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I just have to share this vid. Katy Perry: who knew she'd write a song fit for D/C? Maybe not work safe, some kissing.

My favorite part is what happens on "alien" because six years later, that is still my absolute favorite moment of the entire show. Skin, why so good?

Yes, I am procrastinating more. But not so much that I have time to rewatch and write a review of the premiere yet. I have to write a paper and skimread a 400 page book tonight if I want to stay on top of my homework. Sigh.
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if we never meet again by [ profile] blaskjar (gen)

This is a lovely 5x22 fic that has a quiet sadness to it, but ends with hope. Castiel's appearance and thoughts are particularly poignant.

Tokipokey? by [ profile] mikes_grrl (Dean/Cas)

This is a quirky Dean/Cas college!AU fic that's hilarious and fun. The author combines a real world version of Castiel's oddness with his archaic lines on the show.

The Space Between by [ profile] zanzekiel (Dean/Cas)

This is just a beautiful, quiet piece. Nothing much happens, but the characterization and the conversation are lovely. And there's a truly stunning depiction of angel's love for one another.

Praise the Lord (And Pass the Ammunition) by [ profile] nekomitsu with art by [ profile] aesc (Dean/Cas)

This is a hilarious romcom fic in which Dean becomes the angel of "unfortunate people with rashes in embarrassing spots and of sorry hosts of lice" (it's like crack, but so much better!) and he and Castiel take a long UST journey to figuring out they love each other. I found it absolutely adorable and the chorus of angels including Zachariah, Michael and Raphael cracked me up. Plus Chuck's purple prose is rather priceless.

In the House of Flesh by [ profile] gabby_silang (Claire!Castiel/Dean, underage)

This is gorgeous and tragic. It's an unusual take on Castiel as well, as seen in the first few sentences, but I find it fascinating and very much indicative of how a fully angelic version of Castiel would think. I love seeing Castiel's analysis of his vessels and how Dean fights what he feels. A lovely Lolita feel.

How the Mighty Have Fallen by [ profile] valiant (Castiel/Jo)

Sexy, sexy kissing. Nothing much more, but man, is it good. I enjoy Castiel's voice in this and Bobby's appearance.

Every Word A Piece of My Heart by [ profile] smilla840 (Dean/Castiel, Dean/Jimmy)

I love the uniqueness of this fic, the way Castiel can't be around but still is, the new way Jimmy and Castiel share Jimmy's body, and the love that shines through for all three of them. Plus, the sex is incredibly hot.

Lead Me Astray by shanaqui (Castiel/Anna)

If all Castiel/Anna fic was written like this, I might have a new OTP. Stunning.

The Roles Destiny Has Chosen by [ profile] nutkin (Claire Novak/Ben Winchester)

Ok, I'm very partial to this because it was my prompt, but WOW, did the (still anonymous) author blow my mind. It's everything I wanted and more. Claire and Ben both become hunters and Ben is the closest she'll ever get to Dean. Sexy and heart-breaking. I can't praise this fic enough.

These final two recs require membership in the [ profile] blindfold_spn community, but they are WELL worth it. No need to post or anything, just join and poof! you can read these awesome fics.

Taken by [ profile] emerald_embers (Dean/Cas)

This short little fit just hit all my kinks. I LOVE smoking!Castiel and the author captures the sexiness of the interactions very well.

And you shake and you bleed while I sing my song by anonymous (Dean/War)

A unique pairing and the author makes it smokingly hot.
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He Said, She Said by [ profile] dauntdraws (implied!Wincest, girl!Sam)

There are so many things I love about this comic. First of all, the style is fantastic. The lines, the detail. Wonderful. However, the most amazing part is girl!Sam. The artist does a brilliant job of making a believable girl!Sam. You can absolutely see the resemblance to Jared in her chin, lips, and eyebrows. But it's all a little softer and the hair is absolutely fitting. The Wincest is barely hinted at so please, check this out even if it isn't your thing. It's absolutely worth it.

Nothing to do (but pick up a gun) by [ profile] aesc

[ profile] aesc never fails to impress with her artwork. This was her piece for [ profile] castielfest and it's gorgeous. I love the colors and the idea behind a humanized, but still BAMF, Castiel. (This is currently my desktop.)

