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I've had a slow start to TV this fall. WHile I am not getting my own work done, I'm still somehow too busy to actually watch TV. IDK. But the last few days I've caught up on a few. Nothing real in depth, but some general thoughts. Spoilers!

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To catch up on still: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Shield
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Surprisingly, perhaps, I really liked it. The beginning was a bit slow, but ultimately, a brief exploration of the mythos behind Superman was interesting. I wanted more in the end - like why the machines were bug shaped and how exactly the planet was harsher. But, that's for comics, right?

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What are your thoughts?
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I just want to say, after one episode of The Lying Game...I was hooked. It's SO much better than Ringer. Which is sad since it's a bunch of much younger actors. But frankly, the premise seems more realistic, I don't have Kristoffer Polaha'a annoying dick of a character, and it's got Adrian Pasdar. Instant perfection! Adrian's character is like Profit combined with the worst of Nathan Petrelli. Delicious!!

Anyone else watching? I'm not doing my homework because I need to catch up on this show. It's so good!
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No, seriously. The whole time my face looked like this: O.o

Of course, all the men that this came up in conversation with last night LOVED it. I don't get it. My whole thoughts on this were:

a) Not even scary, and could you put any more horror tropes in there?
b) Where is Zachary Quinto?
c) Dylan McDermott is hot, but I don't need to see him jacking off or making out with old ladies.
d) Sam and Dean need to salt and burn that whole neighborhood based on the last five minutes, not just the house.

The only horror is definitely within their family (which I get IS the real point, but come on).

Fall TV

Sep. 25th, 2011 08:50 pm
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Shows I'll try:

Terra Nova

The previews we've been getting sort of remind me of Stargate. They're transported through a wormhole, basically. And it sort of reminds me of the BBC's Outcast. Except back in time with dinosaurs instead of on a new planet with aliens. I'm not a dinosaur fan but I love the trop of people being transported to a new world and having to navigate life and animals and ~drama and politics.

Hart of Dixie

Dude. Fluff. Pure fluff. But with Rachel Bilson.

American Horror Story

I don't know how long the premise can run, but two words: Dylan. McDermott.


I'm putting this on the try because even though I've seen the first two episodes, I don't like it yet. It's predictable and tacky (and the CGI is AWFUL). But the men are pretty and something is keeping me attached. I'm just not sure what it is yet.

Shows I already like:

New Girl

It's full of stereotypes, cliches, and sitcom cliches, but there's no laugh track and I giggled all through the first episode. And it was endearing at the end. "We're reverse Mormons. One man just doesn't satisfy her." Hee hee. I may get bored or annoyed, but I think I'll last a few eps.

The Secret Circle

Also predictable and cliche not only to the genre but to CW shows (there was a great article about how its the quintessential CW show), but I love Britt Robertson, and while so far Gale Harold's character deserves a big MEH I have faith in him, and I like anything supernatural that ISN'T vampires. The love triangle is already annoying but...that comes with CW shows (see even Ringer).

I'm really beginning to HATE LJ though because I put all the already-running TV comments under a cut and it FUCKING DELETED THE CUT when I went to rich text. So to sum. Castle, The Mentalist=AWESOME. NCIS=MEH. NCIS: LA=Meh, but I love the characters. Supernatural=surprisingly liked it, but still have no faith in writers for the future. Haven't watched Fringe yet, though Joe Flanigan is in it!!


TV Finales

May. 31st, 2011 04:20 pm
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Also, no worries (or worry, perhaps), I will get around to a Supernatural review/commentary. I just haven't been able to bring myself to rewatch it yet (both because I've been super busy and emotional reasons).
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So Lost finale, everyone? I have some notes from watching tonight. Although, I'll remind you, I saw like two first season eps, hated it, and didn't start paying attention until two weeks ago or a little more when Marksha had his own episode (which I still need to dl).

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In conclusion (what? I like this gif. Also, it's the only Lost one I have.):

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(Umm, so now, without ever even having seen more than 1 ep of this show, I kind of ship Jacob/Man in Black. God, what is it with me and the incest? *faceplam*) In my defense, the two are very Michael Lucifer, only Jacob is Michael.

Weird dream. And I don't even watch Lost! )

Very generic references to things that happened in tonight's The Mentalist finale. Not so much spoilers as bitching. )

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In conclusion: CONNECT 4 MILLION.
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I watched the Syfy marathon of Merlin today and I have to say...I wasn't too impressed.

