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So, awhile back, Syfy aired a miniseries called Alice which was based off of Alice in Wonderland. While I wasn't too impressed with the majority of the acting or reinterpretation (I liked Tin Man better,) I was pleasantly surprised where they went romantically. It gave me Alice and Hatter. And it was so damn cute, I couldn't resist seeking out a tiny bit of the fandom. So for those of you who haven't seen the show or who have and want to revel in the adorableness of Alice/Hatter, I present to you a few recs.

An Alice and Hatter Picspam created by [ profile] dictums

An awesome 3 part picspam. Includes some iconic quotes. How can you resist Mad Hatter sexhair? Or Hatter's silly faces? Answer: you can't!

Alice and Hatter Picspam created by [ profile] anne_elli0t

Small in size (only one part!) but still full of awesome quotes and a lot of Alice and Hatter adorableness.

Foam by [ profile] alittleoddish

A sweet AU that fits the characters perfectly in a world where there's a little less wonder, but just as much hat awesomeness, plus coffee. Accessible for those who haven't seen the miniseries but are curious about the ship.

A Michael Weatherly Picspam created by [ profile] kaaatie

The many faces and handsome sides of Michael Weatherly. YUM.

When I Have Been A Memory by templemarker (The History Boys, Scripps/Posner)

This is a lovely fic that really captures the feel of The History Boys setting. It's a little sad and a little happy and altogether wonderful.

Now, I don't read online original fiction. I tend to leave my fiction to books and my fanfic to the internets and never the twain shall meet. That is, until I came across this little gem. Honestly, I started reading because I was in the mood for porn and I've always enjoyed the author. And then I was utterly swept away into their 'verse which is stunningly rich in detail and unafraid in any sense. Seriously, you have got to check this out and let the author know what you think. If you don't look at a single other one of these recs, do look at this one.

King's Day by [ profile] ellipsisblack (Original Fiction)

It isn’t safe to be a halfblood on King’s Day.

Thanks for checking out this edition of recs! I have more Dean/Cas to get to as well.
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Quick rec first (also, two posts in one day!). If you haven't heard of Tricia Helfer's (Battlestar Galactica) movie, Walk All Over Me, well, now you have. And I highly recommend it. I was nervous at first due to the subject matter (dominatrix) and the violence at the beginning, but despite some continued violence, it's actually a hilarious movie. Great lines include, "I've never seen a man so scared of male nudity in my life." A bunch of general humor that isn't campy like American Pie, but just fun. And Tricia, as always, is just gorgeous. Check it out!!

And secondly, a bit of post school-is-over-hooray! fic.

Title: Spring Cleaning
Author: MF Luder
Keywords: gen, humor
Rating: G
Spoilers: Nada
Disclaimer: They belong to SciFi Channel and various producers.
Archive: My LJ, Wraithbait, anywhere else, let me know.
Summary: Sam's had enough of the power bar wrappers on the floor.
Author's Notes: A bit of silliness inspired by this thread. Unbetaed. Because I am lazy. Feel free to tell me if I've messed up my tenses.

Spring Cleaning )
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1. Water Your Dreams by [ profile] amireal and [ profile] ladycat777. McShep.

Sheppard taking a break and slinking into his richly habits. Which basically involves a yacht. And a stranger he meets in a bakery. And really. Can you pass up preppy!John? I didn't think so.

2. Objectifying Rodney/David Hewlett by [ profile] bitter_crimson.

Because there can never be too much focus on Rodney's eyes. Or arms. Shoulders. Ass. Or...where was I?

3. Vote or Be Resurrected

A wonderful look at the presidential candidates. And the strange similarities they have to certain cylons. Is Roslin the last cylon? (Seriously, a bit of genius work. Now, I don't particularily like or dislike McCain, but this person has thoroughly convinced me he's a cylon. *nods*)

4. Petraeus: Adama?

Poor General Petraeus. Always with those damn cylons!
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1). Anyone who's a fan of Alex Krycek needs to check out the Alex Krycek 12 Days of Christmas calender thing. Lots of great new artwork! Plus some fics and recs.

2). A humorous romp in which John and Rodney Save Christmas over at [ profile] sga_santa. Too funny! Just the right kind of Christmas cheer I was looking for from SGA this year.


1). A hilarious 5 Things fic in which Someone Finds Out About John and Rodney by [ profile] bluebrocade. I dare you NOT to laugh.

2). One Piece At A Time written for [ profile] sga_santa. It has a little bit of everything. Manly building, Athosian detective work, Sheppard and a fear of babies, genderswitch, clueless!Rodney, and a very sweet ending. What more could you want?

3). MGM has this cool little thing with videos where you can add your own messages to McKay's laptop/tablet, or Sheppard's big screen TV screen. It's fun.

Porn (sort of):

A very tasty man including video via [ profile] ohnotheydidnt (NSFW). Who can resist FDNY men? That's a big ol' firehose.

