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*I provide links to my tumblr for all tumblr based art in case an artist changes their url and the link breaks.

*I will note if there is a pairing after the art link

*I will note if the work is generally NSFW (Note: NSFW may have different interpretations. I use it for either sexual acts or sexualized nakedness. Things like bad language I do not consider NSFW, so use your own caution when viewing.)

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For those of you who don't watch/didn't catch Castle last night:

I just saw that come up and like O____O the whole way through, and when it was over I was all OMG RDJ, NATHAN FILLION, AHHHH! *geek orgasm*


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Now, apparently, there's some controversy over the reactions to this clip (seems to be Coulson/Barton shippers versus self-proclaimed feminists - yeah, this is fandom, of course), but that aside, here was my reaction watching it the first time:

1. Hahaha, Natasha's face when the guy goes "I don't give everything". GENIUS.
2. Hawkeye compromised? WTF does that mean? WTF WHEDON DON'T KILL HIM.
3. Her face when she hears about Barton. AW.
4. DAMN. Natasha kicks ass.
5. Stunt doubles really should be the actual superheroes because the fuck, no one can roll their chair like that or flip it or...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.
6. Coulson's calm, collected, 'tick tock I'm waiting' expression while he's on "hold". It looks exactly like someone does in an elevator or on hold. While he's listening to Natasha decimating the people and surrounding property. HAHAHAHA, COULSON, I LOVE YOU. BEST FACE EVER.

And seriously, I keep watching this clip over and over because Natasha rolling that chair and Coulson's FACE are like, the best thing yet about this movie. IT NEEDS TO BE MAY 4TH NOW.

ETA: And then there's THIS interview and, more importantly, video of Jeremy Renner. I am ridiculously in love with this man. Move aside Fassbender, you've been replaced! (Not really, but kinda.) I'm just sort of imagining it's Clint on a photoshoot Stark set up for him because you know, if Steve would maybe be embarrassed/awkward by photoshoots, Clint would eat that attention up. :D
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Alright, so I'm not a Glee fan (I hate pop-y remakes of songs, particularly when they're already pop songs) but I AM a fan of Matt Bomer and this is a gorgeous rendition of this song. The harmonies are lovely. So yup, a Glee ep I'm going to have to watch.

(If you're not into Glee like me, Matt Bomer is playing Darren Criss' older brother and they clearly haven't gotten along for some time.)

And of course, I'm crafting the crossover where Neal never told Peter about his younger brother and that they're not on speaking terms and oh, right, no, Neal isn't his birth name...
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Disclaimer: Some of these fics contain more than one pairing. Make sure you check the author's notes if you're picky.



There are so many things I love about this video. First, Matt is hot. And a good dancer. And hot. And apparently taking fashion tips from Zachary Quinto. Where's the Matt/Zach RPS?? And then there's Tim who is totally into it even when he's clearly all "WHAT AM I DOING!?". He's obviously a totally sport. And while Matt is hot, Tim is sexy in a dorky way doing this. Like someone's dad. But I like men who are the age to be dads

And finally, there's the kid in the middle who is all ~SOOPER SRZS~ and clearly not even enjoying the fact that he's in between two actors, much less their appeal to ladies like
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Vid Recs )

4. Outbreak

This cartoon reminded me of Croatoan and the beginning of The Devil You Know. Basically, it's a riff on all zombie movies, but I kinda liken it to SPN in many ways. (Also, if you're not an XKCD connoisseur, hold the mouse over the comic to get more humor.)

5. For actor Misha Collins, playing Paul Bernardo became an unwelcome trip into his own dark side

Just an interesting article on Misha playing Paul Bernardo in Karla. It's a really interesting look into Misha's thoughts on the movie and character (especially since he seems to have reversed his opinions). It also showcases that Misha is intelligent and well-spoken (when he wants to be, lol). And he's never even been in a fist-fight, awww! My favorite line from the writer: The American actor with the handsome face of a young Robert Redford . Misha spouse, y/y?