I know, I know, blasphemy! I think a lot of my flist LOVES Merlin.

Now, don't get me wrong. I actually have no issue with the acting, scripting, or sets. That stuff is pretty good.


1. I don't see the slash. I mean, ok, Merlin is willing to go out of his way to save Arthur, even offering up his own life. But I'm not seeing the steamy glances of Dean and Cas, or the playfulness and banter of Sheppard and McKay. It feels like a much more brotherly, friendly relationship than I would have assumed it was from everyone's posts and the many fics out there.

2. What is up with this retelling? I have no idea where they're getting half of this stuff. Guinevere as a servant to Morganna (also usually known as Morgan Le Fay)? Merlin, of course, being young and a servant to Arthur. Merlin's mother some poor peasant in a random village? Camelot being thus named before Arthur creates his court? Mordred being a random Druid child (who is saved by Arthur and thus, why would he have beef later on?)? A talking dragon whom Merlin consults for advice? Are they trying to somehow make it a more "accurate" retelling? I suppose the Druid child would make more sense, then. But throw in the dragon and they kind of mess that up. Plus, all accounts I've ever heard of, Guinevere is noble born. Quite often, she's in a prearranged marriage with Arthur (versus the more romantic context of the musical Camelot). You don't have servants in prearranged marriages to future kings, so historical accuracy flies out of the window with that one, too.

Suffice to say, the mythology seems all over the place. I get when you're doing a retelling, you make things different, perhaps to update it, to make it more relevant. So, I liked the idea of a Merlin sort of growing up with Arthur. I can't even object to the idea of him serving the prince considering he served Arthur, King. But the thing about Arthurian legend is how relevant it is for any time frame. Politics of the court, personal betrayal, adultery, and the downfall of a utopian society. Instead, watching this, I can't help but wonder how Arthur is going to claim Guinevere as Queen, and why Mordred is going to kill him when it doesn't have the beauty of the son killing the father (did they feel the need to water down the incest aspect?). (Although, I'm guessing the man Gwen is saying will always be in her heart in season 2 previews is Lancelot?)

It may just be me frustrated by this. I'm a HUGE Arthurian mythology freak. I've probably read/seen/studied every adaptation except the original texts. But seriously, pick one thing/theme to change or one interpretation and please, don't jump and skip randomly.

3. kind of a douchebag. Or as Merlin says, prat. Like, whoa. This might be part of why I don't see the slash. On one hand he calls Merlin his friend and says he's glad he's there (in the unicorn/test episode) and helps to save his village, but the rest of the time he's quite rude and dismissive. And while he says he loves the people, he just has this weird edge. I actually liked him in the unicorn ep because it showed nicely all sides of him; that he can love his friends and be noble, but still has those tragic flaws of the legend (in this case, failing the pride test). But quite frankly, he seems like the high school jock which is just so...pedestrian. I wasn't feeling a king-lyness, nor an evolution. And I have no idea why Gwen was cooing over him about this great king he would be when he was sick from that monster bite. I haven't seen what would prompt that. He's not strutting around talking about democracy or the future court he's going to have, nor saving every person's life.

So, yeah. I felt like it was missing something. It didn't feel romantic and idealistic. But nor did it feel brutal and political like the movie "King Arthur" was. Was it just still floundering in season 1? Is season 2 more slashy, more coherent in its mythology? Convince me.
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Ok, so I was expecting the big "twist", but I was not expecting the cliffhanger! Now obviously, it'll be resolved happily, but still. It actually got my heart pumping!

I liked the case, too. made me think of NCIS (especially the ep with McGee and his book--although, Castle in general makes me think of that episode). And the FBI woman rocked.
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Oh, wow. Crying. Lots of crying. Sad tears and happy tears. That was the perfect ending for it all. Perfect. I don't have words...just...wonderful. Everything a finale should be.

That? That's what sci-fi does to me. The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, Serenity...I simply don't cry over (most) other, less genre shows. It just brings you into this strange new world, so similar to ours and yet different enough that it brings the crazy, the heroic, the utterly tragic out to play and not only makes you care about the world and the characters, but about humanity as well. And that's something we don't usually think about on a day-to-day basis. I find BSG and now Dollhouse really manage this. They force you to contemplate the human condition and what it means to be human. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I get I'm in the minority and sure, there were a few boring/blah episodes here and there, but in general, I truly loved this show and didn't think it got off to a "rough start" as so many other critics suggest. It makes me wish I liked Buffy since I like Joss so much. But I suppose, Buffy will be my Sports Night for Joss. So many love the show, but I don't find either the bext example of their writer's genius.

