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Sep. 25th, 2011 08:50 pm
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Shows I'll try:

Terra Nova

The previews we've been getting sort of remind me of Stargate. They're transported through a wormhole, basically. And it sort of reminds me of the BBC's Outcast. Except back in time with dinosaurs instead of on a new planet with aliens. I'm not a dinosaur fan but I love the trop of people being transported to a new world and having to navigate life and animals and ~drama and politics.

Hart of Dixie

Dude. Fluff. Pure fluff. But with Rachel Bilson.

American Horror Story

I don't know how long the premise can run, but two words: Dylan. McDermott.


I'm putting this on the try because even though I've seen the first two episodes, I don't like it yet. It's predictable and tacky (and the CGI is AWFUL). But the men are pretty and something is keeping me attached. I'm just not sure what it is yet.

Shows I already like:

New Girl

It's full of stereotypes, cliches, and sitcom cliches, but there's no laugh track and I giggled all through the first episode. And it was endearing at the end. "We're reverse Mormons. One man just doesn't satisfy her." Hee hee. I may get bored or annoyed, but I think I'll last a few eps.

The Secret Circle

Also predictable and cliche not only to the genre but to CW shows (there was a great article about how its the quintessential CW show), but I love Britt Robertson, and while so far Gale Harold's character deserves a big MEH I have faith in him, and I like anything supernatural that ISN'T vampires. The love triangle is already annoying but...that comes with CW shows (see even Ringer).

I'm really beginning to HATE LJ though because I put all the already-running TV comments under a cut and it FUCKING DELETED THE CUT when I went to rich text. So to sum. Castle, The Mentalist=AWESOME. NCIS=MEH. NCIS: LA=Meh, but I love the characters. Supernatural=surprisingly liked it, but still have no faith in writers for the future. Haven't watched Fringe yet, though Joe Flanigan is in it!!


TV Finales

May. 31st, 2011 04:20 pm
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Fringe )

Criminal Minds )

The Mentalist )

Hellcats )

Castle )


Also, no worries (or worry, perhaps), I will get around to a Supernatural review/commentary. I just haven't been able to bring myself to rewatch it yet (both because I've been super busy and emotional reasons).
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Criminal Minds )
Life UnExpected )
The Mentalist )
Fringe )

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It's apparently a spammy day, sorry.

Not really spoilers for plot, but for the characters, I guess. )
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SGU: )
SPN: )


I was bored this week until the last 15 minutes or so. Although the Walter/whats-her-name scenes were cute, they were also painful. I mean, the man drugged you when you were a teenager. Stockholm, much? At the same time, it was nice to hear someone being grateful for being special (besides Hiro) because everyone else pisses and moans about not being normal.


Adorable as ever. And that geek has one smokin' body. Seriously, the man is Clark Kent. He's got the dorky attitude, chivalrous persona, wears glasses, works at a newspaper, and Darryl even referred to Joanna as 'Lois Lane'. Really? ♥


What's with my TV shows and the "Strangers on the Train" bit? Last week's Castle and now this week's NCIS. Castle did it better though, it not only kept the integrity of the plot, but it was better enacted. Although I did love the polygraph chick totally digging McGee. Awww.

How long is Supernatural's hiatus?
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This week was one of my favorite episodes ever. OMG, the TEAMNESS. I just...I love them all.

And when Ziva said... )

This show makes me incoherent.


This show is all about the brotherhood. It's not so much team, although they are playing a role. But it's about G and Sam. And it's incredibly bromantic. I love it.
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OMG, show, I love you. TEAM. OMG TEAM. I can't even...I mean the acting was brilliant, the design of the ep great, the script awesome. But in the end, I just...*flails* TEAM. ♥


Well, I liked the episode. It's still freaky to see LL Cool J in my NCIS. And that short lady, OMG. What have I seen her in? She always cracks me up. Wait...was she the voice in The Incredibles? The costume lady?

I wasn't a big fan of the intro. It's not very NCIS-y. And really? There was navy stuff in all of one minute of it. And I'm not sure if I like the new version of the photo-click ending.

I also got to wonder about their hideout. I mean...again, not every NCIS-y. Very cool, the house and all. But it just doesn't scream US bureaucratic organization, you know? It certainly gives the show a very different air from the more straight-laced office NCIS. Also, they have a psychologist instead of a doctor and forensic scientist person. So it seems we'll be getting more action, less procedure?