6. I've Got Legs. Do You Like Bread? by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins and Michael Rosenbaum)

Thanks to this author, I discovered a renewed love for RPS...of the strangest kind. I can't really get into the Misha/Jensen or Misha/Jared fics for some reason (because I like J2 together? because no one ever addresses #1 in the fics I read? IDK.). But the author's writing and characterization really got me excited for this pairing: Misha and Michael Rosenbaum. That's right, Rosenbaum of Smallville. Yeah, plays Lex Luthor? Michael is such a dork in RL that he seems a perfect match for Misha. This fic is kid!Mike and kid!Misha and it's totally PG and utterly ADORKABLE. THEY'RE BESTIES. It's an RPS AU. (Jensen and Jared are girls. Brilliant!) Seriously, even if you're not a RPSer (as in you don't like the idea of two real people kissing who aren't together) it's adorable. GO READ.

7. The Baum is the Key (and the Rosen) by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins/Michael Rosenbaum)

Pure, unadulterated RPS/SPN CRACK. But it's brilliant. Really good crack is hard to pull off, but this author can make you WTF, spit Coke through your nose, and go awww all within sentences of each other. The characterization! Like, I don't care if it's nothing like Misha or Michael in RL. It's written so well, so fully-fleshed out, you absolutely believe it's really Misha and Mike. It helps that the author uses real Misha tweets. Because he actually is that cray-cray. Also, Misha babysits. And Tom Welling plagues everyone at CW parties with the PheTomenon.

8. Look at us we're beautiful by [ profile] zelda_zee (Misha Collins/Adam Lambert)

Not cracky at all, though the pairing may somehow make it seem so. But the situation is plausible (we all know Misha has been to Burning Man) and the way the author writes Misha is fascinating. The story itself is smoking (heh, pun not intended) and incredibly sexy. PWP, but we all love a little porn, right? The image of the two of them together...they'd be gorgeous.
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I have no idea what the point was behind this ultimate fight but...Misha's facial expressions are adorable as always.

Jared really has a thing for Misha's...lower torso area, doesn't he? LOL. I feel like all the stories are about Jared grabbing Misha's ass or as in this one, playing footsie with his crotch.

"Clearly, not gay enough for the French." (Ok, the first half is just kind of silly and Misha rambles before getting to the point, but it's totally worth it.)

And why is there even less stuff from the Paris con than there was from the Germany con? I haven't seen a single Q&A transcript. *pouts*
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Alright, I said I'd found a few vids that were gems, right? Well, here you go.

1. "Drinking With Misha"

What I love about this vid is how firstly, HE'S WEARING THE STONEHENGE OUTFIT. I think this was done the same day as the TV Guide interview? Otherwise, boy needs to stop playing chicken with his car and start spending more money on his wardrobe because he should know by now we pay attention to these I love how the interviewer flirts with him: "I'm a desperate girl..." LOL! Also, Misha's drinking. AGAIN. And they talk about Misha's chasteness. Plus, Misha says "BDSM". There's this awesome awkwardness that shines in Misha's eyes when the interview brings up Dean/Cas. But it's hilarious.

More Misha Goodness )
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  • I want her sunglasses
  • Love the outfits
  • Probably my favorite vid of hers in a long time (I was so disappointed in Radar)
  • Not a fan of the bridge, though
  • HOT!
  • #1's book anyone? Anyone? UNF.
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Supernatural Stuff

1. Quarters, Sharing is Caring, and Heaven or Las Vegas by [ profile] trinityofone are all part of an AU verse in which Ruby is snarky demon but still ends up being the friend to an angel, Castiel discovers a little bit more about being human, and there's the hunt, the Impala, arguments, and sex. Dean/Castiel and Sam/Ruby.

2. Lend a Hand and Lift Me by [ profile] xgreyfeather

In which Anna gently matchmakes (more or less, she opens Castiel's eyes), Dean has his usual problems of believing he's worth anything, and the two fix each other. There's sex, and yet it's still lovely. Dean/Castiel

3. The Consequences of Falling by [ profile] pandarus

Ok, I can say I have a few quibbles with some characterization, but as a whole this fic is outstanding. Castiel makes the transition from angel to human when he decides to save the boys lives and who is there to pick him up? Ruby, of course. This is one of the best Ruby characterizations ever. You'll definitely like her more than Kripke's (mainly because the S4 finale isn't in here). And she gets what she deserves at one point. Oh, also? There's an offering of Castiel as a virgin. Very funny, very sexy, with some nice angel!angst and Dean!angst. Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby.

