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Surprisingly, perhaps, I really liked it. The beginning was a bit slow, but ultimately, a brief exploration of the mythos behind Superman was interesting. I wanted more in the end - like why the machines were bug shaped and how exactly the planet was harsher. But, that's for comics, right?

Spoilers )

What are your thoughts?
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If you've seen Prometheus, [ profile] cavalorn's commentary/analysis may help you like it more (or understand why you liked it, as in my case). If you haven't and you hate spoilers, stay away but come back to it. And if everything you've heard about Prometheus is bad and you don't care about spoilers, definitely check this out, because while it's mostly speculation, it provides some awesome insight into Ridley Scott and the mythology he creates and would have been interesting to have in mind going into the movie.

In the end, I'm glad I don't have to write an official review about this movie because I literally could not put into words why I wasn't blown away (other than by the visuals and Michael Fassbender which were probably givens) but also why I didn't hate it. My face went a bit :/ at some of the Shaw characterization, and there's quite a few random things I could point out (a certain death at the end was ridiculous, and the captain and his crew at the end were also a little random/out of nowhere).

Ultimately though, I still wonder Spoilers... )

The Eagle

Jul. 27th, 2011 08:09 pm
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So, who has seen The Eagle? Did they TRY to make it that slashy? No, seriously. That had to be on purpose. When Marcus says "I thought I lost you," that's not, hey, I thought my slave betrayed me. That was a line I'd expect after a) someone you love nearly dies, or b) when there's an ideological rift you're afraid has come between you *cough*CharlesandErik*cough*.

Seriously, Channing Tatum didn't even bother me because he and the guy who played the slave looked so in love, I couldn't harsh on his acting.
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Ok, I promise, this isn't a spoiler. It neither concerns movie nor book plot. It's a comment on a small thing in a fight scene. And a few general/vague observations.

But so no one gets upset... )

Your thoughts on HP7.2? "Spoilers" allowed.
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So, I just saw X-Men First Class today. And OMG...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So. WHO KNOWS THE CHARLES/ERIK SLASH?! Because I HAVE to have it. *grabby hands* I need comms, I need recs, I need art, just, GAH.

itty bitty spoiler )

So, please, direct me to any awesome Professor X/Magneto slash, new or old! I need it like air. I can't wait to rewatch the movie. Ah-mazing.

BRB, downloading all other X-Men movies. (That's right, I've never watched them before.)
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So, Twilight: Eclipse.

Will someone explain to me why Edward, Bella, and Jacob don't just become a happy little vee threesome family? Aside from the undertones of Mormonism and the fact that it was written for young adults, that is. Because if she loves both of them, and they both want her to be happy...I don't see why she can't make like the middle ages in the Middle East and have two husbands. And yeah, Jacob and Edward have issues but I think they'd eventually get over it and then they could make out, too, and it'd be one happy world in which vamps and werewolves and humans all get along because of this daring romance.

It'd be all Romeo and Juliet, only a little more complicated and with less

Uhh, other than my *headdesking* at the idiots, it wasn't ~awful~. I wanted Riley. Boy was HOT. And awww, he was delusional, but it was kind of sweet.

But to be honest, despite RPattz's strange good looks and Taylor's abs and tan, I am neither Team Edward or Team Jacob. Not personally. Me, I'm more Team Emmett. I mean, he's adorable, funny, sweet, a good big brother/protector, and he's definitely my type. Mmmm, Kellan Lutz. Why so hot??

Even more so though...when Bella asked Charlie why he hadn't remarried...I wanted to be like BECAUSE HE HASN'T MET ME YET. I don't care that I'm only 6 or so years older than his daughter. He had some great one liners in this movie. And yeah, he's my type, too. (This is where [ profile] siberian_skys tells me I don't actually have a

Spoilery stuff, I guess. )
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What I truly can't decide is whether I want to read the Jacob and Mulder as BFFs fic first, the Jacob/Castiel/some mixture of the characters SPN fic first, or the Jacob and Rodney McKay as frenemies-who-were-both-geniuses-and-Rodney's-still-a-little-miffed-Jacob-got-that-honor-first and somehow, years later, Jacob also ends up in Atlantis and Jacob and Sheppard have beautiful hair!babies fic first.


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Jan. 16th, 2010 11:16 pm
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Karla's on TV. Caught the random Misha in the opening credits. I know the content is bad, and I hear its a terrible movie, but I can't resist that man. He's too pretty. Plus, I've been meaning to see what the fuss has been about for some time.


