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Anyone here watch Numb3rs back in the day? I'm on like S3E5ish now and I can't believe how sucked in I got. Shit, the show's making me want to know more about math! I get really excited when I know what Charlie is talking about, like network analysis or logistic regression.

I also LOVE Megan and Larry together. He's just left for space now; I hope he comes back at some point? :( But, more proof I have a thing for brawn/brains combo. And for once, it's a het pairing! I just really have a type.

I am particularly intrigued by Don Eppes, though. So normally, when I end up liking a slash (or femmeslash) pairing, my characters are always bi in my head (unless they are identified as gay, like in Queer As Folk). I see canon het relationships and then I like them with a guy and it just fits both canon and my head canon. Obviously, I know that there are people out there who only very late and after being married come out and identify as gay or lesbian. But often I try to take canon in with my head canon and as a result, I prefer to write and read my stories with the characters as bi. Don, is a rare case where, in my head, he is gay. To me, it's two part. One, I simply do not see sexual chemistry between him and the girls they put him with. Now, the character (or the actor?) exudes when he starts making out with Liz in S3, the way he kind of stalks her a bit (with his movements, not creepily) was incredibly HOT. But then, he starts kissing her and it just fizzled for me. Like, it did not feel like there was anything between the characters at all. Two, I feel like Don being gay would explain several aspects of his personality? Like, why he doesn't date that much. I see Don not out to his family, for fear of their reaction. He's always felt he had to be a model for Charlie; I could see him worrying that he wouldn't be the right kind of model, despite Charlie being a grown man. But if Don knew he was gay around 20 or even 25, Charlie would still have been young and "impressionable". I also understand that while the FBI doesn't (didn't) have DADT, it is a "masculine" position/organization - particularly when you consider his past in manhunting. I really see that as an influence on Don's attitude towards homosexuality - that he might present an image that wasn't tough enough, or wouldn't be respected by his peers if he came out. And finally, what makes Don a weird character for me, is that I don't ship him with anyone. It looks like Don/Charlie was the number one pairing, but nope. I just don't see him with anyone who has been on the show. So I have a head canon that's entirely different from the show, and I don't ship him with anyone. Basically, I want to write and read Don/OMC. Which, there was like 3 on AO3. And no one reads those (is there anyone in this fandom anymore, anyway?). It's a very strange place for me.

I also, feel like Don Eppes and John Sheppard would be either besties, or twins separated at birth. Their manerisms are similar, their attitude, down to their stride, even. I see a great deal of similarity between the two. (I mean, they even play big brother to a brother who got more care from Dad - Charlie because he was a genius and Dave because he was closer to their dad's ideal son than John was.)

Likewise, I really feel like Rodney McKay and Larry would be besties. Like, Larry would be the one guy in the physics community McKay would have gotten along with. They could certainly have epic food discussions (McKay with his lemons, Larry with his white food). Also, they can bond over their federal agent/military significant others and how they mess with their science orderly lives.

So I kind of want this SGA/Numb3rs crossover where McKay needs Larry in Atlantis or there's a Vegas-like situation where the Atlantis team ends up overseeing the LA FBI's case or something and they find out these connections...and John clues Don into coming out to his friends and family or something.Maybe John and Don even messed around at some point?!

Thinky thoughts, written into the void. :) (And yes, Skye, I know I should be watching Agents of
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All of my X-Files friends, I want you to step back and recall your passion for Mulder/Krycek and Skinner/Krycek. In the relationship that both pairings had over the series, they were pretty physically rough with each other. I mean, to name only two, Mulder knocks Krycek out with a shovel in Tunguska, Skinner gut punches Krycek and then leaves him handcuffed to a balcony outside on a cold night...I can't even think of the number of times I have read fic (mainly M/K in my case) that began with one of the men beating up the other for whatever reason (paranoia, revenge, a job, etc). A lot [of fics] even let this play into their relationship where maybe Mulder wanted Krycek to hit him because he deserved it, or some sort of BDSM relationship.

Generally, I missed a lot of the discussion boards and forums in regards to these pairings (with a few exceptions) so I'm at a loss. I'm curious...were there ever big discussions/heated debates/wank regarding the physical nature of their relationships and then pairing them? Either suggestions that pairing them up was being accepting of/promoting domestic abuse, or art that was both shippy and violent at the same time?