4. Have Faith by [ profile] gembat

A brilliant, lovely, unique piece of digital Castiel/Dean art. Take a look. NSFW.

5. Till We Have Faces by an unrevealed author (part of a secret fic thing at [ profile] deancastiel).

The apocalypse is over and Dean has been granted a gift to see Castiel's true form. There's a wonderful OC in this short story and Dean and Castiel break my heart in all the good ways. But it's not just about them, either. My favorite line of the whole piece is a little comment Dean makes to John Winchester. Dean/Castiel.

Star Trek Stuff

1. Interview with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

Chris to Zach: That's your morning voice? That's a great morning voice.

They also totally fight over vocabulary. Dorks! ♥

2. Dancehall Drug by [ profile] anythingever

An intensely hot and hilarious Zach/Chris RPF. Seriously. Hilarious as fuck. In which Chris somehow fits into Zach's pants, and there is hot, HOT sex (just, not quite with each other).

3. Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) by [ profile] roga

A very funny remixed fic featuring John Sheppard as "the new guy" at Starfleet Academy. Have you heard of anything as absurd as Kirk trying to outdo the master of cool? Kirk has to learn his lesson the hard when he tries to out seduce the next big spacewhore. John Sheppard/Jim Kirk, SGA/Star Trek crossover. I want this pairing like ALL THE TIME now.

4. I'm On A Ship by [ profile] sparkly_stuff (and other fans)

Ok, I'm actually sad the creator changed the format of the post, because the song used to start automatically. So, in my opinion, for full effect, scroll down to the youtube vid at the bottom of the post (without reading the stuff in between!!) and start it, the scroll up to the top and follow the picspam down. Then reexamine the gif at the top and check out the other youtube vid another fan made singing the lyrics to clips from the movie. This whole post is made of EPIC WIN. Genius, seriously.

5. However Improbable by [ profile] tabled

This is one of the funniest fics I've read in the new Trek fandom. The author's McCoy is just PERFECT. One-sided Spock/Kirk.


DNA's Hottest Men of 2009

Gratuitous sexiness. And several boys my flist will recognize.
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So, I have finally found the true purpose of YouTube. No, it's not for those fanvids (well, of a different type, I mean), and it's not for the Director's Cut of SPN the CW website refuses to play for me anymore. Nope, it's not even for watching stupid people do stupid tricks, quite often with their stupid animals, too.

The internet may be for porn...

...But Youtube is for Star Trek humour. No appreciation of Star Trek required within (it might even be better if you don't). Some for Monty Python will help, though.

I'm not dead yet! )


Nov. 12th, 2007 04:17 pm
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OMG I am just dying over all the ChicagoCon stuff! I am so jealous of all you people who get to go to these things. Jared and Jensen FTW!!

And uh, in one of the many video clips I've watched (this one by the wonderful [ profile] _sin_attract)they mention something about Charlie the Unicorn? And now, I've heard this in fandom before, but never really paid attention. And then i was crusing YouTube for more of the Con stuff and found this:

OMG. I feel like I'm on crack now. It's hilarious. And cracky. And slightly insane. I can only imagine the looks on their faces as they watch this. My fandom is cracked out. Holy shit. *evil!Sam laugh*
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1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten fifteen results.

1. Political Aide
2. Critic
3. Writer
4. Public Policy Analyst
5. Corporate / Commercial Lawyer
6. Insurance Claims Adjuster
7. Venture Capitalist
8. Print Journalist
9. Management Consultant
10. Economic Development Officer
11. Communications Specialist
12. Researcher
13. Civil Litigator
14. Lawyer
15. Event Planner

So what do you all think? Agree or not? lol

Supernatural Stuff )

Stargate: Atlantis Recs NOT TO BE MISSED! )
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*sighs happily* Oh, soda, you are so sweet.

I've been over a week without my favorite kind and I was kind of going into withdrawal. Fortunately, I was able to get some today.

Ok, moving on.

I'm all a glow waiting for tomorrow night's two-hour season finale of 24. Holy crap!!