Eternity Here With You by [ profile] neemeister (Dean/Cas, maybe NSFW)

This is a gorgeous piece of artwork created for one of the D/C Mini BigBang fics. What's most surprising is that the artist was a pinch-hitter. I love the colors and the ethreal quality to this picture. The lines of Dean and Cas' bodies are beautiful drawn.

Follow One Storm Upon Another by [ profile] familiardevil (Jess/Jo)

This art features a lovely manip created for a [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fic by the same name. The artist uses some lovely textures and coloring which evoke a faded kind of memory. Seriously, I love the headers.

Learning Curve by [ profile] shirozora (Dean/Cas, maybe NSFW)

This art was drawn based on a fic by [ profile] blualbino. I love how well the artist captures an incredibly sexy moment from the fic. Mmm, the tilted positions of their head and Dean's hand on Cas' hip. Lovely.

Castiel/Jo Piece by [ profile] sajiwostudios (NSFW)

The artist has a unique style of drawing that makes me think of a modern twist on graphic novels. I absolutely LOVE Cas' hair in this drawing. As well, the idea of Castiel and Jo? I've liked that since 5x10. (Sadly, I've only read two fics involving the pairing.

Kinky OT3 by [ profile] daggomus_prime (Sam/Cas/Dean, very NSFW)

UNF. That's the majority of what I have to say, but I'm also absolutely in love with the lines of the boys' bodies. Truly wonderful work!

Thing of Wings by euclase (Dean/Cas)

I love the black and white sketch-like quality to this. Castiel's wings are truly a thing of beauty. And I love the sentiment underlying this piece. The artist also has some other amazing Castiel pieces so check out their gallery. I want to frame the pieces and hang them on my wall.
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Disclaimer: Many of these fics have additional pairings, so if you're picky, please read the author's notes as I do not list all pairings.

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This post is for crossover pairings or stories that aren't Dean/Cas, Wincest, or gen.

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Bury Me by [ profile] blualbino

A lovely, unique AU where John is alive and an undertaker, making Dean the undertaker's son. The relationship between Dean and Cas is sweet and uncomplicated and God, I wish there was more. One thing I really love is the inclusion of Michael, his role, and Castiel's clear devotion to him despite the situation. The characters all have interesting relationships to each other and it's fascinating.

I Want You All To Myself by [ profile] melfice

A high school/college!AU where Cas is Dean's older BFF and the characterization is stunning, the setting beautiful. The way they come together is amazing. The only thing that could make this fic better? More of it. It ends far too soon for my taste. But at the same time, it's lovely snippet into this Dean and Castiel's world.

Of Coffee and Cellphones by [ profile] c00kie

Another AU where Dean is a composer and Castiel is the go-between him and his boss, Chuck. The only thing is, Dean's never met Castiel. He only knows his voice, that his eyes are blue, and that he might be in love with him. And then there's that strange guy in the coffee shop. I love the wit and one-liners in this fic as well as the phone conversations between Cas and Dean and it flows beautifully. And there's doodles. I love it when my boys doodle.

Sing and I Will Hear You by [ profile] oatmeal_queen

This fic is not what you think it is. To get that ~crypticness~, you'll have to read the fic. But, suffice to say, it's sweet, a unique interpretation of the classic transformation trope, and absolutely gorgeous in parts. Finding out what happened to heart broke. But there's also humor and a surprise visit from another angel.

Hell and High Water: A Ficmix by [ profile] melfice

A gorgeous ficmix with moving ficlets, great lyrics, and stunning art.

This Is Not A Test by twentysomething

I'm a huge fan of twentysomething and when I saw wee!cesters, I couldn't resist. Dean and Cas with kids? ADORABLE. It's just a little glimpse of life after the apocalypse but it's richly detailed, hilarious, and sweet. Go read and leave feedback so she writes more! ;)

Say Uncle by [ profile] vanitashaze

This is a lovely story about Castiel falling and wants and needs. Gorgeously told and sexy as hell. Plus, it's got a little extra kink of mine.

Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After by everysecondtuesday

Crackalicious, this one! But somehow, it all ends up coming off believable as well as hilarious and romantic. And did I mention hilarious? Michael and Lucifer are some of the major highlights in this fic. Ash being a sysadmin for Heaven is another. There's also a wedding and God really does love the fangirls. ;) Lots of great character pop-ins.

