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I know I have a ship type. But I REALLY have a ship type. Netflix put Person of Interest up and I foolishly (because I have so much stuff to do) began the show. I've watched 16 episodes in 2 days. Oops. And of course, I'm obsessed with Reese/Finch. As usual, the brainy snarky guy and the brawns snarky guy. Hell, I had a dream about them last night (though at one point it was about me and Harold which is kind of funny because I never saw Michael Emerson as my type but Harold's heart, genius, and socially awkward ways have won me over apparently).

I am also in love with Carter, she's AMAZING.

I've also decided the show is an original anti-hero story. Reese and Finch together are Batman (with killing). Reese is very much a S1 Arrow character (as in, saving good people, killing the bad). And since the commentary on surveillance has actually been surprisingly light (although I suppose when that's the whole context of the show, the commentary is the existence of the show itself?), I find myself drawn to it for that anti-hero pseudo-comicbook aspect. And Reese's rare smiles and snark. And Harold's quirks.

Don't get me started on drugged!Harold calling Reese his best friend's name (Nathan). I wasn't crying, I just had an eyelash in my eye! And the baby episode? They're were both surprisingly good parents (or baby sitters, at least). The exchange over the grenades was particularly married, too. Reese wanting a baby and asking "will we ever have children"?? Why yes, Mr. Reese, you and Mr. Finch will have children because I NEED IT. Adopt like 5 little girls, please!! Aunt Carter can come visit every day.

So, as usual, who's also a fan of this show? Or friends of fans? I've started consuming fic already (even knowing I could spoil myself, though I already know some generic later plot points like Root and Shaw). The one thing I've noticed with AO3 fic (so far) is no one is able to get them in character. They're admittedly hard with their quirks and silences (I'm not sure I could ever write them well), but so far, my itch has not been scratched.

Of course, I'm not entirely sure what that itch is (aside from in-character fic, generally). I want them together romantically, but I also am fully in support of an asexual!Finch. Now, this is entirely possible of course, it's just whether such fics exist (and are good). Or perhaps Finch is more sapiosexual - or maybe even more precise, sapioromantic and asexual. Sigh. The eternal struggle of "I want this fic but I don't want to write it, I want to read it."

I also feel like John (Reese) and John (Sheppard) are cut from the same cloth. SGA being a family friendly, cheesy sci-fi just never quite let us see it. The Storm/The Eye being the exception. I also see both of them walking into rooms in all black with Johnny Cash playing in the
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Break has officially started!! Thank God, because this semester is killing me. Although, that's not unusual.

Of course, I still have like, 2 papers and 3 books to read because in grad school you simply don't get real breaks, but I'm still going to take advantage of the more-than-usual free time. I've got 3 [ profile] avengerkink prompts I'm interested in, an AU!powerless!Avengers fic brewing, and I want to get get back to my A:EMH!apocalyptic!fic I started. SO MANY FICS, SO LITTLE TIME.

Particularly since I want to read ALL THE FICS as well.

Oh, and then tonight...CAS COMES BACK. I may simply need the whole week to recover from either the sheer joy or sheer hatred post-ep.

And I'm seeing The Hunger Games tomorrow. I love spring break. :D

Tony appreciates your time.
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Because I loved this movie. And seriously, even the two teenage boys next to me the first time I went and my (female) cousin the second time I went thought this movie was pretty gay. Because Jude Law calls it a "romantic comedy" (in an interview, no lie). And because on the Graham Norton Show RDJ had his back to the host the entire time and just sat staring at Jude Law, basically.

My head canon says Mary allows them their relationship and is even oddly fond of Sherlock. As long as he doesn't live at her and Watson's house. Because she likes the structure intact, thank you. )

*sighs happily*

Anyone have good movie-based Sherlock/Watson (involving Mary is okay) or Jude/RDJ fics?
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It's strange because I don't necessarily feel the compelling urge to read Marvel comics (though part of that is the sheer amount), and I might almost call myself a DC!girl still, simply because that's what I've read. I mean, I grew up loving Superman (though, more TV/movie versions than comics), and Hellblazer and Watchmen will probably be my favorite comics for a loooong time.

Yet...I ship the HELL out of Erick and Charles (I also enjoy the X-Men in general) and Tony and Steve. I don't really ship anyone in DC verse. Well aside from the (for me) obligatory Lois and Clark. But, how can you not? Seriously, trying to figure out which couple is more gay is near impossible.

Here, let me show you )
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In two words...