Why I'm asking is because in Teen Wolf, the main (non-canon slash) pairing, Sterek (Derek Hale, a werewolf and Stiles Stilinkski, a human) has somewhat of an abusive past. Basically, Derek likes to threaten Stiles and shove him against walls, and at one point (seemingly needlessly? I haven't watched the episode yet) slams Stiles' head into his steering wheel (it was actually recently revealed that the actors ad libbed that). And there has been some talk about this being an unacceptable or at the very least, a dubious basis for creating a pairing. Now, many also seem to suggest that is in the past (i.e. happened on very early in the series), that it wouldn't happen in a relationship situation (some fics have Derek apologize or even being afraid to touch Stiles, while others have Stiles missing the slamming against walls thing). But I have seen an interesting amount of anti-Sterek not because of another ship (i.e. Stiles should be with Y!) but because of this previous abuse.

So, thoughts? How did M/K and Sk/K handle the violence? If you didn't watch XF but do watch Teen Wolf, do you have thoughts on the violence?
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To those of you who have seen last night's Supernatural episode...

If Dean were to meet Dexter knowing all his quirks and tendencies (shall we say), would he kill Dexter?

Given...(tiny spoilers) )

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So, fandom is already exploding over how the show suddenly isn't focused on just the boys anymore with "quirky" characters in the background.

Now, you know me. I'm usually slow to ease into bitching about a show "jumping the shark" because I like to give the writers the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, I never believe it does or I'll object to a few items but not tout the downfall of the whole show (for brief examples, while season 8&9 of X-Files had major problems, I never believed it "jumped the shark" (well, not until XF2) and I HIGHLY objected to Katie and I might have sworn off SGA if she had gotten pregnant and stuck around but didn't hate the whole show for that atrocity of a story arc). But when the show DOES jump the shark on characters or fucks up the writing irreversibly, I am one of the people to loudly proclaim my frustrations (see Nathan on Heroes and Castiel on SPN). I am not afraid to say I'm sick of romance or the writing was poor or dumb or whatever. Now, we can all disagree on some things (i.e. me and Cas-haters will never agree that what happened to him was deserved/good/whatever). But you can hate a character, hate a plot, and still be objective.

(Warning, spoilers for Suits 1x11 "Rules of the Game".)

So. Dear Suits fandom. )
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God, I'm probably evoking the wank just by thinking about this post, but (if anyone even reads this. I'm pretty sure it's like me and three other people over here in my corner of For the first time ever, I cruised the spn anonmeme (blast you people who kept mentioning it and invoked my curiosity! *shakes fist*). I have avoided it (and spn_gossip) for 5 years. SIGH. Anyway, while I fully support your right to bash, hate, love, rant, and rave (hey, free speech for all the internetz, I say), I don't really get it. And the one that caught my eye of them all, of course, was the age-old shipper war rearing its ugly head again.

I think many of you know, I'm pretty damn open-minded. I don't keep anyone off my flist because of a pairing they like, I read recced fics even with pairings I wouldn't think of (yeah, pretty sure I read a Sheppard/Zelenka fic once.), etc. Basically, as long as you don't come on my journal and bash my favorite character indiscriminately (versus giving some logical reason as to why he/she may or may not be a great as I think), I'm cool with you. I read and write het, gen, and slash. Sex with alien creatures and genderswitching and such are also fine by me.

I don't understand character bashing and I don't understand shipper bashing. Does it really matter who likes what pairing? I mean, for example, can either Wincest or Dean/Cas fans hold any high ground over one another? One involves incest, the other involves blasphemy, and both involve *gasp* homosexuality. So, clearly, there's no moral high ground. (I say this in the sense that any true Bible-toting person would cast both ships and the shippers to Hell, not because *I* think incest or angel sex or homosexuality is bad/wrong/immoral, capiche?) So why is there a such animosity between them? For that matter, why was there ever such raging between the Wincest and the het shippers back when? Isn't fandom fun? I sometimes wonder when it stopped being fun. I guess, probably on Day 2 of fandom ever evolving. It's probably like the chicken and the egg. But, despite the fact that it was probably simply naivate, I wonder when the fun was sucked out. When we decided our own personal OTP was the only OTP allowed.