The Assumption of the Winchesters (Plus Bobby) by [ profile] pulaski_casimir

Dude, it's crack, but it's hilarious, happy crack, not ridiculous crack. Well, ok, sorta ridiculous. Dean and Sam (and Bobby) all go to Heaven where they party like it's 1999 always and God has a little heart-to-heart with each of them, while Dean and Cas get their happily ever after.

Across the Airwaves 1/4, Across the Airwaves 2/4, Across the Airwaves 3/4, Across the Airwaves 4/4 by [ profile] lassroyale (multiple links because of comment fic posting)

Written for the Stonehenge Apocalypse/Supernatural comment-thing meme this piece manages to evoke a sad sort of bittersweet happy. Taking place right after 5x22 with Castiel in Heaven and Sam in Hell, we see a Dean who needs a friend and finds someone who manages to remind him of both Sam and Cas. The small glimpses we get of Jacob are heart-breaking. It's a simple concept and could have been corny, but the author makes it pensive and poignant.
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Vid Recs )

4. Outbreak

This cartoon reminded me of Croatoan and the beginning of The Devil You Know. Basically, it's a riff on all zombie movies, but I kinda liken it to SPN in many ways. (Also, if you're not an XKCD connoisseur, hold the mouse over the comic to get more humor.)

5. For actor Misha Collins, playing Paul Bernardo became an unwelcome trip into his own dark side

Just an interesting article on Misha playing Paul Bernardo in Karla. It's a really interesting look into Misha's thoughts on the movie and character (especially since he seems to have reversed his opinions). It also showcases that Misha is intelligent and well-spoken (when he wants to be, lol). And he's never even been in a fist-fight, awww! My favorite line from the writer: The American actor with the handsome face of a young Robert Redford . Misha spouse, y/y?

6. I've Got Legs. Do You Like Bread? by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins and Michael Rosenbaum)

Thanks to this author, I discovered a renewed love for RPS...of the strangest kind. I can't really get into the Misha/Jensen or Misha/Jared fics for some reason (because I like J2 together? because no one ever addresses #1 in the fics I read? IDK.). But the author's writing and characterization really got me excited for this pairing: Misha and Michael Rosenbaum. That's right, Rosenbaum of Smallville. Yeah, plays Lex Luthor? Michael is such a dork in RL that he seems a perfect match for Misha. This fic is kid!Mike and kid!Misha and it's totally PG and utterly ADORKABLE. THEY'RE BESTIES. It's an RPS AU. (Jensen and Jared are girls. Brilliant!) Seriously, even if you're not a RPSer (as in you don't like the idea of two real people kissing who aren't together) it's adorable. GO READ.

7. The Baum is the Key (and the Rosen) by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins/Michael Rosenbaum)

Pure, unadulterated RPS/SPN CRACK. But it's brilliant. Really good crack is hard to pull off, but this author can make you WTF, spit Coke through your nose, and go awww all within sentences of each other. The characterization! Like, I don't care if it's nothing like Misha or Michael in RL. It's written so well, so fully-fleshed out, you absolutely believe it's really Misha and Mike. It helps that the author uses real Misha tweets. Because he actually is that cray-cray. Also, Misha babysits. And Tom Welling plagues everyone at CW parties with the PheTomenon.

8. Look at us we're beautiful by [ profile] zelda_zee (Misha Collins/Adam Lambert)

Not cracky at all, though the pairing may somehow make it seem so. But the situation is plausible (we all know Misha has been to Burning Man) and the way the author writes Misha is fascinating. The story itself is smoking (heh, pun not intended) and incredibly sexy. PWP, but we all love a little porn, right? The image of the two of them together...they'd be gorgeous.
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I have no idea what the point was behind this ultimate fight but...Misha's facial expressions are adorable as always.

Jared really has a thing for Misha's...lower torso area, doesn't he? LOL. I feel like all the stories are about Jared grabbing Misha's ass or as in this one, playing footsie with his crotch.

"Clearly, not gay enough for the French." (Ok, the first half is just kind of silly and Misha rambles before getting to the point, but it's totally worth it.)