But, I do enjoy the psychologist, the expenses lady, the new guy (heh, his dork out on ancient naval history), and then LL and Chris' characters are great. Very funny, and well, very slashy. In a weird way. Hmmm. I love that G somehow manages to be more angsty than Gibbs, even.

So yes, those are my brief thoughts!! Still have this week's The Mentalist, and Fringe to watch. Oh, and then I'll have to dl SPN and Dollhouse starts tomorrow!
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Ok, who watched this week? Who thought it was quite possibly the slashiest episode ever? I mean, did you see the accidental handbrushes? I am not really an NCIS slasher but this episode sure could have turned me!! And I knew by the end that McGee knew. Which just made me laugh all the harder. Come on, you two. She'sHe's the one!!


SHORTS. Jensen's ASS. YUM. I think I drooled for a solid 2 minutes. How sad is it that Dean would have made both a horrible gym teacher (telling the kid to walk it off) and a good one (he looks like one of those pervy gym teachers, lol)?

Thoughts on the MOTW )
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Ok, I really wish I could do a full ep recap. Sadly, I have neither the time nor the mental capacity to do so now. Maybe in the (not so) near future. BUT. I can say that I freaking LOVED it. I had no clue what the ep was about so to see it as our boys backstory...LOVE. And Castiel. And Sam sneaking off. And Baby!John!!! ♥!

SAD THING: I was born in '85, yo. And yet, not knowing anything about the ep, I saw Dean on that bench on the focus with the T@B advertisement and thought to myself...Dude. Dean woke up in 1970!!! LOLZ

One of my favorite things about this ep? John's allusion to the USS Enterprise. It made me think of when Jack and SG1 crew went back to '69 and told the GMen he was Captain Kirk.

Baby!John=Tom Welling's baby brother, Y/Y?

Oh, and don't forget Kripke's nods to us fans (see below).

Small spoilers cut )

Winchester=Hottest family EVAR.

Final thought: I still miss the real RubyRuby 1.0. :(

NCIS 6x1

Sep. 25th, 2008 07:36 pm
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Well, not as good as I would have liked. But then again, that's probably because it was lacking teammyness. I have full faith the rest of the eps will be great.

Oh, two things though:

1. Ziva in that dress. HOT. And was she actually singing, you think? Anyway, will be (when I have time) iconing that scene!
2. Please. I totally guessed that ending the moment they mentioned something was suspicious. NCIS is not lame enough to make it so predictable. Though, I suppose in guessing, it was predictable??

Anyway, link me to your reviews. I am lazy and don't want to rifle through 2 days of posts, but want to read them, plz.

*wants for the next ep with Fornell RIGHT NOW*

And onto this week's Fringe...
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Actually, I don't have that much to say. You can definitely tell they were cut short by the writer's strike because the Director's story was cut short. We went from having suspicions but not knowing to suddenly...

Spoilers )
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Quick comments, first.

You know, while I really do only skim, ONTD is really irritating me of late. Like the recent post on the Brothers and Sisters finale. Everyone is apparently easily squicked. So the two kiss...but they're not actually related, they find out! And they knew it before the kiss. It's like the fangirls who write Peter/Claire all AU where she isn't Nathan's daughter. I mean, ok, it's one thing to not read that kind of fic and such. But seriously, all up in arms. I get that you're creeped out by it. Simmer down, people!


My favorite parts? Palmer screaming as he drives and DiNozzo asking if they should put out a bollo on Matt Damon. The rest of it, sorry to say, was rather dull.

And now, small icon batch. Still have SGA and SG1 ones coming, I swear.

[43] Tricia Helfer (+1 with Mary and Lucy)
[6] Katee Sackhoff
[39] Victoria's Secret Models

Teaser: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

88 Girly Icons )


Oct. 1st, 2007 01:48 am
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Sorry, I am just so busy, I swear I have no time for anything. Today was spent catching up on the last week and a half of online stuff. Yeesh.

Spoilers, ahead.

Stargate: Atlantis )


Heroes )

Left to see:
Bionic Woman
Big Shots

And in unrelated news, and something I hate asking for and never normally would ask, but would you all keep my mom in your thoughts/prayers? She just got some very hardcore emotional news today and I'm not at home where I can help her through it which is making me feel terrible.
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NCIS Finale )

Heroes Finale )

Friday Five
1.) Tonight the CW re-aired the season two premiere, "In My Time of Dying". Now that we've seen the season finale and premiere, and as it is obvious both episodes were meant to have a big impact on the characters of the show (and therefore the fans), which episode did you like better and why?