And now I'm off to make lunch. And maybe do some homework reading.

PS: Still looking for a beta for my McShep fic. The fics about 14000 words long--really, it's not too bad, I swear!
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So, I have finally found the true purpose of YouTube. No, it's not for those fanvids (well, of a different type, I mean), and it's not for the Director's Cut of SPN the CW website refuses to play for me anymore. Nope, it's not even for watching stupid people do stupid tricks, quite often with their stupid animals, too.

The internet may be for porn...

...But Youtube is for Star Trek humour. No appreciation of Star Trek required within (it might even be better if you don't). Some for Monty Python will help, though.

I'm not dead yet! )
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1). More Sex Talk

Frankly, I don't know what to think about this article. Jail seems too much, indeed. I don't think 13 year-olds having sex with each other (consensual) need to go to juvie. I think they need better sex ed. At the same time, there's always the issue of judgement and do-they-know-enough-for-it-to-be-consensual. Also, where does one make the age cut? 17 and fifteen, ok. 14 and 14, ok. But what about 17 and 13? You can't say no crime as long as both are under 18. But you can't say 2 years. Is there some kind of magic transition that happens if the kids are 12 and 14? What about 14 and 16? Kids are always going to have sex. Can we really jail them for that? Or should we simply do our best to teach them?

Critics decry states’ teen sex laws

2). Marriage? Maybe. Living Together? No way.

These people are sheer geniuses. As long as kids know they're loved and see both parents, is it a crime? So it's a little unusual. So is two dads or two moms. So is being raised solely by Grandma. Unusual is normal and beautiful!!

For some couples, distance is key to closeness

3). SG-1 Macro.

And those of you in bandom or who have a love and/or hate relationship with boy bands will cry at it's hilarity. Poor Cliff Simon...

Goa'uld...or Boy Band Singer?

4). Fetish...For Shoes.

I love shoes. I love artistic pornsensualness. So this? Was quite a treat. Not very work safe.

My favs have to be the black, high-heeled psuedo point shoes.

Fetish, by Louboutin and Lynch
Full slide show here: One of the photos was deleted from the original post.

5). Incest and Fandom Poll

No, you don't have to be into incest fics to take part! Nor do you NOT have to be. Take part in a little poll, and write some comments.

Poll: Do real life siblings make fictional sibling incest pairings less interesting?
My own comment(s)/meta to the poll

6). Heroes and the WGA Strike

I keep trying to tell myself this is just TV. It's not my life and livelihood at stake, here. And yet, if this rumor is true? I will be very upset. The shows are rarely as good after the creator leaves. Just look at West Wing. In addition, it seems this season of Heroes will only last until Dec 11th.

Kring To Give The Fuck Up On NBC Pigmasters?

Ok, in honor of the fact that I like to gather random links and post them all at one time instead of each individually (in hopes people will actually pay attention rather than going 'OMG Lucy is posting AGAIN'), I have decided to give these posts a tag. Thus: grab bag.


Oct. 26th, 2007 10:07 pm
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1). Bionic Woman this week rocked.

Seriously, she's like the female Jack Bauer. I mean, granted he does it without the aid of technology implants, but still. She's pretty damn cool. And the TA's HOTT. And Nathan? So funny.

2). Speaking of 24...

There WERE some amazing promos available on YouTube but FOX is apparently on the ball and catches them within a day. *shakes fist* But if any of you have seen The Sentinel with Kiefer Sutherland and Michael Douglas, it's going to be that...only 20 times better because a) no Eva Longoria and b) faster paced because it's frakking 24.

3). Of frakking...

BSG is not set to come out until APRIL 2008. What is that shit? And want to bet they give us some crap break like they did for SG1 and SGA? *hates on Sci Fi Channel*

4). If you live in the UK...

You can get Battlestar Galactica Season 3, already. NOT FAIR!

5). Well, Sci Fi got one thing right.

Season 5 of SG: Atlantis is a GO, for those of you living under a rock. In Afghanistan. Probably hanging out in the caves with You Know Who.

6). McKay

How funny is this action figure? Seriously, does not look like Hewlett AT ALL. LOL

7). More Action figure humor.


Blue Light Special: Two for One!!

8). SEX.

Now that I have your attention...

If a condom is typically 85% effective in stopping pregnancies, how is it nearly 100% effective in stopping the spread of AIDs?

However, this article has both good points, and clarifies some REALLY DUMB myths about sex (I know you don't all need this info, but like I said, good article).

What teens don't know about contraceptives could hurt them.


So umm, I found a funny *cough* little blog.

Gay Porn For Girls

*sets flist free to explore*

8). Of Star Trek (Yes, you read that right.)

Most of you know, I'm not a fan of the biggest sci-fi show ever, and the first slash pairing. But after watching this video, I just might change my mind...I never knew!! Half naked in a (presumably alien) jail. Plus, Shatner wears embroidery. And his pain face is WAY too similar to an 'O' face for it to be coincidence. LOL

ETA: 9). Harry Potter

David Thewlis (Professor Lupin) weighs in on Dumbledore being gay. Hah!! Fanfic ♥
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Ever have one of those night where every dream is a bad one? I had one of those. Ick.