And why is there even less stuff from the Paris con than there was from the Germany con? I haven't seen a single Q&A transcript. *pouts*
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Hello to all my new friends! *waves* Even if I knew some of you already. ;) It always seems these friending memes come right before I leave for awhile and then it's like, new friends fade into obscurity because I'm silent. *sadface* Especially since I don't often talk about myself on a personal level. I'm 24, female, a graduate student, and I go by (online) Lucy; that's about all you'll get out of me most days. So, instead, I leave my whole flist with some AWESOME recs to get through until I'm back. \O/

Dedicated to All Human Beings, Dedicated to All Angels, and Tell Me Something You'd Tell A Fool by [ profile] eggblue (Dean/Cas)

This series of short stories is very powerful and very porny. It sort of reminds me all the asexual!John Sheppard fics in that Castiel gives sex for Dean, not because he thinks he needs it. But Dean isn't willing to give up so easily on giving Castiel his own pleasure. Sure, they're PWPs basically, but so beautifully written and it gives a unique richness to Dean and Castiel's sexual relationship that isn't found in most of the porny fics out there. Also, it's a lot of wing!porn and I am really ok with that. The third story is my personal favorite.

Glory Be to God For Dappled Things by [ profile] eggblue (Dean/Cas)

More wing!porn, but God, the visuals this fic creates are stunning. There's a second part linked at the bottom.

Anointed by [ profile] eggblue (Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean)

This fic could revive my love for Wincest. It's so natural, the connection Sam and Dean have. But at the same time Dean and Castiel are so ridiculously in love it wrenches your heart. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It's just a little sad, too.

Lazarus Coming by [ profile] olympia_m (Dean/Cas)

At first glance, it seems like it's going to be total crack. Dean and Cas as porn stars, what? But, the emotions are so richly tantalizing and the backstory comes to light so slowly that it really pulls you in deep. It's a 5x4 kind of Cas who's broken and beat and addicted, but God, for all that brokenness, he and Dean and their fumbling relationship with each other and their families is lovely. And then there's Chuck. Who needs a vacation and remains hilarious while doling out pretty good advice and being a good friend.

Asunder by [ profile] rageprufrock (Dean/Cas, Sam/Ruby)

Another AU, this one tells the story of social worker!Dean and pediatrician!Castiel. The roles work surprisingly well (though, this is not at all surprising when you consider the author). Dean invites Castiel to his brother's wedding because he's had a crush on the man for years but mainly because he needs some sort of shield considering he he despises Ruby and the stuff she did to Sam. It's a story of forgiveness and realization and it's so beautiful. It's romantic and sweet and sad and delivers some truly amazing lines. The scene where Castiel talks about his I was blown away by the emotions.

Pomegranate Seeds by [ profile] elaeazeph (Dean/Cas)

This is a beautiful, terrfying tale of post-apocalypse Earth where Castiel searches out Dean and reminds him every day of who he is until the demons tear them apart. Seriously, words cannot describe the beautiful hurt of this story.

Older, Too by [ profile] evalens (Dean/Cas/Sam)

I've read quite a few OT3 fics now, but this one...this one sells me on the trio. It's different. The sparse style is lovely and truly adds to the ambiance of the fic; the lost feeling, the sadness, the hope and love. The interaction between Dean and Cas is wonderful and in character. And the emotions...gorgeous. I don't want to say that Sam doesn't matter in this fic, because that's not true. Dean makes it very clear he does when he asks Cas if he can come to love Sam, too. But the raw love and tenderness, the desire between Dean and Cas breaks me every time.

And the Angels Sang a Chorus of "Going Down, Going Down, Going Down Now" by [ profile] ignipes (gen)

This gem of a fic is hilarious and God, just what I want after the finale, written long before. It's all about Dean and Castiel's friendship. But also, Cas cheats at Scrabble. PRESH. Plus, it has my new favorite saying. See if you can guess.

This Story Was Brought To You By Our Sponsors by Annie D (Dean/Cas, others)

This fic is the closest I will ever get to mpreg. That is, it's one of those awesome fics where magically (and not involving anatomy beyond the sex) the two male characters have a kid together. Only, while this is a happy story, it certainly doesn't start out that way. Dean never even knew he had a son until Anna kidnaps him so Dean can meet him. Daniel is an abomination so Castiel has been hiding from Heaven and everyone else. But a lot happens in five years and both angel and man have grown up and grown apart. God, I love this story so much. It's sad, it's realistic, it's happy and wonderful. It makes me heart ache because I'm all about the Dean/Cas OTP, but really, Sam will always come first for Dean and in this story their son will always come first for Cas. But it's right. And it doesn't mean Dean and Cas aren't meant to be.