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MOST AMAZING THING SINCE THE XMFC PREVIEW, NO LIE. Hell, I probably haven't been this excited since the STar Trek preview! I know I haven't watched a trailer as many times since then.

Things I love:

-THE MUSIC. That Nine Inch Nails song is PERFECTION.

-RDJ IS SO HOT. That t-shirt? I love that he's a scruffy grown boy in

-TONY DOESN'T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. We know that and it's going to be so amazing to watch them go at it. Steve and Tony snarking. ♥ BRING ON THE SLASH. And Thor just laughs at them. *G*

-LOKI LOOKS LIKE A BADASS. It's funny he's their first Big Bad. Thor's gonna be all "oh yeah, that's my whiny baby bro."

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I know, haven't been around much. It's only a week and a half into school and I'm already swamped. Yet I still have to come up with a fic for [ profile] mcfassy by Sept 17th. Effff. Anyway, haaaaaai!!!!! Basically, I'm stopping by to leave this bit of love for White Collar and Suits (are you watching Suits yet? WHY NOT?!?!)

Peter has his whole "my double finger point was taught to me at Quantico" thing, yes? (Here we see Neal imitating Peter, I couldn't find a gif of Peter doing the actual point versus the gesture.)

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Well, apparently, they teach it at Harvard, too. Or maybe, it's just a thing alpha males know to do to their betas.

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I mean, just look at Harvey's "come on," so smooth and dominant without even trying. UNF.

These two need a crossover badly. Show-wise, I mean. Harvey and Peter would bond over their delinquent trainees, Harvey and Neal would bond over clothes, while Peter and Mike would bond over bad coffee, and Neal would absolutely adore how cute Mike is...and probably think his mental skills would come in handy. Not that Neal is any less smart, hell, Neal would never have been caught with a briefcase of pot. And he'd totally give Mike crap for that. But really, can you imagine that much UNF on your TV AT ONE TIME?! And Diana and Donna would bond over their idiotic bosses who they have to do things for and you know, if Diana wasn't so attached, she would probably hit on the beautiful redhead. And you'd see this awkward pause where all four men stop to consider that scenario for a moment before the death glares from the women frighten them for life.

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So, with my sudden love and interest in Marvel 'verse comics, the new movies, and really anything related to Charles and Erik, I kind of want some moar Marvel 'verse fans on my flist. Normally, I wait for the occasional friending meme, but I'm feeling anxious to delve deeper in and so I'm considering hosting a friending meme myself. Now, I know one or two LJ comms I can pimp it out on, but since it would be hosted on my LJ and not a comm site, I'm wondering if anyone would even participate since it's not like I'm known in Marvel fandom (or really at all, lol). So basically, before I make one, I'm curious if my non-Marvel based flist would be willing to help me spread the word by linking to my journal on theirs in hopes of reaching a larger fanbase. I'd provide the code and such, just like any other friending meme. So, poll:

[Poll #1767101]

This is mainly just to gauge interest, see if it's worth creating a meme on my personal LJ.

(On a somewhat related note, say I do host a meme, for those of you who are comic book fans or fans of the Marvel 'verse movies, what kinds of questions should I include in the meme beside the usual name/age/who is your favorite pairing/what is your fav movie and/or comic type questions? Leave suggestions in the comments!)
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1. Any of you mixers know how to make each song show up as having the cover art you created? What I mean is, when I put a song from a mix (itunes format) onto my Blackberry, when it plays, it's accompanied by the cover art. It will also show up when I view the mp3 as picture icons on my computer. Anyone know what I'm talking about? :P

2. Anyone watching Suits? If you're not...WHY NOT?!!? I didn't want to like it, wasn't even interested because it seemed like a White COllar knock-off but about lawyers instead of g-man/con-man, but I caved and now I'm LOVING it. It is sort of a White Collar knock-off...but awesome in it's own right. I like the spring-autumn nature of the (b)romance, the banter is great, and the women are fantastic. I like Mike Ross' background and Harvey is a smug bastard who is soft at the core, but still the ultimate shark. Seriously, check out Good Boy for all the best picture and gif footage of Harvey and Mike and then just try not to watch the

3. Related: if anyone else is squeeing over Suits, do you have any recs? I've read a few AMAZING ones, but I prefer to have a few other recs under my belt before I start wading through the comms.

4. Captain America and Marvel fans, anyone? I'd love some recs for Steve/Tony, too, if anyone knows some.

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It's been awhile since I've done one of these grab bag posts and I assure you, I have lots of links built up but...we'll stick to somewhat of a theme today. AKA, my love for First Class and Star Trek.

