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I just finished this adorable fic and I was literally squeeing over it. This is the Atlantis I love: where marines let kids paint their nails and no one bats an eye. Also, epic, tragic love. And Favorite Uncle Jack. ♥

The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay, Plus Other Interesting Stuff by Deastar
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Sorry I haven't been around much. Life is kicking my butt as usual.

Anyway, drive by rec.

Waiting For My real Life To Begin by [ profile] toomuchplor

It's a cute, not entirely sappy, hilarious fic about middle-aged ennui on Atlantis. LOL

And some Heroes comments:

I don't find them spoilery, they're vague comments, but take that as you will )

And finally, anyone got some really funny pictures, stories, fics, something? I've been really down lately and could use a good laugh.

Grab bag!!

Dec. 7th, 2008 09:46 pm
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It's been awhile since I've posted any recs; I've been saving up. Enjoy!!

SGA Comic by [ profile] gnine

So cute!!

Masters of Sci-FI, Fantasy and Horror

While it's good with geniuses like Kripke and Joss Whedon, it passes over the ultimate--Chris carter.

The Slow Rise of NCIS

It's rare to find articles on NCIS, and this article points that out. A good read and tribute.

BSG Duo Comes Out

Sexual spoilers. lol

An Angel Close By Me by [ profile] zelda_zee

The first and still best Dean/Castiel fic I've read. It's beautiful.

EW Article on New Star Trek

OMG new Trek!!!

Star Trek Trailer

Finally, the long-awaited trailer. I saw this on the big screen when I went to see Quantum of Solace. O.M.G!!
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There is little that amuses me quite so much as Daniel and Vala's bickering and Cameron's total fanboyness. Oh remix SG-1, ILU.

Also, check out [ profile] mahoni's Elements of Language, a John/Ronon emotional pornlet. The characters are spot on and it's very steamy. *fans self* It's wonderful!!
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Firstly, a very big, warm, and happy birthday to [ profile] biani! She is just a wonderful person, and a fabulous fan. Hope it's a good day, dear!!

Lucy angsts about her recent McShep OTPness )

Ok, all that aside, here are some (you guessed it) really good McShep fics/art of late.

1. Unconventional Heroism by [ profile] sardonicsmiley

An IronMan AU. Yes, you heard me right. I know, I know, after ranting about everyone's sudden squee over RDJ, I go out and join the bandwagon (of Iron Man, not RDJ which I was already on, thank you very much). But I wouldn't rec it if it wasn't great. It's witty and smart, and John is to Lois Lane as Rodney is to Superman. Yes, I had to throw that in because I've never understood how Lois didn't realize Clark=Superman. Seriously, just a pair of glasses? But seriously, this fic is great--it's wonderful to see a fic where Rodney's bravery is not in question and shines through.

2. Bar Harbor's Best with fic by [ profile] wojeleh and art by [ profile] beeej

I love boating AU's. It's an amazing piece of art that really just brings to life the fic. Such a wonderful combination together. And really, John Sheppard on a boat. Did I mention how much I love boating AU's? Go, read! *shoos*

3. A City Seems with fic by [ profile] thisissirius and art by [ profile] mortari

Let's just say, the very first SGA fic I wrote? This story is what I wanted it to be. I bow to the amazingness (yes, that's a word) of [ profile] thisissirius. A beautiful, heart-breaking tale.

4. Nevermind with fic by [ profile] aesc and art by [ profile] newkidfan

You have not seen art until you have seen this. The art and story flow one right into another and it will astound your mind. I simply can't rec this enough.

5. Of the Spotless Mind by [ profile] lunabe34

A beautiful, tragic piece that broke my heart. So moving.
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1. Water Your Dreams by [ profile] amireal and [ profile] ladycat777. McShep.

Sheppard taking a break and slinking into his richly habits. Which basically involves a yacht. And a stranger he meets in a bakery. And really. Can you pass up preppy!John? I didn't think so.

2. Objectifying Rodney/David Hewlett by [ profile] bitter_crimson.

Because there can never be too much focus on Rodney's eyes. Or arms. Shoulders. Ass. Or...where was I?