(I hope Misha doesn't do anything too exciting while I'm gone! I like to be around for the squee.)
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Alright, I said I'd found a few vids that were gems, right? Well, here you go.

1. "Drinking With Misha"

What I love about this vid is how firstly, HE'S WEARING THE STONEHENGE OUTFIT. I think this was done the same day as the TV Guide interview? Otherwise, boy needs to stop playing chicken with his car and start spending more money on his wardrobe because he should know by now we pay attention to these I love how the interviewer flirts with him: "I'm a desperate girl..." LOL! Also, Misha's drinking. AGAIN. And they talk about Misha's chasteness. Plus, Misha says "BDSM". There's this awesome awkwardness that shines in Misha's eyes when the interview brings up Dean/Cas. But it's hilarious.

More Misha Goodness )
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I wish my friends would let me in on the plans a little sooner. Like, I was informed as they were going out the door. Sorry guys but I haven't showered since yesterday and would need some make up because my face currently hates me. So, no, 10pm is not going to do it for me. Sigh. I just going to drink by myself then. *sings* Allllll by myselfffff, don't wanna be...! J/K. (I promise, I'm not drunk. Merely bored and thus a little loopy. I'm actually excited about starting my job this week.)

Here, have some awesome vids.

1. Someone linked to this in the [ profile] ontd_spnparty episode post and described it saying "a fan already did this better" in reference to the Sam/Impala/flashbacks bit. Well, I did like that part of the show, but this vid is pretty amazing. And I want the song. Anyone got it?

2. I think us Dean/Castiel shippers may need to remind ourselves why we liked D/C, or maybe just affirm that yes, it did once exist. *shakes fist at Kripke* #2 especially. And #10. All the touching!

Ok, that's all I'll post for now. Misha con vids tomorrow maybe? I found some gems.

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1. So I was in Best Buy tonight and discovered they have released Dark Angel in new packaging so that a whole season is only the size of one DVD. AND, they're only $24.99. Guess what I bought? Wish I could have afforded both seasons, but for now, I have season 1 (which I preferred anyway). There has not been enough scruffy Michael Weatherly in my life since I watched this show last. (And God, Ben tears at my heart EVERY TIME.)

2. Julie McNiven (Anna of SPN and upcoming next season of SGU in what seems to be a recurring role) now has twitter. @JulieMcNiven She's not verified by Twitter yet, but has been verified by David Blue (of SGU).

3. Supernatural recs! Sadly, I don't have the full list I had before since my computer died, but I've collected a few new ones already and recalled a few I had saved from before.

I Think I Know Where You Belong by twentysomething (Dean/Cas)

I'm a huge sucker for college and high school AUs and this one is wonderful!! Definitely one of my favorite high school AUs ever. Sweet, somewhat clueless, nerdy!Cas and baseball star!Dean who live next door to each other and talk to each other by writing on pieces of paper and putting them up in their windows. Also? Best older brother Michael ever. He's hilarious, seriously.

So Sleep in the Fallout Tonight by [ profile] thevinegarworks (Dean/Cas)

This is a desperate and confused Cas and exactly how I wish the alley scene in 5x18 could have gone. The author has some truly lovely phrasing and lines in this fic. It's angsty and so them.

Good Boy by [ profile] mummyluvr314 (Dean/Cas if you squint and you tilt your head and close your left eye, it looks exactly like "President of the United States" umm, yeah, I've been watching too much West Wing, ignore me)

Oh, GOD. You think you know where this fic is going and then it yanks the rug right out from underneath you. It's tragic and you want everything to be ok, but it just can't be. A very unique angsty tale.

Folie a Deux by [ profile] thunder_nari (Dean/Cas(Jimmy), Jimmy/Amelia)

Every sci-fi show seems to have the kind of episode where it's all a dream, or the characters think it's a dream. The Real World, in Stargate: Atlantis, for example. If SPN had one of those, this would be it. It tears at your soul because you could completely believe this tale, easier than the SPN 'verse. Just, go read. It's brilliant.