So, I don't know if it's because it was talked about as being so horrible or what, but I didn't think it was. I thought it would be much worse. The way some Misha fans talk about it, I was thinking it'd be very Saw or Hannibal-like in nature. I mean, that isn't to say I was sympathetic or anything with the characters, but, considering the topic, I thought it was actually done well. I didn't even think it was a badly executed movie. I mean, sure, there were some parts I laughed at but it was more for the absurdity of it all. (Although Misha doing the rap/weird dancing thing whatever--that WAS funny and just...yeah, white boy can't look cool doing that.)

It's scary because it's based on true events and people and both Paul and Karla were clearly psychotic, there's no doubt about that. Anyone who can watch a murder the way she did--even if they didn't physically murder that person--is murdering that person.

But I gotta say, I just loved the Misha nakedness. That shouldn't be what I come away with, but it is. *shrugs* Well, that, and how horrible his hair was in the last 1/4 of the movie. If I was #1, there would have been no sex until he got a freakin' I also caught the Castiel BAMF face a couple of times.

Clearly, I am becoming desensitized.
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Quick rec first (also, two posts in one day!). If you haven't heard of Tricia Helfer's (Battlestar Galactica) movie, Walk All Over Me, well, now you have. And I highly recommend it. I was nervous at first due to the subject matter (dominatrix) and the violence at the beginning, but despite some continued violence, it's actually a hilarious movie. Great lines include, "I've never seen a man so scared of male nudity in my life." A bunch of general humor that isn't campy like American Pie, but just fun. And Tricia, as always, is just gorgeous. Check it out!!

And secondly, a bit of post school-is-over-hooray! fic.

Title: Spring Cleaning
Author: MF Luder
Keywords: gen, humor
Rating: G
Spoilers: Nada
Disclaimer: They belong to SciFi Channel and various producers.
Archive: My LJ, Wraithbait, anywhere else, let me know.
Summary: Sam's had enough of the power bar wrappers on the floor.
Author's Notes: A bit of silliness inspired by this thread. Unbetaed. Because I am lazy. Feel free to tell me if I've messed up my tenses.

Spring Cleaning )
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Starship Troopers

Cut for plot spoilers and meta rambling )

Interview With the Vampire

Interestingly enough, I've heard nothing but rave reviews on this movie but I found it to be the cheesiest, most predictable and homoerotic thing ever created. While I have no issue whatsoever with the homoerotic aspect, it was how it was done. And I don't know if it was just the vampire thing that made it campy or what, but it came across as fucking hilarious to me. Normally, the idea of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt practically making out would make my inner slashy fangirl squee because hey, two fairly attractive "superstars"...but I just sat there and laughed my ass off. The best part of it by far was baby!Dunst. She was the only one that, though still very classic and trashy vampire made her role bearable. I actually understood and felt her emotions and motives. The rest was just kind of like, ho-hum. And the special effects here, too were cheesy, and I'd just expected them to be better.
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Ok, so SPN pretty much rocked my socks off, but I feel like everyone else has basically said what I wanted to and thus wouldn't be interested in a post nearly two days later. Let's just praise the XF mentions, the crazy whorl in that fun house, Dean's "I get all tingly when you take control like that" (LOLZ+if that ain't Wincest, I don't know what is), and a petting of Sam at his montage near the end. Also, for those who haven't already heard my idea, I believe Ruby put you-know-who up to it. The end.

So, if you haven't seen PS I Love You, GO SEE IT NOW. First off, it's an incredibly sweet story. While Hillary Swank isn't really my ideal romantic lead, she can be adorable at times, and the rest of the cast...*ten thumbs up*. I got a little teary--a movie hasn't done that for me in some time. In addition, the end I thought it was going didn't. A+ for the writers on that one. I loved how the end I thought it would have just changed. It was brilliant. And most importantly...JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN. NAKED BACKSIDE. IRISH ACCENT. *IZ DED*


Anyone interested in a rundown of Midway from me?
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So not worth it. Firstly, one of the shortest movies out there nowadays. Not worth your $10 right there. Though in retrospect, I'm glad it was short because I could not have dealt with two hours of that. Secondly, the camera thing didn't bother me in the sense of making me feel sick or anything (supposedly people have been getting sick at the movie theaters). Rather, it made for very bad visibility, I could hardly tell what was going on half the time. Thirdly, not even scary. And if I'm not scared--no way the rest of you will be.

The one good thing it has going for it? The end has no true resolution. I mean, there is in one sense. But in general, not so much.

