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Obviously, they don't look exactly alike. But there's just something about the slicked back hair that made me think of the other.

Bad hair decisions, boys. Definitely not your best day. )
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If you aren't watching this show, why the heck not? Normally, I'm not a huge fan of personal drama kinds of shows, either. There's been one or two exceptions, though. Gilmore Girls, the early seasons of The OC, Melrose Place...ok, more than some, perhaps. But in general, I don't make it a habit.

But Life UnExpected is ADORABLE. It's witty, it's funny, it's sweet. Yes, there's a lot of unnecessary drama that is obviously plot devices (because if people just actually talked, things wouldn't be so complicated), and sometimes, I get major second hand embarrassment for the characters. But that's also part of what makes it so charming.

Spoilers for the beginning of this season )

And besides, THE PRETTY. You probably already all know about my love for Kerr Smith (unless you're new; in that case, I LOVE Kerr Smith and am upset all his shows get canceled--until this one!). But there's a bunch of pretty, including the newest character, my favorite male from last year's Melrose Place, Shaun Sipos. UNNNNF.

No, seriously, you can't pass this up. )

I may have to have an actual picspam at some point, because even the girls are pretty and shiny...
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HERE, originally found HERE
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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors...Kerr Smith! He's a very attractive 38 today.


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Ok, school is over finally. I was done a few days ago but then there was all the recuperating and seeing people off as they go away for a whole month. Holy crap. I'm sure it's going to go by pretty fast, though.

And in other news, it was only the other day I realized tomorrow was my birthday. I'll be 24. Crazy.

Anyway, I come back from my hiatus bearing gifts. I know no one watches Melrose Place on my flist, but I honestly enjoy the show and it brings a new crush to my list.

Shaun Sipos. 28. Adorable. Amazing spiky hair. Pretty lips. Bright blue eyes. Chiseled jaw. Does the brooding thing very well, but has a great smile. Plays an oddly likable character, David Breck who is a bit of a bad boy and a thief but still sweet and somewhat of a romantic.

Warning: image heavy.

Enjoy the pretty. )

Too cute for words!
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There are apparently BTS pictures out there with Hayden and Milo in which Hayden has that long brown ponytail from this season's future!ep. Does anyone have these??!


(I am also cool with any pictures of Hayden and Adrian. Spam me, yoes!)

I spam yous too!! )


Feb. 10th, 2009 01:09 am
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Ok, I know I watch some weird shows. And Fringe is supposed to be "fringe" aka really weird science. But human porcupine things?? That's on par with the flukeman. Which, I never really was a fan of that ep.


See the pretty OTP! )

Mama Mia

Dec. 20th, 2008 01:57 pm
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Dominic Cooper SINGS.



Nov. 1st, 2008 05:09 pm
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Have I mentioned how INCREDIBLY HOTT Nathan is?!

Christ on a cracker...

*panties sploding*
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1. Water Your Dreams by [ profile] amireal and [ profile] ladycat777. McShep.

Sheppard taking a break and slinking into his richly habits. Which basically involves a yacht. And a stranger he meets in a bakery. And really. Can you pass up preppy!John? I didn't think so.

2. Objectifying Rodney/David Hewlett by [ profile] bitter_crimson.

Because there can never be too much focus on Rodney's eyes. Or arms. Shoulders. Ass. Or...where was I?

3. Vote or Be Resurrected

A wonderful look at the presidential candidates. And the strange similarities they have to certain cylons. Is Roslin the last cylon? (Seriously, a bit of genius work. Now, I don't particularily like or dislike McCain, but this person has thoroughly convinced me he's a cylon. *nods*)

4. Petraeus: Adama?

Poor General Petraeus. Always with those damn cylons!
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So I know a few of you watch NCIS, maybe a few of you actually participate in the fandom? It just seems to me, most of the slash is Gibbs/Ducky, Gibbs/DiNozzo, or DiNozzo/McGee.

What I want to know is...where is the Gibbs/Fornell slash?!

I mean, they're so antagonistic towards one another and competitive, but yet, they'll do favors for each other. Their conference room is an elevator turned off so that apparently, there's no sound or video surveillance. They hide out, in the dark, in Gibbs' basement drinking alcohol for which Fornell mocks Gibbs on his taste for bourbon. They both married the same woman (at different times, of course)!! I mean, in the grand scheme, I see them both as straight as they come but IF one were to slash Gibbs...

And it's not that I want to read NC-17 fic of them. That would be...weird. But I want to see them bickering with that heavy UST, and maybe with Ziva commenting on it before DiNozzo shoots her the "OMG don't go there, it's Gibbs you're talking about and he WILL shoot you, we don't talk about this, haven't you learned about DADT? Yeah, that applies to everything in Gibbs' life" look.

Tete-a-tete! )

Come on. Toughest G-men ever. As Cate said, bad and badder cop.

They're my inter-governmental agency OTP. ♥
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Ok, so you know how last month, I was dead of the HOTNESS that is Joe Flanigan from his Dawson's Creek eps?

Well, tonight, I am dead of TEH CUTENESS that is Joe Flanigan in The Other Sister. He's in the middle of his wedding ceremony, someone's throwing mints at the wedding party and he just opens his mouth and catches one. And then at the wedding dance? Oh, he's totally being a dork and dancing around in sunglasses. For utter adorakableness!!!

*giggles like a ten-year-old schoolgirl*

Photo proof of why I am dead )

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1). Sore Loser designed by [ profile] slodwick. McShep and hockey go hand-in-hand.

2). Joe Flanigan's Hair Picspam. Even after seeing his naked chest and back, and even his nicely-shaped ass...his hair is still my favorite part.

3). Judas Doesn't Answer by [ profile] auburnnothenna. I believe I've mentioned it a few times, but I love everything I've ever read by this author. Judas features SG1 coming to visit Atlantis for reasons unknown and immediately after, there's a murder. John and Rodney struggle to find the murderer amidst rumors, who's been sleeping with whom, their own dysfunctional relationship, and the threat to Atlantis SG1 came to find. It's a dark, smart and amazing look at John, a smart Rodney, and lots of suspicion. And why is it no one ever listens to Vala? I loved this story so much. It stuck in my head for days. Days in which I couldn't read another SGA fic because they just wouldn't fit into how perfectly created this version of the characters and situation was.

Non-SGA link: Check out the The Orgasm Post. What gets you going?
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An analysis of JoeM's poem about the end of S4 and concerning S5. I will say I haven't any special info beyond that seen on his blog, so my word is neither completely baseless, nor entirely correct. It's just me, guessing. Spoilers for S4, including the most current aired ep, BAMSR.

Taken directly from Joe's Post. Nothing changed, my comments are in ()'s.

Speculations... )

Well, what do YOU think?

Bonus that I think [ profile] siberian_skys will enjoy: Torchwood S2 Spoiler...but it's hot men kissing!! Frankly, I'm willing to watch the show just for this scene!
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OMG. I came across some photos from Burbank this past weekend, and I laughed my ass off at Michael Shanks. I just had to share.

Hair One
Hair Two

I can't tell if I want to cheer him and his hockey team on, or just call him a hillbilly. LOL!!!

Also, if you haven't seen Enchanted yet, GO SEE IT. It PWNs. I loved it. So funny. So cheesy. So adorable!!


Aug. 21st, 2007 04:37 pm
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OMG, The Hills is total crack. I ♥ this terribleamazing show.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Anyone else watch?
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OMG is Joe TRYING to kill me today? Let's just say, I needed that after work today.

Joe. I'm dead. You PWN.

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