I got a plot bunny for a SG1 fic. It will have to sit on the back burner, however. I swear to God...I will finish my two SPN WIPs and [ profile] sgabigbang this summer if it kills me.

I did finish my big SGA fic I've been working on. It clocks in at 21,000+ words. It only took me a week. Jeesh, you'd think I could write faster than that. :-P But now, onto the next project.
ETA: It seems I need a beta, too. [ profile] sga_beta kind of failed me. It's not like the Supernatural beta community at all. It's a monstrocity of a fic, I know, but I will do pretty much whatever you ask of me if you help. It's got slash UST and very non-explicit het. Anyone willing to take me on? Please? *looks at you all with Puss-in-Boots eyes*

Made my friends cut. My flist is now much more manageable. All those comms I hadn't been to in FOREVER. And everyone who left a comment, of course you're still friended. I ♥ you all.

BTW...what's up with the message thing on LJ? It irritates me to be told twice about a comment. And if I delete the message, does it it delete the comment?

Thank God They Don't Mention Minnesota. I friggin' hate those things. *shivers*

And one more thing. Another AMAZING vid by [ profile] lim. It's McShep and it's adorable and so wonderfully crafted. My Brilliant Idea
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My Plans:
1. Watch season 8 of SG1
2. Write 20,000 words of my [ profile] sgabigbang fic
3. Write the SGA AU I have in my head
4. Read at least one book and one play
5. Sit outside in the sun and relax!!

Things of Interest:
1. A new kind of TV--all web-based. Sanctuary is the first of its kind. It has a Supernatural/Underworld/Dark Angel feel to it and stars Amanda Tapping with a million different wigs, and is created by quite a few Stargate alums. Cruise the website for an extended preview or for general info and check out [ profile] sanctuaryforall for updates. Series premiere May 14th.

Sanctuary Trailer

2. NASA PR: Battlestar Galactica Style. I'm not kidding.

Love In An Elevator (or, How to Seduce Your Scientist in a Transporter) by [ profile] 30toseoul and the vidTrailer made by [ profile] chinawolf to go with it.

A few more music pieces I'm hoping you all have.
1. Life Is A Highway--Rascal Flatts (Cars Soundtrack)
2. No Sleep Tonight--The Faders

Questions, Comments, and Concerns:
1. Where is all the Stargate apoca!fic? It seems to be a ripe fandom for tons and tons of angsting end-of-times fics and yet there seems to be little to none. WTF.
2. Where can I find David Hewlett Pin caps? (Yes, the movie's terrible, but damn, I kind of have a HUGE crush on baby!Hewlett.)
3. BSG fans!! Tell me who your favorite icons makers are!

So now, I will be gone for about four days and after that I can't guarantee my internet...but I'm hoping it works, because I will die going two weeks without it.

And finally, to all Supernatural fans, Happy First-Part-of-Season-Finale Day!!
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So, I was able to cross off something on my to do list as I got through all of my Heroes eps. And wow. Just...WOW.


I really loved the stand-off at Claire's house, HRG giving himself up. I've felt for some time he wasn't as bad as he seemed and sure enough...He is a little "morally gray" but that's what makes him such an interesting character.

Hiro and Nathan. I cannot say enough just how adorable they are together. Nathan ttoally lets himself open up and just relax when he sees Hiro. And how excited Hiro gets. And Hiro and Ando as well. They are the perfect Batman and Robin team.

A lot of people were talking about Claude and Peter. I did like their interactions. It was nice to see someone actually beat Peter up over his emo-ness. I hope we'll see him again.

Peter and Nathan. As ever, could they stand closer together or touch more? Good Lord, boys. ♥

Mohinder and Sylar. For real. Both creepy and kind of hott. I figured Mohinder would figure out soon enough but OMG that last bit when Peter went to his home...(anyone have SPN flashbacks? Minus the white nightgown?)

Sylar. Seriously, the guy who plays him? Genius. What an incredible actor. He gets into every role and makes it different from Sylar, but still keeps Sylar's creepiness. It's amazingly well-acted.

And Claire with the Haitian and Mother Petrelli. OMG, I can't wait to see how that works out.


I thought the ep was a bit boring tonight until the very end. I wasn't surprised by Mrs. Logan's home situation.