LAME. Don't waste you money.
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Just Like A Lady:

I only recently found out about this movie. It stars Adrian Pasdar as Gerald. And Geraldine. Yup, it's an 80's movie about cross-dressing. I found it absolutely fascinating. Both my own reaction, and the movie. Now, I'll admit, I don't mind those fics where for some reason or another, one of my boys has to wear a skirt or eyeliner and lipgloss. I've seen enough boys in make up during my life to know that same way it makes a girl look better, it does a lot for them. I'll admit, I didn't find Adrian quite so attractive dressed up as a girl--though I really think it's because of the hideous 80's clothing I wouldn't like on a woman. lol Or the wigs. But what I loved about this movie was how it handled interesting situations. Not only is Gerald a cross-dresser, but he also becomes involved with a woman at least 20 years his senior who gives him courage to embrace his other side, or rather, the other part of him. All done in a business setting. It's a brave movie (for the time) and sweet and funny. Adrian is brilliant. Definitely a must see.

The Illusionist:

I loved how this all played out. While I guessed at the ending, I loved the journey the whole movie took me on. Edward Norton was brilliant as was Paul Giamati and the Crown Prince played by Rufus Sewell. And the score of course, made the movie. I'll admit, I saw it because of Philip Glass who wrote the score, but ended up actually enjoying the entire movie.


I don't know how many of you know this about me, but fan of sci-fi that I am, I was never impressed with The Matrix. Kung-fu fighting in that style has never been my thing. I always found the idea interesting, but the actual execution just...not to my liking. And now it's entirely cliche. But! Watching Equilibrium is the same style and I LOVED it. I don't like Christian Bale anymore than Keanu Reeves, but this is the first thing I did like him in. I enjoyed the twists and turns of the movie--some which for once, I didn't even guess at. The plot is fantastic--and more realistic to me than The Matrix. A future world driven emotionless to avoid wars and yet murder is committed everyday--but under a different name. Father, who I suspect started the drugs in a move he thought was for the better, became an institution just as corrupt as Hitler or Stalin. Equilibrium is like a cross of Fahrenheit 451 and 1984. The action is intense and there are some truly touching moments. I highly recommend it to The Matrix and futuristic sci-fi fans.
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Firstly, happy late birthday to [ profile] birggitt. Hope it was a great one!!

So I finally got around to watching all of Firely and Serenity (having seen maybe the first 2 eps when it first aired on FOX). I really enjoyed it despite the somewhat tacky "space cowboy" theme, which really just makes me laugh. How much sci-fi combines horses and hovercrafts? lol

Anyway, some thoughts:

First off, you all know I pair some siblings. Wincest, Petrellicest, I'm all there. And depending on how it's written and the maturity of the characters, I don't mind if one is underage--slightly. But I've seen in metas and such that (many, not all, I'm sure) Firefly fans consider Simon/River as basically canon. Now, as I haven't read fics or anything, I don't know if this is something they see as before she was taken into The Academy, or once he rescued her. Because if it's after...I just can't do it. They are utterly sweet together, but considering her mental state AND the fact that she's only 17...I couldn't pair River with anyone. I don't see it on the show and I don't want to see it. So, ideas on this, anyone?

Second off, it seems some of those brilliant quotes fangirls always use come from this show. "I'll be in my bunk," "I can kill you with my brain," "big damn heroes," and "Special Hell". It's hilarious.

I'll admit, the pairings on this show were completely predictable. I loved the wife/husband unit. But I knew in that first ep Inara and Malcolm would have this UST and never satisfy it, and Simon and Kaylee were a given because as he pointed out, one woman was married, one professional, and the other related to while I found it seemed so planned out. Like it wasn't just allowed to unfold. And while I know things like that usually are, such as Sam and Jack from the third ep, it still seems less structured, normally, if still inevitable that they will or won't hookup. Anyway.

How did this show just become so popular? I'm not denying its merits, not what I mean at all. What I mean is, it's 14 eps of TV and then a movie 3 years later. But it's so HUGE. I mean, listen to the way SGA actors and production talk about how much they wanted to work with Jewel Staite based on Firefly. I mean, she was cute and all...but it wasn't the kind of nuanced acting or anything I would relate with say, David Duchovny fame. I understand everyone wanting DD after The X-Files, I don't understand it with Jewel and Firefly. Frankly, the best actor is by far Summer Glau and she doesn't seem so big in the wake of this show. I mean, it just really found its cult following, didn't it?