Jeans by [ profile] p_m_p_m

Only the most amazing Misha manip EVER. Um, seriously. *fans self*

As We Go Along and Making it Up by [ profile] aesc

I love genderswap fic. And I love het. So combine a truly awesome, always-a-girl!Dean with the very male, human!Castiel and God, I go crazy. But more than just the amazing sex, I love how Dean and Cas are the same; they're the characters we know. And the story is sweet without being overly sappy.

Duck by [ profile] schmevil (gen)

The author calls it crack, and technically, sure. But it's so adorable and so heartfelt that I simply can't see it as crack. It's hilarious and sweet and who says God can't be a duck, hmm?

4. Help me find a fic? See above. Huge THANKS to [ profile] one_dreamery!
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Finally had time to post a few more recs.

In the Silence Afterward by [ profile] ibroketuesday

This is a lovely fic about a Dean who's lost Sam and his words (and thus, has no way to deflect emotions). But whenever he's ready to give up, Castiel is there talking for him, comforting him, and keeping him going. It's as sweet as it is heart-breaking. Takes place right after 4x22.

A Hole in the World by [ profile] bauble

I just reread this and again, it brought me to tears. Dean says yes, but suffice to say, all isn't as Michael assumed it would be. Castiel offers to aid him in understanding the vessel. Michael mocks and degrades, but maybe something of Dean still exists. Seriously, heart-breaking. There's one line uttered by Michael at the end that just causes me to burst into tears every time.

The Request by [ profile] cloudyjenn

Finally, something happy! A wonderful AU where angels are assigned tasks to aid humanity. Sam asks for an angel to help find his brother Dean his soul mate. Castiel is given this as his first assignment. Just how special of an assignment it is though, none of them recognize. Wonderful application of YED and the John and Mary backstory. It's cute, funny, action-packed, and has clueless!Dean AND Cas. N'aww.

My Eyes Are An Ocean by [ profile] entangled_now

It's brutal, sad, and amazingly well-written. I love fics where some common thing is gone, something we take for granted. Sometimes, it can have more of an impact than a death. The characterizations are amazing and the end delivers a huge sucker punch. But it's done so brilliantly.

Second Verse, Same As the First by [ profile] oatmeal_queen

A brilliant time-loop fic that demonstrates a lesson Dean and Cas both need to learn. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but this fic is amazing. Brutal, heart-wrenching, poignant, sweet, and emotionally satisfying.

Not All The Way Through by [ profile] tracy_loo_who

The fic from which the quote in my head comes from. An amazing, beautiful, tragic 5x4 fic. One of the first of those I read and still one of the best. Tracy has this way with words that puts so much more into them. So much underlying meaning, so much emotion, that it's like watching it unfold instead of reading it. This fic IS the Dean/Cas version of how they got to 5x4.

Lost my way (but haven’t forgotten my way home) by [ profile] moodymuse19

A wonderful human!Cas story. It's their life after the apocalypse; not grand or exciting, but satisfying. Slightly sad but still happy (that kind of content happy) and with a hopeful ending.

Except Thou Bless Me by [ profile] architeuthis

I admit, I like fics where Dean's a bit of a masochist. The author makes Dean's guilt and self-loathing, and codependence into something real and believable in his relationship with Cas. It also features my favorite kind of Castiel: BAMF!Cas. Where he's all mighty and smitey and this otherworldly creature who doesn't necessarily get it but he simply knows. The fic is full of some of the most amazing sex I've ever read, but it's really a characterization piece for both Dean and Cas. Seriously, if you haven't read this fic, GO NOW. Definitely in my top 5.

And...there's awesome author commentary! I especially like the beginning where he reveals the Biblical story that was sort of his inspiration for the fic.
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You were just a dream in the back of my head by [ profile] devilyouwere

The author calls this a happy ending. If so, I hide in fear of their unhappy fics, because man, this one's a doozy. It's everything you want for Dean: a family, normal, a world saved. But there's Castiel, too, and he can't forget. It's so beautiful in its execution and angst. I cried.

When All Is Said And Done by [ profile] spacemonkey_699

Crack to make up for all that angst in the last rec. This is a hilarious, romantic, awkward take on God being displeased with his children and the way they handled the apocalypse. Big brothers have some making up to do which concerns Castiel. This is one of those hilarious fics in which angels discover the internet and porn. In other words: awesome.