I once posted a poll on the evolution of Dean/Cas fans because at the time I was seeing a lot of bashing of Wincest and Wincest fans by the Dean/Cas fans. And ok, I get that many of the Dean/Cas fans were new to fandom or to shipping. Perhaps they were genners before or they never cared one way or another about the fandom aspects of SPN until Castiel showed up. Many of you gave me great answers over there on why you joined in and why you are Dean/Cas fans.

But I, for example. I don't particularly like Dean/Lisa. I believe I have legitimate concerns for this ship as presented to us in the show. But despite the fact that I'm not going to be inclined to read a Dean/Lisa happily ever after fic, I'm not anti-Dean/Lisa or anti any Dean/Lisa shippers. I'll leave the fics and the shippers alone. At the same time, I will absolutely support their right to exist and to post. And if someone in one of those friending memes asked to friend me and their OTP was listed as Dean/Lisa (and didn't also include "I HATE WINCESTERS" or "I HATE CASTIEL AND ALL CASTIEL FANS") I'm going to friend them back.

I simply don't understand the antagonism. And don't get me wrong, it is not just in SPN. JFC, the battles that went on between MSR and Mulder/Krycek fans in The X-Files or the Sheppard/Weir vs Sheppard/Teyla vs McShep in SGA. I don't get any of them at all! Again, I'm not inclined to read Skinner/Krycek fics, but back in the day I was friends with several who were Skinner/Krycek shippers. And come on, as though I'd have a leg to stand on: I fucking love Krycek/Scully!! At the same time, I can understand those who don't want to touch Krycek/Scully with a ten foot pool; he did kill her sister after all. Not exactly the best relationship (Yet, Krycek also killed Milder's dad and yet, that seemed to be an angsting-then-bonding factor in M/K.) However, I often feel as though I have experienced the worst of fandom while in SPN fandom. There was a reason SGA was able to lure me away so quickly.

*shrugs* It just makes me sad, I guess. I get team rivalries because you have pride in a player or pride in your state/hometown/etc. I don't get the...extreme people who riot after the World Cup or Raiders fans (I'm kidding, if any of you are Oakland people, lol, but hey, they have a rep for a reason). But fandom is a hobby. It's meant to be a chance to expand upon and relax in a setting of your and other's creations. If it makes you so angry, why are you bothering? I don't hang around with certain church folk because they make me too upset (I also don't hang around family members for the same reason). It is entirely possible in fandom to avoid everything you don't like. Ok, once in awhile someone fails to mark a fic/art as clearly as you might like, but you're unlikely to get surprise!Wincest in your Dean/Cas or the other way around (certainly not where the entire fic is suddenly a different pairing). I'm pretty sure surprise pairings have been wheedled out of most authors inclinations because they've been yelled at too many times.

So why the fights and the anon rantings? Can't we all just get along?


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I get so annoyed over the constant hate of a) fans in general and b) Supernatural fans specifically. Especially since it's insulting the vast majority of people who watch a show (with a few exceptions like NCIS where maybe 1-5% of the watchers are in the actual fandom). I don't like it when actors do it, I don't like it when networks/execs do it, and I REALLY don't like it when other run-of-the-mill TV watchers or worse! other fans do it.

Yes, there are a few people out there that probably need a reality check. No actor should be attacked physically or verbally, and no fan should think stalking or obsessive love letters are ok.

But fanfic? Making YouTube vids? WHO THE FUCK CARES? I don't think that makes a person "crazy". And I'm a little sick of getting labeled as thus. More importantly, I am sick of reading in certain comms, "oh this comm is great, it's not full of those crazies from fandom" EXCUSE ME. *I* am in that comm and you know what? You'd probably consider me crazy.