3. Vote or Be Resurrected

A wonderful look at the presidential candidates. And the strange similarities they have to certain cylons. Is Roslin the last cylon? (Seriously, a bit of genius work. Now, I don't particularily like or dislike McCain, but this person has thoroughly convinced me he's a cylon. *nods*)

4. Petraeus: Adama?

Poor General Petraeus. Always with those damn cylons!
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I am broken. Little pieces of me lying on the floor. Bawling like a baby.

If you have never read [ profile] springwoof and Leah's "Left to Fend" 'verse, you must. It will tear you apart, make you cry, put you back together...only to do it all over again. Truly, truly moving.

Left To Fend (Read first)
The Body Holographic

Don't mind me. I'll just be lying here, curled up in a ball, trying not to blubber.
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Gakked from [ profile] annella

Fanfic Writing Meme )

And while we're on the topic of fanfic...a few recs:

Zelenka's Still by [ profile] auburnnothenna (Gen)

A hilarious day and a half in the life of Atlantis which all starts with the Atlantis still being blown up, finding Ancient porn, and eventually ending with Weir singing and Bate's red polka-dotted boxers showing, forever damaging Rodney's retinas.

Aegis by [ profile] leahwoof (McShep)

A beautiful, painful story where ancient gene carriers have special abilities and John wears gloves on his hands to protect his past and keep away the things he fears.
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Well, I have absolutely nothing profound to say, so...have a mish-mash post.

NCIS (Did I mention I'm going through withdrawal?)

Meet Abby's lab. It has lots of gloves.

I ♥ my team.

Kyle XY

I just finally caught up (I guess there's two more eps of the season remaining. However, I have no clue if it's been affected by the writer's strike or not. Anyone else know? IMDB says they should be airing this week and next.). I am still in love with "Keclan". And no, I don't mean just the Kyle/Declan slash (which I probably love more than any other because they are just so darn cute!). But the name is just too adorable. Seriously, said it before, saying it again, Lori and Hillary? Total closet slashers.

And also in 2x14, Kyle and Jessi walk out of the woods and they see a cabin. Jessi asks, who lives there? My response (which I yelled out): Jack O'Neill!! LOL Had the same dock and everything that he fishes from. So now I want Kyle XY/SG1 fic.

One of these days I will write another Kyle XY fic.


Q.E.D. by [ profile] smokeringhalos/[ profile] technosage.

A lovely, bittersweet and witty short fic wherein Ianto and Martha talk about...the avant garde and Jack pouts.


Suffer Me Not To Be Seperated by [ profile] auburnnothenna

A very painful, but beautiful and romantic tale of loss and reunion, loneliness and waiting. I think part of what makes it so hard to read is that the situation is so close to what could happen in the SG universe if it hadn't been for Merlin's device. The politics are so real. And then of course add in our angsty boys's one amazing fic.

The X-Files

I have had a hard time believing it all. And then I saw WonderCon photos and the "trailer" and OMG. It's surreal and fabulous. God, I've missed my show.


Not impressed.
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ONTD does it again. For all you Torchwood and slash fans (seriously, just go read it for John's blatant comments, even if you don't care about TW), Bent (which appears to be some kind of UK gay interest magazine?) has an interview with John Barrowman. nieces and nephews have known I was gay since they were born. It's always been Uncle John and Uncle Scott and that's the way it should be. People joke, "Oh John, get off your soap box" but it is a soapbox and it's something that matters to me. It's normal, we have partners, we have sex, and we do the same, well sort of, things that men and women do. I mean, I put a willy in my mouth like a straight man's wife puts it in hers, you know what I mean?

I think I sort of love the guy, now. And I was highly amused by his comments on Americans, even as I was like, hey now...

Interview with JB (it's on about page 15 when flipping through)

Rec Time!!

1) Snapshots From a Divorce by [ profile] scribblinlenore (Shep/OFC, Shep/OMC)

So now that we've finally met John Sheppard's ex, I love this story more than ever. I keep meaning to do my Outcast post, but for now let's just say I don't hate her character. But Lenore's Dee is just...amazing. This whole fic is. And it gives me a frame of reference. Because God, I love this whole idea, the characters, the relationship, the disaster. It's beautiful and so, so painful(ly) good.

2) The Home front by [ profile] aesc

The perfect Outcast tag. I think the end of Qurantine through to Outcast is the most prime spot of the whole series (thus far) for John and Rodney to start a relationship and it plays out so perfect here. I want to smack John for his family social retardedness, but Rodney is amazingly well balanced and things don't end up so bad. Love this fic.