Spoilery poll )

More Recs:
Joe Flanigan in the Hotseat: I have no clue just how old this is (but I'd say mid 90's based on the HAIR), but it's while Joe's on Sisters, some old NBC show. Anyway, the point is not even who the actor is, or the show...but just how embarrassed an actor can get in an interview. Seriously, I never feel bad for actors, but poor Joe is entirely outnumbered. He's got his girlfriend (now wife), and her parents, and the interviewer. He even falls off his chair at one point. It's adorable.

David Hewlett: Ok, so this actor? Yeah, he's hilarious. I rarely find actors in interviews or Q&A's to get anything more than a chuckle from me, but David just cracked me up in this.

Atlantis Royale: You don't have to be just a SGA fan to like this. It's a great little music vid designed to make SGA gone Bond. Quite good. The clips work really well.

A Dog's Breakfast--The Trailer: Seriously, EVERYONE must watch this. It's David Hewlett's upcoming indie comedy and it looks freaking hilarious. I mean when the first scene of a trailer is a man covering up himself with only a rubber ducky? That's classic.

A Dog's Breakfast Q&A with David Hewlett: It also includes Jane, his producer (and I'm assuming wife?) and they have several amusing things to say about the movie and DH. Just how is David "so awesome"?

A Sneak Peak at A Dog's Breakfast: OMG if you think the trailer is good--this is hilarious!! His sister in the movie is played by DH's real sister and the show they're watching is a totally mockery of Stargate: Atlantis, using real SGA actors (and I love that "Teyla" is dressed up as Vala from SG-1!). This movie is definitely going to be worth seeing.


Feb. 27th, 2007 07:48 pm
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My new favorite comm ever is [ profile] stargateficrec. It's given me tons of amazing stories. This one was actually courtesy of [ profile] crack_van, but really. Obsessed. *G*

This is a fic and the accompanying fanvid made for the fic.

The vid: This Is How It Works by [ profile] lim It is SGA McShep, BUT, do not let that stop you if you like fanvids at all. I rarely like vids (the last one I did was a wonderful one by [ profile] _heckyes05 over a year ago), but this one is AMAZING. It's incredibly artistic and the music is perfect, the design and clips so well put together. I've already watched it three times in the past two days. FYI: the numbers flashing throughout it are, I believe, all prime and it's a joke in SGA.

Her website is here: SGA vis by lim. I haven't watched any others yet, but I will be soon, and I imagine they'll all be wonderful.

The fic: Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose by [ profile] synecdochic is an amazing piece of fanfic. If you haven't figured out yet, McKay is my favorite character on SGA. This fic is my perfect McKay. It's years after the show and he's back on Earth, and out of the SGC. He's still the Rodney we all know and love, but he's stronger and sharper, smarter in a world-wise way. The story telling is beautiful, full of words that blend to form a perfect, lovely, and sad image in your head. It is McShep, but it's very unobtrusive (for those of you who don't do McShep). It's a fic about getting ready for what's to come, and Rodney's own journey to happiness back on Earth and away from what he's loved and what he's lost. HIGHLY recommended.

PS--Anyone willing to beta 8000+ words of SGA het/pre-slash?
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MUCH better than last week. I figured that the...familial, situation was really the way it ended up being. It was too easy otherwise. And OMG what about that ending?! Hardcore.

Jack PWNS me.

Studio 60:

And they just keep getting better. More of the AMAZING Danny/Jordan. Loved Jack and Kim's father ("Why do you do it?" "It's fun." Ahahaha!!). I liked Jack with Kim (No, not like that, I mean the little convo they had. Poor guy.). Matt and Harriet=WHOA. Tom+Lucy=so damn cute.

But the best. The best was Tomothy Busfield and his animals. OMG I was laughing so hard.

My favorite line (concerning the snake, ferret, and coyote):
"Yote made his debut in The X-Files. Been doing this ever since."

Dear Aaron,


Your biggest fan,


Now, due to 24, I managed to catch the last, not shitting you, 30 seconds. And here's what I have to say:


And now, I found this wonderful youtube link via another Heroes fan and I had to share. If you're a heroes or Sam fan (not directly related, but you will laugh and understand why I'm suggesting it to you) you must not walk, or just click. You must RUN to this video.

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