Things You Should Know (about fandom):

1. Fandom is mean to be FUN.
2. I don't insult or judge your kinks, why should you judge mine?
3. Don't try to act all moral. If you're going to insult Wincest for immorality, then maybe you should look at yourself. Have you had sex outside of marriage? GASP. That's immoral! Let he among us without sin cast the first stone. Until then, GTFO.
4. If you're not interested in it, DON'T READ IT.
5. It's all FICTION. I suspect less than 1% of those who write incest would actually condone it in real life. Or do it themselves. That number may even be less than .05%. Writing doesn't mean you approve. Otherwise, the very fact that you watch a show about a serial killer (take Heroes or Dexter or any procedural for example) clearly indicates that you condone serial killers. Let's be logical, folks.
6. If you're going to insult one fandom's use of incest, why not insult them all? Why must you focus on this one? It's because it's known. The show itself mocks it. Thus, you are not showing intelligence. You are evidence of bandwagon reactions to something unknown.
7. There is a fine line between acknowledging weird or unusual and perhaps not appropriate behavior and being mean/rude. I admit, I recoil a bit when I see people with "Jensen Ackles" tattooed across their back. It's not me and it seems a bit extreme. But I am not judging the person. Do I think the action is probably not appropriate? Yeah. But it is by no means against the law and I suspect those people are in their right minds. Who hasn't done something entirely illogical or emotional? They feel a connection with that person. It's not harming you and it's not harming me. There is no need to insist on calling them crazy and then leaping to the conclusion all fans are. The same can be said for being a participant in fandom or for, more specifically, fandom kinks. I don't get mpreg at all. It's weird and not my cup of tea. SO I DON'T READ IT (referring back to #4). But if someone on my flist writes/reads it? That's ok with me. I don't call them crazy. It's entirely implausible. But I still would never call them crazy for enjoying it.

I could go on with this all day, I think. I've just had it up to HERE with Supernatural fans, people who claim to be Supernatural fans, the meta on the show, and all the others who sit back and judge the show and its fans. When I first joined fandom 5 years ago, it was fun. These days, I find it less so. The bitter in-fighting and the brutal attacks of fans (and writers/execs) makes it a hostile place to be most days. Now, I don't let someone declaring I am crazy stop me. Or even bother me most of the time (in that I don't feel ashamed or guilty). But man, is all this bullshit getting on my nerves.

So, I just want to make this clear. And please, if this bothers you, by all means defriend me. I don't want you either then if you can't accept me as a whole being and can't realize I'm not insisting you read/write it.

I got into SPN fandom with Wincest.
I have read Wincest.
I have written Wincest (and one day, will finish my WIPs).
I LIKE Wincest.
I have read J2.
I have written J2.
I DO NOT believe J2 will actually get together and DO wish them all the happiest with Gen and Daneel.
I have read Petrellicest.
I have written Petrellicest.
I LIKE Petrellicest.
I LIKE other RPS.
I have a lot of kinks.
I LOVE Castiel.
I like angel!sex.
[ profile] mishaland is AMAZING.

Comment and/or defriend away. Thank you for your time.

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(This rant brought to you by this ONTD thread.)
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You know, I don't think I will ever understand the sheer hate that lies in the fandoms of Stargate: Atlantis and Supernatural. I mean, both shows have served their purpose. While there are certainly some writing issues, that happens in every show. But people become so defensive of their characters and it's like, I realize I'm heavily involved too, but IT'S JUST A TV SHOW. And if you really dislike it that much, STOP WATCHING. It's not worth your time and stress, you know?

I need to get this off of my chest, thank you. Now onto more homework. )
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To start: I LOVED THIS. While I haven't read reactions yet (because even though I knew the big spoiler, I still wanted to actually experience it), I simply cannot understand what everyone was so upset over. That was GREAT TV.

More Details... )
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Argh, I usually avoid all wank, and I may offend some people on my own flist but I can't take it anymore!!

Now, not only are fans insulting the actresses playing the roles as thought it was their fault (and not say a writing staff and/or creator decision), but now they're insulting clothing and style? *rips hair out*

Seriously, I have never had a problem with Jo, or either version of Ruby. Or Bela. I get the whole idea of liking the us (WinBros) vs them, but we XFers liked that about M&S too and did we hate every other person on the show? No. I admit, I don't like Ruby 2.0 quite as much as Ruby 1.0...but it's not the actress' talent that plays in this. In fact, I think Gen has done a good job trying to get down Katie's mannerisms. What I don't like as much is how she's not as snarky--and that's a script thing.

I simply do not understand the loathing fangirls have in this fandom for the girls on the show. I think it knocks women back. And I am every bit for a kickass, "realistic" girl. But there is nothing wrong with actually looking like a girl. Scully ran around in heels for 9 years, why can't Ruby? She's a demon. Do you think her feet even hurt? Want to talk about realistic, start complaining that the show never features a girl who weighs over 110 pounds.

