsey stood up for Atlantis and I love Davis! (Though yes, the poor guy never gains promotion.) Just a good, ending episode.

Least 5 episodes

1. Inquisition

While it gave Woolsey an episode, it didn't really reveal much about him that we didn't already know. Yes, he can bribe and cajole and he stands up for his people. But in general, the episode was DULL.

2. Outsiders

Seriously, I had to look up what this episode was even about.

3. The Seed

A ridiculous plot.

4. Identity

While it wasn't horrible, it has been done before.

5. Remnants

I had to look this one up too. Once reminded, it wasn't so bad (the first real horror with Sheppard's hand), but the fact that I had to look it up meant it wasn't that interesting.

Your thoughts? And a poll for your favorites.

[Poll #1334069]
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Various entries in regards to Brain Storm (which upon seeing it I knew would come out in droves) have driven me from my homework shroud to comment on fandom for the first time in forever.

I am cutting because I know someone will complain if I don't but there's like .05 percent amount of spoilers in this and that's within error range but whatever. If you saw a preview for the ep, you know everything here. )


Sep. 5th, 2008 11:29 pm
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No spoilers beyond the Sci-Fi previews.

Read more... )
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That's the first SGA ep I've ever cried at. BEAUTIFUL. God, it was just full of everything I could ever want. IT HURTS SO GOOD.

And that ending!?!?! I have to wait for anywhere between 4-6 months?! By far one of the most nerve-wracking endings I've ever watched. Second perhaps only to second season of NCIS.

Also, I have a new OTP. Ok, maybe not OTP. But I'd say it has officially gone up to the #2 pairing spot in this fandom.

Detailed post maybe tomorrow. When I won't be watching my computer screen through teary eyes.

PS: Who else caught the Minority Report homage?!

Also *points* I finally got my new, matching moodtheme up. It only took like 2 hours today. *facepalm*
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Very first...Happy, Happy Birthday to [ profile] let_fate_decide!!! Hope it's a great one.

Second firstly, I loved this ep. Like, individually, not the biggest fan of Ronon and Teal'c. Well, ok, I love Ronon. He's always got the perfect comment (or non comment) and John likes his big gunerr...gun. Teal'c though, I mean, I like him well enough, he's often quite hilarious. But in general, I just don't have the love for him that I do with say, Jack (well, actually, no one has amount of love I feel for Jack on SG1. Maybe Vala.).

But together, kicking ass and taking names? SO HOTT.

Crossover ep!! )

SGA Trio

Feb. 9th, 2008 06:26 pm
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My love for Trio holds no bounds.

Jon Stewart. Nuff said. )


Jan. 26th, 2008 07:01 pm
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OMG, that little brat! I loved her! Seriously, I think that was me (more at 11 than 13, though) but she has thumbscrews. That little girl PWNs.

Spoilers )

A great little tag to Harmony. McShep and just adorably snarky and sweet. Just One by [ profile] sheafrotherdon
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Honestly, I think this is the first ep of the season that makes me shout, "favorite ep of the season!!" All the rest were great and I loved bits and mosts of them, but this one...not a single complaint. Not-a-one.

The Ellis-McKay interaction, perfect. Since I dislike Ellis, it made me very happy with that smackdown.

The alliance between them all? Brilliant. The space scenes were astounding.

Spoilers )

I could go on and on about this ep...I LOVED it.
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To start, I am so grateful I don't have to wait six months this year. Granted, I didn't last year either because I came in late and it had already all aired in Canada and thus dls, but still. So not the point. According to JoeM, we'll be back in January and with the strike still going on, this makes me very happy. Because my usual January TV won't be on. No BSG and no 24. *rips out hair*

Also, before my recap, I have to say about ten minutes in, I was like, I've read this in a fanfic. And the funny thing? As it went on and on, it was more and more like this story. Sure, not the exact plotline, but the premise? Seriously, JoeM is lying when he says he doesn't read fanfic. ;-) Anyway, The Experiment by [ profile] lunasky.

What dreams may come, When we have shufflel'd off this mortal coil, Must give us pause. )

Till January!
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Man, it is just one of those days. I want to scream and cry and stomp like a two-year old. *facepalm*

Ok, so I know I'll never get around to big reviews so, quicks movies recs.

1.) I Now Propose You Chuck and Larry

MUST SEE. I DIED. Laughed. And then DIED AGAIN. So funny.

2.) Stardust

Ok, the plotline is clearly written for children and possibly one of the worst fantasy plotlines ever...but it was still sweetly romantic and rather humorous. Plus, Di Nero's character makes it all worthwhile (he's Captain Shakespeare. Doesn't that tell you something?). Somehow, in the middle of the cheesiest kid's fairytale ever, they got away with some of the funniest homosexual subtext I've seen since last season of Supernatural.

3.) License To Wed

While I am slightly annoyed that it's the classic case of the woman wanting to get married, have four kids, and go along with every weird thing the reverend tells them to do (frankly, I'd have been Ben in this movie), it was still VERY funny. Robin Williams is great and the things he comes up with! Plus, I think anyone who ever took home ec and had to take one of those fake babies home for a night/week, will love it. Mandy Moore is adorable, and I'm sure fans of Chuck will like Ben.