As a note...I think I know why I ended up loving Charles/Erik so much (beyond the obvious chemistry, the script, the tragedy, the AWESOMENESS). While the characters themselves are nothing like Kirk and Spock (Charles and Erik are both emotional, simply in different ways and they're not different species) in some manners they are remarkably alike. First and foremost: they're "old friends". In the Reboot, Spock Prime calls Kirk "old friend". I nearly died, I laughed so hard. I mean, perfection. And then you do have sort of the frat boy versus the stoic personality (but where both men are actually incredibly smart - of course the roles are somewhat reversed with Charles being the frat boy with the PhD and Erik being the stoic one without any particular claim to how smart he really is), there's chess, there's a culture clash, and then there's that whole ability to have mind!sex. Ah, telepathy. It's just a shame Charles doesn't come with pon farr. I love the desperation. *shark grin*


1. My Little Ponies Does First Class. No, Really.

It's like crack!fic. Made into a video. I wouldn't be surprised if a Castiel fan made it, 'cause, PONIES. I particularly love how it looks like they're saying the actual words, and how after pony!Erik's "peace was never an option" we see them launching pies. PIES, MOTHER FUCKERS. It's hilarious.

2. In Which Charles and Erik Apologize.

Dear, Erik. Stop trying to kill our children.

3. pg. 562, Volume 3, The Autobiography of Magneto X by Erik Lensherr

Wherein Magneto sounds like a 15 year old girl, but manages to point out glaring WTF moments of the movie (why did they cart that chess board all over DC?).  Also, we find out Erik's true evil plan: chess boards everywhere.

4. Star Trek Captains Documentary

That's right, there's going to be a documentary featuring William Shatner and all the former Star Trek captains. *grabby hands* DO WANT. But more importantly, Chris Pine is "shy" and there is arm wrestling. ♥  (Also, Chris looks like a dashing mountain man. UNF.)

5. Star Trek (in 47 Seconds)

"Must you keep hanging from things?" So, I just rewatched the Reboot and...SO TRUE. Also, the ending is HILARIOUS.
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Sometimes, I want to combine all the powers of social media together. So that I can "like" a comment on LJ, or reblog a tumblr thing on LJ. Instead, I can only link you to it which just isn't as pretty.

But oh, God, I'm a jibbering mess.

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IDK if I'm hormonal or what, but every time I watch/listen to something from this movie (or all the fanfic I'm reading), I start bawling, practically. Stop looking at me like that. IT'S JUST SO TRAGIC, OKAY??!

Speaking of, a few fic recs that...are just perfection.

Lie to me by [ profile] faithbeckett

Snakes and Ladders Are Banned In Here by [ profile] paperclipbitch

Beautiful, angsty, painful love. *clutches heart*
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I cannot get enough of this movie. I am terribly annoyed because where I obtain my movies, there hasn't been so much as a cam, much less a telesync or something. I AM DYING. I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE AGAIN. I am very tempted to go see it again tomorrow, all by my lonesome. I just...*flails*...I need to see the epicness again. I've also watched all 4 X-Men movies (including Wolverine) in like, 4 days. This is the bad thing about a (mainly) movie fandom: there's only so much to watch (I'm not really into cartoons and I'm too poor to run out and buy all the comic books at the moment)! Just like I think there should be a new Trek series feature Captain Fine and Quinto, I want a TV series with McFassy (sorry, that's the mashup I like the most). I need their relationship on my screen every week! (Also, I'd like to note the large amount of Star Trek Reboot fans I've seen in First Class fandom already. LOVE.)

ANYWAY. Come one, come all to the meme. Because I need as much Charles/Erik in my life as possible.

Moar X-Men

Jun. 9th, 2011 05:13 pm
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The good news? I'M WRITING. A Charles/Erik movie verse/First Class mashup, to be exact. The bad news? I have to be at work in 30 minutes and I won't have time to sit and write until at least Sunday again.

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In other news, I love new fandoms. ♥
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So, I just saw X-Men First Class today. And OMG...

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So. WHO KNOWS THE CHARLES/ERIK SLASH?! Because I HAVE to have it. *grabby hands* I need comms, I need recs, I need art, just, GAH.

itty bitty spoiler )

So, please, direct me to any awesome Professor X/Magneto slash, new or old! I need it like air. I can't wait to rewatch the movie. Ah-mazing.

BRB, downloading all other X-Men movies. (That's right, I've never watched them before.)

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