Right of Conquest by [ profile] luchia13

This fic is brilliant. It features a convincing and seemingly sympathetic Lucifer who manages to lead Castiel astray with promises (and ponies) only to be truly confounded by the power of love. The style and prose give it this hazy, lazy, powerful feeling. It's a love story and it's romantic as heck as well as having an actual, amazing plot. Plus, there's Tessa. Seriously, I can't recommend this one enough.

Up From Perdition by [ profile] vain_chan

A fascinating look at Castiel pulling Dean from the pit as well as Dean's devotion to Sam.

Journey's Course by [ profile] tracy_loo_who

This is...beautiful. Inspired by some lovely art (check it out in the author's header), the fic really speaks to the original art and what will be my canon. Because we know, unless Castiel becomes human, he can't just hang around the Winchesters for the next 50 years. Castiel belongs in Heaven, but he'll wait for Dean no matter what.

But Just Ourselves by [ profile] waldorph

This is a lovely fic from a 3rd person POV. Stunning, beautiful in its half glimpses at the action. Dean is many things to many people. But Death is on his side.

The Game by [ profile] zooeyrye

This one tears you to shreds. Oh, boys.

(voiceless) by [ profile] kaiyote

A unique style, a unique POV, and disturbing (sexually) with a whopper at the end. Wow. Loved the flow of this.
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Castiel in Fire by wuyemantou

I just love the colors and detail in this. It's got a very horrific feel to it, more gothic than most art. It's beautiful. If I could, I would get an actual painting of this and put it on my wall in a place of honor.

Facilis Descensus Averno by [ profile] acerbus_instar

There isn't an actual name to the piece, but this seems apt. The textures and color on this really stand out. It's simple but pops. The wings, the neck, the wrists. All delicate and all done so well.

Drunken!Cas by [ profile] sos_your_face

This was a peendance over at [ profile] mishaland (if you comment, don't forget your CAPSLOCK), but it is too damn cute for words. We know angel!Castiel doesn't get drunk, but can you resist a Castiel in pink angel wings who dreams in child drawing bubbles, and crashes on Dean? I didn't think so.

Raphael's Revenge by [ profile] reverie18

Another too-cute-for-words artwork. I want to take these little feisty angels home with me in my pocket! Not all humans are BFFs with their angels. And Lucifer has a white disco suit; Sam is not happy.

Merry Christmas by [ profile] sajiwostudios

A bit of late Christmas cheer. Sam clues Cas into Dean's ideal gift, and another angel awaits Sam. Love the anime (manga?) style!
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Ok, I have a LOT of recs saved up from the past two months or so. So tonight we're starting the Dean/Castiel Recs: Part One: AU's. Read, enjoy, leave feedback!

Thursday's Child by [ profile] strangeandcharm

If you're into D/C at all, you've probably seen or read this fic already. But it deserves to be repeated. You know how some fics within a fandom become your own personal canon? Or so popular, it's almost it's own 'verse for everyone? This is that one for me, at least. While I have had many fic I lovelovelove with this pairing, this is the one that was like a sucker punch, a good cry, and a deep longing for this fic to be canon. It's beautifully written, it hurts like hell, and it's more human than anything. And I don't just mean that because it takes place in 5x4 canon. In that sense, there are a few surprises. It'll also make you laugh (side cameos by our very own Iron Man and a few other celebs). It's long and plotty and sometimes you want to smack the boys upside the head, but it's perfect. If your heart isn't breaking for Castiel through most of this, you are colder than the Ice

Peanut-Butter Pumpkin Wedding Cake by [ profile] sparseparsley

This fic, written for the [ profile] deancastiel AU/Fusion Fic Challenge is a total comedy of errors. It's hilarious, a little angsty, and wonderful. As the reader you can't believe the two can be such idiots (and why don't they ever just ask?), but it makes for a delightful, sexy romp. If you like romantic comedies, this is your fix. And even if you don't, the characters are spot on and it's too funny to pass up.

Dean and Castiel "Snow White" Manip by [ profile] hinky

It's rare for me to be really impressed by manips (well, aside from that fact that I can't do them at all myself), but this one is not only technically amazing, but it really captures a lovely feel. You can almost taste that dense moss and tree smell on your tongue. The light casts the perfect ambiance. And I like that there's no obnoxious glass case or 7 little men. Perfectly romantic.