4.) Playing By Heart

I have finally gotten to see this movie after years and years of wanting to but never finding it. It's touching, sweet, funny, thoughtful. Great acting, a bit predictable (for me) but unfolds nicely. It's kind of like Rent meet Love Actually. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, new SGA, yay.
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Also. Looking for people's favorite Carter photos. It can be stock or episodic. Help a girl out?
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Ok, just short reviews this week. Both eps were great, but not worthy of pages of LJ review, I don't think.

Arr, me matey! There be a storm a brewin'! )

Where have they all gone? )
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I should be doing my homework. *facepalm*

Travelers aka Prometheus Unbound Gone SGA style. )

Heroes (in which Mohinder is stupid (but still a sexass)) )

Sin City. A little less conversation a little more action... )

Ok, three hours later...I shall finally get to my homework.

ETA: OMG!! My computer just righted itself!! Thank God! I can make art again! *does a happpy dance*


Oct. 15th, 2007 02:54 am
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I am terrible and consistently asking if my wonderful flist *shamelessly brown noses* has certain things to upload. I promise, I will be having a big post probably tomorrow sometime to show I am equally willing to share. Yes, I did learn that in kindergarten.

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask again: anyone have Doppleganger? Got it!!

And before I even go into the "review" of this ep, I just have to ask: who will be the first person to write me really good Sheppard/McKay competing over Carter's affections fic? Like, seriously. OT3.

Also, I metaed in the middle of the review. Please forgive, and bear with me.

Onto the good stuff...aka, SGA is back in black. Or you know, blue. Whatever. )

In a side, and unrelated comment...Patriots kicked ASS today.
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Bionic Woman ep 2, Paradise Lost )

SG:A ep 2, Lifeline )

Heroes ep 2, Lizards )

Supernatural premiere, The Magnificent 7 aka BEST PREMIERE ON TV THIS SEASON )

NCIS, ep 2, Family

Read: Always a good show. And DiNozzo calling her "marks"? LOL Plus. Family. AWWWW.

Next up: Heroes unaired pilot and still waiting for Profit.


Oct. 1st, 2007 01:48 am
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Sorry, I am just so busy, I swear I have no time for anything. Today was spent catching up on the last week and a half of online stuff. Yeesh.

Spoilers, ahead.

Stargate: Atlantis )


Heroes )

Left to see:
Bionic Woman
Big Shots

And in unrelated news, and something I hate asking for and never normally would ask, but would you all keep my mom in your thoughts/prayers? She just got some very hardcore emotional news today and I'm not at home where I can help her through it which is making me feel terrible.
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Spoilers for .07% )

SGA, I love you. Pregnancies in TV. First there's Scully. Then there's Lana. Now there's...

What do they have in common? (Spoilers for season 4 of SGA) )

Why are the SGA creative people so set on McKay/Brown? Argh!!! *pulls out hair*

Can someone inform me what's going on on Smallville, right now? I haven't deigned to watch, but am slightly curious.

This is also the second week I haven't watched Supernatural. Bah. Work. That's why I've been ignoring anything SPN related. But I will dl them soon and watch.

And finally, HEROES!!
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Just some thoughts...

Spoilers for SGA 3x17 Sunday )
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Why, oh, why am I poor? Best Buy is having a sale on all FOX DVDs which means X-Files, Dark Angel, The Lone Gunmen, Millennium, and SGA! I'll be lucky if I can afford to buy one set. Now I have to decide which one!

So now, it appears to be [ profile] crimsonsenya's birthday today. Sadly, without my computer I am very slow in knowing these things and so I apologize for not having anything to offer at the moment...but tell you what, my friend. As soon as my computer gets back...I'll work on demon!Dean just for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

And a happy birthday to Dean. OMG...he's 28. O___o The man's gettin' old! ;-) Is it only me that wants to see Dean referencing his growing age ala US Queer As Folk's Brian?



Studio 60

Why are you not all watching this show? God, I love it so much!! And Ms. VP of "illiterate programming" (because I SO agree with Jordan here--no offense to you who actually watch "reality" TV), she totally cracked me up...and made my jaw drop with that exceedingly rude workplace comment.

Dear Mr Sorkin--
I want to thank you for your amazing skills at humor and seriousness. The way you're able to bring up sensitive issues and make them work. Also, thank you for making Jack Rudolph a very cool character instead of the jackass he could have been...and smart. And yay for CEO's that aren't afraid of their board.

But most importantly? Thank you for making what is potentially the best romance story on TV today. You are officially beating your own prior record of Josh and Donna with Danny and Jordan because OMG...he's not going to stop and now THAT'S LOVE.

Sincerely, your lovestruck fan,

Also Heroes watchers will want to tune into next week's ep of Studio 60 because Masi (Hiro) is guest starring and oh, yes...there will be a "save the cheerleader, save the world" skit on it. WHEE!!!!!

SGA ramblings cut for length )

Now, I just wish I didn't have to wait to see Heroes until my computer is returned. BAH!!

PS--Anyone else bored with this year's Oscar's? It just wasn't a good movie year to me.

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