Dollhouse, I will miss you.

In conclusion:

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This week's The Mentalist was ♥. Funny, Jane starting a brawl, Jane being sneaky, and then end the ending. N'awww!!!
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SGU: )
SPN: )


I was bored this week until the last 15 minutes or so. Although the Walter/whats-her-name scenes were cute, they were also painful. I mean, the man drugged you when you were a teenager. Stockholm, much? At the same time, it was nice to hear someone being grateful for being special (besides Hiro) because everyone else pisses and moans about not being normal.


Adorable as ever. And that geek has one smokin' body. Seriously, the man is Clark Kent. He's got the dorky attitude, chivalrous persona, wears glasses, works at a newspaper, and Darryl even referred to Joanna as 'Lois Lane'. Really? ♥


What's with my TV shows and the "Strangers on the Train" bit? Last week's Castle and now this week's NCIS. Castle did it better though, it not only kept the integrity of the plot, but it was better enacted. Although I did love the polygraph chick totally digging McGee. Awww.

How long is Supernatural's hiatus?
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Why? Why does every fangirl hate the women on Supernatural? And why can't there be romantic interests? I proudly slash Wincest. I also like Dean/Castiel. But I have no issue with the boys with someone else. What is so damn wrong about it? Why CAN'T Dean and Anna hook up (beyond the fact that their name would have to be DeAnna, LOL)? I don't see how they are so horrible together. She's not a bad actress and not a bad character. But, I don't get the Ruby hate either. I actually thought the evil was a copout, but that aside, she was still a kickass character. *throws shoes in rant-like rage*

I am currently on hold for TNG as I have to wait to get more seasons from my friend, so I started Roswell tonight. Has anyone else seen this AND Twilight? Alternate "vampire" for "alien" and NO LIE, it's the exact same plot. the alien's all, we can't be together, no one can know, I saved your life. And the chick's all shocked that he's an alien (which, there's a biolab scene that is incredibly similar to the blood test/bio scene in the Twilight novel), devises a plan so that no one suspects, and falls in love. There's also a sheriff. And the female POV voiceover.

Why can't they get together? Who cares if you're different? Does it really matter if your biology is different? You can't kiss??? Have these people never watched Star Trek?

And why is no one attractive on this show?

On the other hand, the composed music is pretty awesome. The music in the episodes? Kind of cheesy. Also, Katherine Heigl. WEIRD.

OH! And Toby Ziegler is on this show. That makes it worthwhile.

Is Roswell a Vancouver show? Leyla (from SPN) is on this show. I like that actress.
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The Child. Really? That was your season premiere? There wasn't even a point. Random life form impregnates Troi only to conviently affect the plague they were carrying in that ep? Maybe if the plague hadn't been there, there could have been some point to the child growing up fast (I thought it might be like an Adria). It wasn't as lame as the oil slick episode, but it came damn close.

Teri Hatcher was in TNG? LOL!!! I love it. I didn't even recognize her until they did a full face front.

They have JAG in the future? I suppose, spaceships are often more associated with naval vessels than the air force (with the exception of the Stargate verse). Still, having changed USS (United States Ship) to United Space Ship, one would think they would change the USA military judicial name to something less...USAish.

I love that in Measure of a Man, they called Data a "toaster". Oh, BSG, I miss you!

There were a lot of episodes I wasn't impressed with again (don't get me started on the clip show finale!!), and things like Riker's beard, but I did like more, too. They weren't all so dull. Although I had to roll my eyes every time Riker Kirked again. He amuses me. He likes Troi so much, yet goes around doing that. Psssht. Although I LOVE how people are always going after Picard and he has to like, deflect them with a backhanded tennis swing!! Poor man. Chased after all over the place (well, ok, he pursued the JAG lady).

I like the Borg. They fascinate me. I also know I once saw part of that Borg movie when I was like 9 and at someones house. So I'm excited.

Tell me though, how does Starfleet provide for its presumed millions of officers/doctors/mechanics/etc? There is no money. Everything is provided. I guess with holodecks one doesn't have to pay for entertainment, but I still wonder how they get these items without some form of payment. Yes, I get its supposed to be built in line with a communist society. Still, I'm more in tune with that late 21st century man they unfreeze who rants about
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I mean the end of the season, of course. Because it's been renewed!!