Something Like A Broken Heart by [ profile] rhymephile

Ok, I have a general distaste for anything cowboy, old west, and/or country. So it's awesome when something comes along that makes me forget all that and just enjoy the story. Dean is a Texas Ranger and Castiel is a cheap whore with a secret. There's some awesome appearances by our usual villains in this AU and as a whole, the fic works very well. Rhyme always pays attention to historical details, so you'll totally get lost (in a good way) in that.

Dream As If You'll Live Forever by [ profile] commodoresexual

This fic just blew my mind. Dean's an ex-con who was put away for an act of stupid anger and Castiel is a mute hobo. But not everything is as it seems. There's so many wonderful cameos from all our favorite characters and a lot of surprising relationships get revealed. Castiel meanwhile is an enigma wrapped in mystery (wrapped in a taco shell?lol) who is our angel through and through. The author writes his actions, gestures, and looks so well, you can immediately picture Misha acting the story out. The backstories of both dean and Castiel are heartbreaking and believable. Seriously, you've got to read this.

Side note: I am always developing new pet peeves. Here are today's. )
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Supernatural Stuff

1. Quarters, Sharing is Caring, and Heaven or Las Vegas by [ profile] trinityofone are all part of an AU verse in which Ruby is snarky demon but still ends up being the friend to an angel, Castiel discovers a little bit more about being human, and there's the hunt, the Impala, arguments, and sex. Dean/Castiel and Sam/Ruby.

2. Lend a Hand and Lift Me by [ profile] xgreyfeather

In which Anna gently matchmakes (more or less, she opens Castiel's eyes), Dean has his usual problems of believing he's worth anything, and the two fix each other. There's sex, and yet it's still lovely. Dean/Castiel

3. The Consequences of Falling by [ profile] pandarus

Ok, I can say I have a few quibbles with some characterization, but as a whole this fic is outstanding. Castiel makes the transition from angel to human when he decides to save the boys lives and who is there to pick him up? Ruby, of course. This is one of the best Ruby characterizations ever. You'll definitely like her more than Kripke's (mainly because the S4 finale isn't in here). And she gets what she deserves at one point. Oh, also? There's an offering of Castiel as a virgin. Very funny, very sexy, with some nice angel!angst and Dean!angst. Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby.

4. Have Faith by [ profile] gembat

A brilliant, lovely, unique piece of digital Castiel/Dean art. Take a look. NSFW.

5. Till We Have Faces by an unrevealed author (part of a secret fic thing at [ profile] deancastiel).

The apocalypse is over and Dean has been granted a gift to see Castiel's true form. There's a wonderful OC in this short story and Dean and Castiel break my heart in all the good ways. But it's not just about them, either. My favorite line of the whole piece is a little comment Dean makes to John Winchester. Dean/Castiel.

Star Trek Stuff

1. Interview with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

Chris to Zach: That's your morning voice? That's a great morning voice.

They also totally fight over vocabulary. Dorks! ♥

2. Dancehall Drug by [ profile] anythingever

An intensely hot and hilarious Zach/Chris RPF. Seriously. Hilarious as fuck. In which Chris somehow fits into Zach's pants, and there is hot, HOT sex (just, not quite with each other).

3. Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) by [ profile] roga

A very funny remixed fic featuring John Sheppard as "the new guy" at Starfleet Academy. Have you heard of anything as absurd as Kirk trying to outdo the master of cool? Kirk has to learn his lesson the hard when he tries to out seduce the next big spacewhore. John Sheppard/Jim Kirk, SGA/Star Trek crossover. I want this pairing like ALL THE TIME now.

4. I'm On A Ship by [ profile] sparkly_stuff (and other fans)

Ok, I'm actually sad the creator changed the format of the post, because the song used to start automatically. So, in my opinion, for full effect, scroll down to the youtube vid at the bottom of the post (without reading the stuff in between!!) and start it, the scroll up to the top and follow the picspam down. Then reexamine the gif at the top and check out the other youtube vid another fan made singing the lyrics to clips from the movie. This whole post is made of EPIC WIN. Genius, seriously.

5. However Improbable by [ profile] tabled

This is one of the funniest fics I've read in the new Trek fandom. The author's McCoy is just PERFECT. One-sided Spock/Kirk.


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