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1. Ok, since you all insisted I should still post art, this is the next batch I have collected.

2. Did you know "pegging" is not only sexual, but monetary? It is to tie a country's currency to another's. I could hardly get through the reading without giggling. WHY YES, I AM FIVE.

3. So, I am officially declaring this journal ON HIATUS. I'm doing this because I have 3 take-home exams, one lit review and two massive papers due in the next two weeks. I will most likely still be around commenting on your posts and in the comms, but I simply won't have time to create anything to post here. Since most TV is on break, too, I'd have little to ramble on about anyway. That being said, I have a half of a fic done and another started. So hopefully, once school ends, I will still have enough time to punch one out for you before Christmas. No promises, but here's to hoping. Please don't abandon me in the

[29] Battlestar Galactica
[27] Various

[4] Jewel Staite
[7] Dark Angel
[2] How I Met Your Mother
[3] Grey's Anatomy
[1] Law and Order: SVI
[10] The X-Files

Teasers: icons,bsg Photobucket icons,xfiles

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[35] Dollhouse
[9] Fringe
[13] SG1 (Carter)
[35] BSG (mostly 6)

icons,dollhouse icons,fringe icons,stargate sg1 icons,bsg

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Icon Batch

Mar. 15th, 2008 04:36 pm
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[27] Enchanted
[6] Mandy Moore
[6] Torchwood (Adam and Dead Man Walking)
[21] SG-1

Teaser: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Beginning Notes:
1. This batch of Enchanted icons is probably the most sickeningly sweet thing I have ever created. I LOVED it.
2. I finally figured out I could invert my resources and thus get white text! I went a little crazy. New function, yay!

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Icon Post

Oct. 12th, 2007 03:59 pm
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[38] Bionic Woman (Sarah Corvus)
[13] SG-1 (Sam&Jack)

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More Icons

Aug. 30th, 2007 03:50 pm
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It's been a long time since I made any X-Files icons, but I got my S8 DVDs and watched This Is Not Happening and simply had to icon it. And then, my newest obsession: The Hills.

There's a lot of variations of these icons, so hopefully, something for everyone.

[51] The X-Files: This Is Not Happening (+2 random)
[25] The Hills (3rd season promos)

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So the other day, I watched This Property Is Condemned with Robert Redford and Natalie Wood and it just screamed, "Cap Me! Cap Me!" until I finally gave in. And there was no way I could not icon them, thus we have 72 caps in a zip and 32 icons for your enjoyment.

It's a good movie. I've always thought highly of Robert Redford because he was never afraid to take on movies that didn't have a perfect happily ever after.

Sample Cap and Link )

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This Property Is Condemned )
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So I shall point you in the direction of my last post so you can all know how much I WIN.

In the meantime though, I wanted to let you know you won't see one of my extended reviews on this ep until at least the night of the 13th. I just have way too much shit due at the beginning of next week. Wish me luck, ya'll.

However, I went and found a football comm for my icons. So here ya go, 15 New England Patriots and Tom Brady icons. Do not even give me that look, [ profile] siberian_skys.

You know, I always seem to post icons on nights big papers are due. Good stalling technique, I guess.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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OMG I just saw the funniest most terrifying commercial on the Sci-Fi channel EVER. There's this reality show they're doing called Who want to be a Superhero?, right? And they have auditions I guess. And there was a man in like weird spandex, boy shorts, with a thong in the back. And then he shook his ass. And let's just was not the kind of ass us girls like to think about. *is forever scarred*

It's been awhile since my last icon post. I have no clue how many of my flist actually watched this movie, but...

41 Superman Returns Icons )
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Second post before I leave. I'd wanted three eps, but it's taking me forever to do the third. And even so, I'm only averaging less than 20 icons per ep. How in God's name does [ profile] foxestacado do it with 100+ icons per ep? It's insane. Bravo to her.

So yes, I offer you icons from the first two eps ever of West Wing. I think this will be my tribute to WW. I'm going to go through and cap and icon every ep. This will be a years long project I'm sure. LOL

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Apr. 24th, 2006 01:42 pm
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[4]Gillian Anderson
[3]The Burning Zone (Nick Lea and Jeffrey Dean Morgan)
[3]SPN (2 JDM, 1 S&D)

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I spent the past two days watching Gilmore Girls and making SPN/JA/JP icons. Whew. I've never made this many in one shot. You probably won't see more from me in a long time again.

The text icons I made over a month ago and I just haven't gotten them out yet.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

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Yeah, it's been awhile. Been busy, too busy to even waste your time with silly quizzes. But I had some time tonight and even though I should be finishing a fic I'm working on and starting another, I just am not in a writing frame of mind so alas, those got shelved for another evening or two. But I was in the mood to fiddle with my gimpy GIMP program and made a few text icons to round out a batch of 15 Queer As Folk icons. I am just loving this show. New fandom for MF!! All thanks to [ profile] siberian_skys who introduced me to the show. If you are a slasher at all or even someone who likes a show with great wit and deals with important issues, you should check it out.

I had had a few more icons but I forgot to resize them at the time and when I did tonight they got pixelly on me.:-P

Queer icons this way... )

Also this might seem silly, but if anyone knows how to load mood icons on a free account please let me know. I visited a site with instructions but sadly I can't get the downloadable lj codes cause it's a word program I don't use. Leave me a comment if you know how-thanks!
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So I've seen that people don't post all 100 hundred icons at a time, so I thought I'd jumpstart it with the icons I do have made. For those of you who have seen the few icons I've made before, you'll note these are entirely different. I finally found out that I did have a color thing on my program (I use free GIMP rather than photoshop, etc) and so I really focused on that following the lead of [ profile] foxestacado, though I in no way think I am anywhere near as good as she. Quite the opposite. But she did inspire me to try color. I have also been working with various gradients and clones as they're called in my thing. So I never said I was the best icon maker, I'm not a real artist, but I do enjoy doing it. I also don't know how to make that extra link to another page so I apoligize...Various text from Rent, a few other song title, and Starry Nights, and the movie. All made from promo photos.

Yeah I figured out the cut thing after 20 mins... )

As everyone else writes, take if you want, just credit. On LJ use mf_luder_xf, anthing else, MF Luder. None of these are bases, please don't alter. Enjoy though!

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