But. More previews for Californication (David Duchovny). Wow, is all I have to say. Well, just watch.

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These two movies...look pretty darn good. Especially Sunshine. Liek whoa.

The Invasion (The Forgotten meets X-Files meets The Interpreter) With Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig (!)

Sunshine (The Core meets Armageddon meets that one episode of X-Files with Terry O'Quinn and the Mars ghost) Starring that guy from Fantastic 4
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My Plans:
1. Watch season 8 of SG1
2. Write 20,000 words of my [ profile] sgabigbang fic
3. Write the SGA AU I have in my head
4. Read at least one book and one play
5. Sit outside in the sun and relax!!

Things of Interest:
1. A new kind of TV--all web-based. Sanctuary is the first of its kind. It has a Supernatural/Underworld/Dark Angel feel to it and stars Amanda Tapping with a million different wigs, and is created by quite a few Stargate alums. Cruise the website for an extended preview or for general info and check out [ profile] sanctuaryforall for updates. Series premiere May 14th.

Sanctuary Trailer

2. NASA PR: Battlestar Galactica Style. I'm not kidding.

Love In An Elevator (or, How to Seduce Your Scientist in a Transporter) by [ profile] 30toseoul and the vidTrailer made by [ profile] chinawolf to go with it.

A few more music pieces I'm hoping you all have.
1. Life Is A Highway--Rascal Flatts (Cars Soundtrack)
2. No Sleep Tonight--The Faders

Questions, Comments, and Concerns:
1. Where is all the Stargate apoca!fic? It seems to be a ripe fandom for tons and tons of angsting end-of-times fics and yet there seems to be little to none. WTF.
2. Where can I find David Hewlett Pin caps? (Yes, the movie's terrible, but damn, I kind of have a HUGE crush on baby!Hewlett.)
3. BSG fans!! Tell me who your favorite icons makers are!

So now, I will be gone for about four days and after that I can't guarantee my internet...but I'm hoping it works, because I will die going two weeks without it.

And finally, to all Supernatural fans, Happy First-Part-of-Season-Finale Day!!
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I was tagged by the lovely [ profile] _3amconfession

Writer's Meme: Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fics favorite you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

5. Hey Jealousy [Jared/Jensen, NC-17]: It's bitter, it's angsty, it feels real to me.

4. Brothers On A Hotel Bed [Dean/Sam, PG-13]: This was a little labor of love and I like to think I was actually able to pull off the imagery that abounds in my head but doesn't typically make it onto paper.

3. Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn. [Peter/Dean, Sam/Dean, Nathan/Peter, crossover Heroes/Supernatural, apocalypse!fic, NC-17]: I love this one because it's my first apocalypse!fic I've actually gotten written wholly. I spend so much time reading them, I don't always get to writing one. I also love the comparisons in the sets of brothers, which I tried to play out.

2. Fallen Is Babylon the Great [Dean/Sam, Non-Wincest, Demon!Dean, AU, PG-13]: Brought upon by the lovely manip by [ profile] lexalot (link to manip in header), I am always a huge fan of evil!Dean, but this is actually more a walk on the magical, fantasy side of SPN than the dark side. Sam's psyche and Dean's a Hunter!demon in a broken world where there are worse evils than the Demons Hunters used to hunt. *plagarizes own summary*

1. Heaven Can Wait [Dean/Sam, NC-17]: I know, I know, I haven't been back to it in some time, but I think it's partly because this story is solid in my mind and so I'm not afraid to lose it when new ideas come. I love this one because a) I love the movie I based it off, and I like the idea of a later Sam who (I have only recently realized and I certainly didn't intend it this way, because I didn't watch SG1 then) is kind of like Daniel Jackson in that he's smart, culturally intelligent, loves the kids he teaches, and still does his job (plus that floppy hair)--and he's never been emotionally unfaithful to Dean. I like the idea of love conquering all--enough to where you can bully the archangel to put you back on earth. ;-)

So, that's my list! Though I do like my little SGA fic that's off in beta world. I don't think it would beat these though...

YouTube Recs:

Imogen Heap performing Just For Now Live: This is amazing. It's fun to see her actually handling all her sound equipment and I love that she totally gets into the music, her dancing is adorable.

Imogen Heap, music video for "Headlock": Not the kind of music video that rivets you, but it's cute and fun, and I can't help but laugh at her crazy hairstyles.

Imogen Heap music video for"Goodnight and Go": Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, anyone? While the dolls are this side of creepy, I love her dress and the way she moves is both amusing and ephemeral.

Regina Spektor music video for "Better": Not much in the way of grand plots or themes, but just a chance to listen to a good song and stare at how incredibly beautiful Regina is.

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