The finale. I mean, Dean with the reaper was moving, but I love the action and adventure and lack of crappy miracle needed to make me want more.

2.) If the fans could vote on one extra Supernatural episode, would you rather have a wee!Winchesters episode (like "Something Wicked" from season one) or an episode twenty years in the Winchesters' future? As always, please explain.

Ohhh. Tough. I'd have to say wee, because I like the future being left to my own imagination.

3.) Supernatural is very music-oriented, so here's your crack question for the week. Which real band (meaning you can't make one up) would you place Sam and/or Dean in and why?

Oh, Dean would love to tour with like, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Sam would fit with Good Charlotte, probably.

4.) How do you hope the Agent Henricksen storyline will be handled in season three?

Tense and always on their toes. I like him because he really is just doing his job. Mulder would probably want to bring them in at first, too (until he was convinced they were heroes), because of the whole grave desecration thing.

5.) What are your thoughts on the season 2 DVD cover?

First off...second season cover, already? Holy crap! Second, it's nice. Love the blue. Works for the emo season. ;-)
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I was finally able to catch up on this past week's TV.

Studio 60
Sorkin is back, ladies and gentlemen!! Nevada Day was Sorkin at his best. Funny and witty and a bunch of bumbles leading to good comedy consisting of slight slapstick, but mainly wit.

The actress who plays Jordan, is already starting to show. They're going to have to put her in jackets soon (like Gillian S1 and S2) or always have her sitting. Or think up a storyline. Which would be hard given what we know about her.

John Goodman rocks. I already like him so much better as the Judge than as the Majority Leader in West Wing. He's hilarious!

And finally, there were two Matlock references in my TV this week. LOL Oh, Danny.

By the way--it's actually been given an entire season! Yay! I get Sorkin for a whole year. Now the ratings just need to go up.

Beyond my squee over a Congressional candidate saying "spooky euro dude", this ep was amazing! We had the brothers back and I swear to God there was one bit when Peter was torturing Nathan I thought he was going in for the kiss. Man, Tim Kring loves me!! Loved FINALLY seeing Nathan's wife and the family interaction. I almost can't be mad at Nathan for his transgression with Niki simply because despite it, it's so obvious he loves his wife (though that should actually make me madder, I suppose).

I loved Hiro talking to Micah--they were so cute! And oh--Micah! I can't figure out what his power is yet. It was like healing electronic devices. LOL

Loved Matt punching the guy out. I knew it was going to be something like that. Wow, he's surrounded by jerks in his life. *pets*

[livejournal.com profile] siberian_skys, I can't understand why you didn't like this ep! I thought it was adorable. (is going to try to be general since I know someone won't want spoilers) Loved the new character and I hope she's a semi-permament basis. And Abby as always is classic. McGee and her remedy, LOL!! Classic McGee moment.

Not a real spoilery line but I'll still hide it in case... )

Justice was amazing again. I knew who had done it!! But I was actually kind of hoping for a whole gay jealous lover situation than what they did. They took the safe route. But good, nonetheless. Gilmore Girls was cute, of course. I love how Chris is trying so hard. I'm worried about Lane, though. And Luke on his date--OMG so bad!! Poor guy. Does April bother anyone else, though? At first I liked her, but sometimes, she needs some sense knocked into her.

The ending was my favorite part. I loved the family Thanksgiving stuff. Awww. And you know...if the writers keep going to way they are I may just turn my head from Lois&Clark to Lois&Oliver. They're just so cute!!

But the Lana thing. Oh, brother. The minute she fainted I knew. I was like, please, don't go there...and then they did. This was me-->*headdesk repeatedly*

And finally, Supernatural.
danashulps... )
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First off, there's been a lot of fics I've wanted to rec lately, and I've been putting them off, planning on a big rec post one of these days when I get sorted through all my memories. But this one...I had to do it on its own. It's an interview-style Jared/Jensen fic taking place in the future. I love what the author tells us: random bits of info, what happened on set, how things have turned out, etc. It's all done with it not seeming like a fic--as though it were a true interview. Coming Clean Go! Read now!

I am also pimping [livejournal.com profile] heroes_holidays for you fellow Heroes fans. Go and make a wishlist!

And Dusty, you need to check out this month's OUT magazine. Cover story is Scissor Sisters. ;-)

Can Gibbs arrest God? )

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