Finally, all that being said that sounds so negative (but isn't)...I loved the show. Jayne. Oh, Jayne. At first all I could think of was hey, it's Rohrer (XF)! But wow, two characters couldn't be more different. Jaybe, vulgar as he was, he was definitely the Krycek of the show and completely hilarious. He's an idiot...but totally makes up for it. I love him. The Captain...I definitely see the appeal of Nathan Fillion now. *drool* He's snarky, angry, the best kind of anti-hero. Also, he "leans towards women". And straddles naked men. *G* I loved the open sexuality on the show, from the female customers, to Kaylee sometimes pining after women, and the slash subtext. A+ to the show for that. I also loved the Companion role. It's something you read in fantasy books, but to me, it's rarely actually seen in sci-fi. Sci-fi lets the male heroes be big strapping manwhores basically...but they don't usually touch on it as anything special or let the women have the upper hand. Inara might be a "whore", but hers is the legit business as they constantly reminded us on the show. That power play was wonderful to see.

One thing I did find interesting was the music on the show. It sounded, when not playing some kind of country twang, very BSG-like. I expected to see Bear McCreary as a music person for the show, but apparently not. But seriously, there was one ep in particular that I swear I'd heard the music on BSG. Also, producer and writer by Ben Edlund. That makes me happy being a big fan of his with SPN. And lastly on the crew side, Tim Minear. Wrote two eps for the X-Files and wrote for Lois&Clark. Definitely explains why the writing was so great for this show.

So I have to ask, for the fans, does anyone know if another movie will be planned? Or was Serenity the end all, be all? I do think it ended well. I loved the movie, and thought it completed the story well. However, I'm still curious exactly what Sheppard Book was and how he knew what he did. Plus, once I'm addicted, I hate to give it up.
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Ok, what is the deal with The Golden Compass? Libraries are banning it (the book), previews are everywhere, IMDB has gone crazy! I've never seen the site change like that for any movie. I'm dling it now, but seriously. What gives?

A Beautiful Mind: What can I say? While I was disappointed there was less math in it than I expected (he might not be the father of game theory, but he contributed greatly to it and economics), in the end it makes sense. not many people want to watch movies about mathematicians. They want movies about people. And that's definitely what they gave us. While it's not entirely correct (for example, he and his wife were actually divorced for a great length of time), it brings his struggles into focus and was beautiful storytelling. I don't like Russell Crowe, but he's perfect in this movie. By the end I was bawling, not really because it was sad, but because it was so beautiful. Great movie. HIGHLY recommended.

Eastern Promises: It didn't turn out the way I expected from various previews, but it was an excellent movie. A little gorier than I usually like, but not overly (as in, there wasn't more blood than necessary for storytelling). It was in-your-face Russian mafia and brilliantly done. I loved how it all played out, and that a hunch I had at the beginning was correct. Also, not only is Viggo HOTTER THAN HELL (tattoos, completely ripped), but his acting is spot on in this movie. I love him.

Michael Clayton:
This movie gets one big YAWN from me. Seriously. I haven't made it through the thing in one shot, yet. I've fallen asleep every time. Normally, movies like this, I like them. North Country? Fucking loved it. I even liked The INsider and I don't like Russell Crowe. Ok, Erin Brockovich not so much. But I've watched a lot of documentaries on this kind of thing and I've never been so bored. Clooney, good acting and all, and the top partner makes some interesting comments in his seeming madness but in general, don't bother.

The Bee Movie: Cute and silly. The best part? Ken being jealous of the bee. LOL I've seen both better and funnier animated films, but it wasn't bad.

The Man From Earth: This is a philosophical gem! It's one of those dialouge based movies so if you're looking for action, not so much. But if you want a somewhat sweet movie that'll get your mind spinning, this is it. Well done, well acted. The best part? "I'm leery of labs. Afraid I might go in and stay for a thousand years whilst cigarette-smoking men try to figure me out." Bwah! And all the more genius because at least two of the actors were in The X-Files.

The Mist: OMG, you know a movie is bad if it's classified under horror and I'm LAUGHING. Seriously, one of the worst plots ever. Or it just played out badly. Like the kid? Whoever the little boy was should never have been cast. He was awful. I couldn't stop cringing whenever he opened his mouth. Also, spiders? And maybe it's just because I am so used to Stargate and XF where science is everything and/or solves the problem, but literally, we get a two sentence explanation of what happened. LAME. The military men were lame and utterly useless. Crazy religious lady? The sad thing is in the end she was one of the best parts. There were a few things I liked. One, that the lead man and woman were both married and did not get together. Two, the ending. While I saw it coming about ten minutes before it happened (I kept yelling, wait, you moron!), the fact that it did end the way it did instead of copping out was brilliant. sucked until the end. But seriously. So bad it was funny.