(And on a side note, this is my problem with the vast majority of Keller!haters. Because she was scared and couldn't handle herself in the woods, she's a horrible person!! The fact that she's a medical genius doesn't count for anything. Oh, and they never minded that McKay complained and was scared to do things on missions.)
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Various entries in regards to Brain Storm (which upon seeing it I knew would come out in droves) have driven me from my homework shroud to comment on fandom for the first time in forever.

I am cutting because I know someone will complain if I don't but there's like .05 percent amount of spoilers in this and that's within error range but whatever. If you saw a preview for the ep, you know everything here. )
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Starship Troopers

Cut for plot spoilers and meta rambling )

Interview With the Vampire

Interestingly enough, I've heard nothing but rave reviews on this movie but I found it to be the cheesiest, most predictable and homoerotic thing ever created. While I have no issue whatsoever with the homoerotic aspect, it was how it was done. And I don't know if it was just the vampire thing that made it campy or what, but it came across as fucking hilarious to me. Normally, the idea of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt practically making out would make my inner slashy fangirl squee because hey, two fairly attractive "superstars"...but I just sat there and laughed my ass off. The best part of it by far was baby!Dunst. She was the only one that, though still very classic and trashy vampire made her role bearable. I actually understood and felt her emotions and motives. The rest was just kind of like, ho-hum. And the special effects here, too were cheesy, and I'd just expected them to be better.
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Very first...Happy, Happy Birthday to [ profile] let_fate_decide!!! Hope it's a great one.

Second firstly, I loved this ep. Like, individually, not the biggest fan of Ronon and Teal'c. Well, ok, I love Ronon. He's always got the perfect comment (or non comment) and John likes his big gunerr...gun. Teal'c though, I mean, I like him well enough, he's often quite hilarious. But in general, I just don't have the love for him that I do with say, Jack (well, actually, no one has amount of love I feel for Jack on SG1. Maybe Vala.).

But together, kicking ass and taking names? SO HOTT.

Crossover ep!! )

SPN 3x9

Feb. 1st, 2008 05:01 pm
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UMMM, EW! AND MORE EW. I was totally eating lunch. I watched the first ten minutes or so through slitted fingers. Blech.

So, in general, good ep. Loved the snarky banter. Also...

Quick thoughts on Ruby (spoilers) and some ponderings about the devil. )

Here's a random question for you all. I often refuse to see movies like Poltergeist and various other demon/devil horror movies. They make me uncomfortable. Most of you probably think it's entirely irrational (after all my priest liked The Exorcist), but I don't like the idea of bringing it into my home. And I gotta wonder, how do the actors feel doing these bits of witchcraft and such (the one that still gets me the most is the Die Hand Die Verletzt from XF)? Gives me the creeps. Anyone else ever have thoughts on this?
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So I decided to check out this show because I enjoy both Cameron and Vala on SG-1. If I like a character, I usually try to find other work by the actor to evaluate if it's the character or the actor. Plus, I seem to be liking more and more sci-fi, so it seemed right.

Frankly, I'm not impressed. I mean, the sets and make up are phenomenal. And I do like John. Aeryn is a fascinating character. But in general? I'm bored by the eps.

I wondered why this is. So I've been doing a little thinking.

On Farscape and Sci-Fi )

Tiny Meta

Oct. 25th, 2007 05:06 pm
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Ok, I'm not going to meta on this full out or anything, but it's just something that bugs me.

SG1/SGA and the Military: Fanfic, Reviews )


Oct. 15th, 2007 02:54 am
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I am terrible and consistently asking if my wonderful flist *shamelessly brown noses* has certain things to upload. I promise, I will be having a big post probably tomorrow sometime to show I am equally willing to share. Yes, I did learn that in kindergarten.

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask again: anyone have Doppleganger? Got it!!

And before I even go into the "review" of this ep, I just have to ask: who will be the first person to write me really good Sheppard/McKay competing over Carter's affections fic? Like, seriously. OT3.

Also, I metaed in the middle of the review. Please forgive, and bear with me.

Onto the good stuff...aka, SGA is back in black. Or you know, blue. Whatever. )

In a side, and unrelated comment...Patriots kicked ASS today.
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Long meta below on file sharing so behind a cut. )

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