Thoughts )

So, last night I slept for over 10 hours. I have been up for like 4. And all I want to do is go back to bed...
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Firstly, happy late birthday to [ profile] birggitt. Hope it was a great one!!

So I finally got around to watching all of Firely and Serenity (having seen maybe the first 2 eps when it first aired on FOX). I really enjoyed it despite the somewhat tacky "space cowboy" theme, which really just makes me laugh. How much sci-fi combines horses and hovercrafts? lol

Anyway, some thoughts:

First off, you all know I pair some siblings. Wincest, Petrellicest, I'm all there. And depending on how it's written and the maturity of the characters, I don't mind if one is underage--slightly. But I've seen in metas and such that (many, not all, I'm sure) Firefly fans consider Simon/River as basically canon. Now, as I haven't read fics or anything, I don't know if this is something they see as before she was taken into The Academy, or once he rescued her. Because if it's after...I just can't do it. They are utterly sweet together, but considering her mental state AND the fact that she's only 17...I couldn't pair River with anyone. I don't see it on the show and I don't want to see it. So, ideas on this, anyone?

Second off, it seems some of those brilliant quotes fangirls always use come from this show. "I'll be in my bunk," "I can kill you with my brain," "big damn heroes," and "Special Hell". It's hilarious.

I'll admit, the pairings on this show were completely predictable. I loved the wife/husband unit. But I knew in that first ep Inara and Malcolm would have this UST and never satisfy it, and Simon and Kaylee were a given because as he pointed out, one woman was married, one professional, and the other related to while I found it seemed so planned out. Like it wasn't just allowed to unfold. And while I know things like that usually are, such as Sam and Jack from the third ep, it still seems less structured, normally, if still inevitable that they will or won't hookup. Anyway.

How did this show just become so popular? I'm not denying its merits, not what I mean at all. What I mean is, it's 14 eps of TV and then a movie 3 years later. But it's so HUGE. I mean, listen to the way SGA actors and production talk about how much they wanted to work with Jewel Staite based on Firefly. I mean, she was cute and all...but it wasn't the kind of nuanced acting or anything I would relate with say, David Duchovny fame. I understand everyone wanting DD after The X-Files, I don't understand it with Jewel and Firefly. Frankly, the best actor is by far Summer Glau and she doesn't seem so big in the wake of this show. I mean, it just really found its cult following, didn't it?

Finally, all that being said that sounds so negative (but isn't)...I loved the show. Jayne. Oh, Jayne. At first all I could think of was hey, it's Rohrer (XF)! But wow, two characters couldn't be more different. Jaybe, vulgar as he was, he was definitely the Krycek of the show and completely hilarious. He's an idiot...but totally makes up for it. I love him. The Captain...I definitely see the appeal of Nathan Fillion now. *drool* He's snarky, angry, the best kind of anti-hero. Also, he "leans towards women". And straddles naked men. *G* I loved the open sexuality on the show, from the female customers, to Kaylee sometimes pining after women, and the slash subtext. A+ to the show for that. I also loved the Companion role. It's something you read in fantasy books, but to me, it's rarely actually seen in sci-fi. Sci-fi lets the male heroes be big strapping manwhores basically...but they don't usually touch on it as anything special or let the women have the upper hand. Inara might be a "whore", but hers is the legit business as they constantly reminded us on the show. That power play was wonderful to see.

One thing I did find interesting was the music on the show. It sounded, when not playing some kind of country twang, very BSG-like. I expected to see Bear McCreary as a music person for the show, but apparently not. But seriously, there was one ep in particular that I swear I'd heard the music on BSG. Also, producer and writer by Ben Edlund. That makes me happy being a big fan of his with SPN. And lastly on the crew side, Tim Minear. Wrote two eps for the X-Files and wrote for Lois&Clark. Definitely explains why the writing was so great for this show.

So I have to ask, for the fans, does anyone know if another movie will be planned? Or was Serenity the end all, be all? I do think it ended well. I loved the movie, and thought it completed the story well. However, I'm still curious exactly what Sheppard Book was and how he knew what he did. Plus, once I'm addicted, I hate to give it up.
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So I decided to check out this show because I enjoy both Cameron and Vala on SG-1. If I like a character, I usually try to find other work by the actor to evaluate if it's the character or the actor. Plus, I seem to be liking more and more sci-fi, so it seemed right.

Frankly, I'm not impressed. I mean, the sets and make up are phenomenal. And I do like John. Aeryn is a fascinating character. But in general? I'm bored by the eps.

I wondered why this is. So I've been doing a little thinking.

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