Don't forget to check out my own version of Netflix. I'm giving you utnil right before I go on vacation to let me know if you want a movie (which means they'll get uploaded right before Christmas).
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I finally got around to watching it. Yay!

This war is forcing us all to become razors... )

King Arthur: I knew I wasn't interested in this movie when it came out. I should have stuck to that. I'll admit the huge appeal of KA to me is the mythic parts. Not so much that Merlin is a wizard (or Ancient, lol), but that Arthur's downfall is what caused him to rise in the first place. The betrayal of best friend and wife is Arthur's true downfall, for all that Mordred killed him. While I'm not one for soaps, it seems the messed up relations is what I've always loved. Also that Merlin's father was a Roman, not Arthur's. Interesting, and ultimately boring look. If that's reality, give me fantasy any day. ;-) Plus, Guineviere as a warrior? Whatever.

Good Luck Chuck: Good cleandirty fun. Utterly pointless and silly, but fun as a one shot. The penguin thing was just cute. Also, totally made me think of all those John-and-Rodney-as-penguin fics.

Legally Blonde The Musical:
I wanted to shoot the differences between the musical and the movie same way I would with a book vs the movie, but in general it was cute and very talented singers.

Sound Of Thunder:
So, while it was very well created and did the story justice...i just have an issue with basically, the story. It's portrayal of evolution seems seriously fucked up. Coming in waves and giant man-apes hunting in packs? WTF. And it all happened so fast...the movie was very fast-paced that I felt like we were skipping over things, you know? I give it props for it's slightly uncharacteristic killing off of characters (it's sci-fi/horror, don't tell me that's a spoiler), but I would much prefer if they had acknowledged that it could have happened a millon times before without anyone making it back to warn that the machine had to be stopped. I wanted it as kind of a time-travel messed up Groundhog's Day.

Sunshine: Very unique. Not what I was expecting, and all the better because of it. Definitely check it out.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Yes, I have only just seen this. And let me say. CRACK. Seriously, all CRACK. Hah! It was brilliant and silly. "Come back in seven and a half million years." Bwah!!

Zodiac: I'd wanted to see this for awhile, and in the end, was disappointed. I was hoping for a smart thriller with a truly genius but fucked up serial killer. When "The Most Dangerous Game" was introduced I was pumped, only to be let down. The codes were easy to figure out, and the killings utterly irrational with no real purpose. While this is based on a true situation so I guess it's ok the guy wasn't the greatest, it's not like he was prosecuted for it, anyway. It went on for far too long. However, in its defense, the acting was AMAZING. It's the only reason I sat through it all. Robert Downey Jr and Jake really stole the screen. And the supporting actors were great as well.
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Man, it is just one of those days. I want to scream and cry and stomp like a two-year old. *facepalm*

Ok, so I know I'll never get around to big reviews so, quicks movies recs.

1.) I Now Propose You Chuck and Larry

MUST SEE. I DIED. Laughed. And then DIED AGAIN. So funny.

2.) Stardust

Ok, the plotline is clearly written for children and possibly one of the worst fantasy plotlines ever...but it was still sweetly romantic and rather humorous. Plus, Di Nero's character makes it all worthwhile (he's Captain Shakespeare. Doesn't that tell you something?). Somehow, in the middle of the cheesiest kid's fairytale ever, they got away with some of the funniest homosexual subtext I've seen since last season of Supernatural.

3.) License To Wed

While I am slightly annoyed that it's the classic case of the woman wanting to get married, have four kids, and go along with every weird thing the reverend tells them to do (frankly, I'd have been Ben in this movie), it was still VERY funny. Robin Williams is great and the things he comes up with! Plus, I think anyone who ever took home ec and had to take one of those fake babies home for a night/week, will love it. Mandy Moore is adorable, and I'm sure fans of Chuck will like Ben.

4.) Playing By Heart

I have finally gotten to see this movie after years and years of wanting to but never finding it. It's touching, sweet, funny, thoughtful. Great acting, a bit predictable (for me) but unfolds nicely. It's kind of like Rent meet Love Actually. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, new SGA, yay.
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Also. Looking for people's favorite Carter photos. It can be stock or episodic. Help a girl out?

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