3) Post-Nuptial by [ profile] rageprufrock

Written for 14 Valentines (see link in story), this is a hilarious, hilarious aliens sorta of convinced them+kid!fic fic. it's adorable. I started laughing at And why do they think I’m the one ‘bearing fruit’ anyway! I’m obviously a pollinator.” and didn't stop until the end except for a few big 'awww's' in between. And when they do get it on? HOT.


Jan. 28th, 2008 03:05 pm
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So, when I originally saw a photo from Hancock, my reaction was like, ugh, please. And then I saw THE TRAILER. And OMG you have got to watch it. It's hilarious!! There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there's HANCOCK. Will Smith and that guy from Arrested Development.

In case you missed it the first time around, check out A priest, a rabbi, and an ATA user walk into a bar . . . I like to think of these as jokes the SGC tells about their sister expedition.


10,000 Pieces by [ profile] blueraccoon

This story is just beautiful. So often slash fics have the characters saying "I love you" but it feels so fake, so contrived (to me, at least). This fic doesn't have those three little words in it at all, but it's so right, and so obvious. The author truly shows how McKay and Sheppard fit. (Ok, I'll admit, the last scene is a little chick-flicky, but it's still lovely as can be.) Highly recommended!

Where the Similarities End by [ profile] alizarin_nyc

For all those Torchwood AND SGA fans. *nudges [ profile] siberian_skys* It's a rather humorous look at the two teams getting together, courtesy of none other than the IOA. Neither team is happy about it. And yet, there's a whole lot of chemistry going on. Pretty hot!


Jan. 26th, 2008 07:01 pm
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OMG, that little brat! I loved her! Seriously, I think that was me (more at 11 than 13, though) but she has thumbscrews. That little girl PWNs.

Spoilers )

A great little tag to Harmony. McShep and just adorably snarky and sweet. Just One by [ profile] sheafrotherdon
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So I just watched Galaxy Quest last night (yes, shut up, I know I'm probably really late to the party), and I DIED. Like, how spot on is most of it? The only thing missing was some crazy slashy reference. But I loved it.

And now I want to know, where is the SG1/SGA RPF Galaxy Quest AU??!

A quick rec: Not Ready by [ profile] argosy

This is a short, but perfect, tag to Quarantine. It's just so...right.
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1). Sore Loser designed by [ profile] slodwick. McShep and hockey go hand-in-hand.

2). Joe Flanigan's Hair Picspam. Even after seeing his naked chest and back, and even his nicely-shaped ass...his hair is still my favorite part.

3). Judas Doesn't Answer by [ profile] auburnnothenna. I believe I've mentioned it a few times, but I love everything I've ever read by this author. Judas features SG1 coming to visit Atlantis for reasons unknown and immediately after, there's a murder. John and Rodney struggle to find the murderer amidst rumors, who's been sleeping with whom, their own dysfunctional relationship, and the threat to Atlantis SG1 came to find. It's a dark, smart and amazing look at John, a smart Rodney, and lots of suspicion. And why is it no one ever listens to Vala? I loved this story so much. It stuck in my head for days. Days in which I couldn't read another SGA fic because they just wouldn't fit into how perfectly created this version of the characters and situation was.

Non-SGA link: Check out the The Orgasm Post. What gets you going?
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HOLY F***. So Joe fans, have you all seen his Dawson's Creek episodes? Because ok, I totally fast-forwarded through the other bits not involving him (even for Joe I will not watch DC that doesn't include him), but HIM. SEX MACHINE. Like, when he cocks his hip out or purses his lips on SGA, he's hot. Smokin', even.

But every single second he was on screen of these two eps, he just fucking oozed sex. He's a fucking fisherman looking to be a lawyer. Half naked, smirking, kissing, hands, scruff, hair...*DEAD OF TEH FLAN HOTNESS*

I don't care if she was only 16, I'd have done him at 16! Yes, yes, indeedy. Laws be damned.

To be Michelle Williams...

Seriously, that was better than most of the porn I own.

I'll be in my bunk.

ETA: Because now I want John-as-a-fisherman fics, and maybe you do, too, I want to rec Romance at the Roadkill Grill by [ profile] lamardeuse. I still want more though, just as wonderful.

*returns to bunk*
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1. Your thoughts on the Iowa winners? Are you happy, extraordinarily upset? Do you think the same people will win New Hampshire? Do you even care?

2. Does anyone know how to shut down an LJ comm? I'm the mod and I can't even find that function.

3. Anyone ever tried using LJ voice posts via computer (Skype or Vonage, etc)? What do you use as your phone number you're calling from?


1. Slash: Adult by [ profile] solvent90. A little jewel from Yuletide in The History Boys fandom. It's a little thought about pairing, Dakin/Scripps, that just has this sense of rightness to it. To understand the fic all you need to know is the two are old school mates who attend Oxford.

2. Slash: Each Man in His Life Plays Many Parts by [ profile] duckgirlie. Another Yuletide The History Boys fic, featuring Irwin. It's a wonderful character development showing up sides of Irwin we never get to see in the movie/play. In this case all you need to know is Irwin is (one of) the boys' teacher.

3. Slash: The Dark Side by [ profile] astolat. A funny AU of McKay and Sheppard in the world of Star Wars. It's adorable and sweet with an edgy John that just excites me though I have a distinct distaste for SW, normally. So if you like SW, even better!

4. Het (gasp!): Intercostal Clavicle by [ profile] auburnnothenna. First off, I love pretty much everything written by Auburn, so how could I refuse this one? Written for the John/Vala Thing-a-Thon, she manages to get crazy humor, a talking cat, McKay/Sheppard friendship, and a circus all in one, making it your average day at the SGC. And the image of Vala and John is just such a pretty one...
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1). Anyone who's a fan of Alex Krycek needs to check out the Alex Krycek 12 Days of Christmas calender thing. Lots of great new artwork! Plus some fics and recs.

2). A humorous romp in which John and Rodney Save Christmas over at [ profile] sga_santa. Too funny! Just the right kind of Christmas cheer I was looking for from SGA this year.


1). A hilarious 5 Things fic in which Someone Finds Out About John and Rodney by [ profile] bluebrocade. I dare you NOT to laugh.

2). One Piece At A Time written for [ profile] sga_santa. It has a little bit of everything. Manly building, Athosian detective work, Sheppard and a fear of babies, genderswitch, clueless!Rodney, and a very sweet ending. What more could you want?

3). MGM has this cool little thing with videos where you can add your own messages to McKay's laptop/tablet, or Sheppard's big screen TV screen. It's fun.

Porn (sort of):

A very tasty man including video via [ profile] ohnotheydidnt (NSFW). Who can resist FDNY men? That's a big ol' firehose.

And now I'm off to make lunch. And maybe do some homework reading.

PS: Still looking for a beta for my McShep fic. The fics about 14000 words long--really, it's not too bad, I swear!
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JoeM, you never fail to amuse...

Farscapefan writes: “Is there a ray of hope for Cam/Sam shippers?”

Answer: Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?

Oh, all those poor Cam/Sam shippers...well, at least they aren't actually siblings. Like us Wincest and Petrellicest fans.

I've been saving a few things on my computer. Have them as an early Christmas gift. Enjoy!!

1) SGA Sock Puppets All I have to say is...chest hair.

2) Stargate SG1 and SGA My Little Ponies Seriously, this girl is crafty! I would totally buy them like the dork I am. Apparently Michael Shanks didn't like them. Well, he's just dumb. lol (At the bottom of the page is the links to the other ponies.)

3) A Bed Too Small The tragic tale of the search for bigger beds in Atlantis. And how did Teyla get one bigger than the rest?

Merry Christmas Eve (in some parts of the world, I suppose)!
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To start, I am so grateful I don't have to wait six months this year. Granted, I didn't last year either because I came in late and it had already all aired in Canada and thus dls, but still. So not the point. According to JoeM, we'll be back in January and with the strike still going on, this makes me very happy. Because my usual January TV won't be on. No BSG and no 24. *rips out hair*

Also, before my recap, I have to say about ten minutes in, I was like, I've read this in a fanfic. And the funny thing? As it went on and on, it was more and more like this story. Sure, not the exact plotline, but the premise? Seriously, JoeM is lying when he says he doesn't read fanfic. ;-) Anyway, The Experiment by [ profile] lunasky.

What dreams may come, When we have shufflel'd off this mortal coil, Must give us pause. )

Till January!

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