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1). More Sex Talk

Frankly, I don't know what to think about this article. Jail seems too much, indeed. I don't think 13 year-olds having sex with each other (consensual) need to go to juvie. I think they need better sex ed. At the same time, there's always the issue of judgement and do-they-know-enough-for-it-to-be-consensual. Also, where does one make the age cut? 17 and fifteen, ok. 14 and 14, ok. But what about 17 and 13? You can't say no crime as long as both are under 18. But you can't say 2 years. Is there some kind of magic transition that happens if the kids are 12 and 14? What about 14 and 16? Kids are always going to have sex. Can we really jail them for that? Or should we simply do our best to teach them?

Critics decry states’ teen sex laws

2). Marriage? Maybe. Living Together? No way.

These people are sheer geniuses. As long as kids know they're loved and see both parents, is it a crime? So it's a little unusual. So is two dads or two moms. So is being raised solely by Grandma. Unusual is normal and beautiful!!

For some couples, distance is key to closeness

3). SG-1 Macro.

And those of you in bandom or who have a love and/or hate relationship with boy bands will cry at it's hilarity. Poor Cliff Simon...

Goa'uld...or Boy Band Singer?

4). Fetish...For Shoes.

I love shoes. I love artistic pornsensualness. So this? Was quite a treat. Not very work safe.

My favs have to be the black, high-heeled psuedo point shoes.

Fetish, by Louboutin and Lynch
Full slide show here: One of the photos was deleted from the original post.

5). Incest and Fandom Poll

No, you don't have to be into incest fics to take part! Nor do you NOT have to be. Take part in a little poll, and write some comments.

Poll: Do real life siblings make fictional sibling incest pairings less interesting?
My own comment(s)/meta to the poll

6). Heroes and the WGA Strike

I keep trying to tell myself this is just TV. It's not my life and livelihood at stake, here. And yet, if this rumor is true? I will be very upset. The shows are rarely as good after the creator leaves. Just look at West Wing. In addition, it seems this season of Heroes will only last until Dec 11th.

Kring To Give The Fuck Up On NBC Pigmasters?

Ok, in honor of the fact that I like to gather random links and post them all at one time instead of each individually (in hopes people will actually pay attention rather than going 'OMG Lucy is posting AGAIN'), I have decided to give these posts a tag. Thus: grab bag.
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I should be doing my homework. *facepalm*

Travelers aka Prometheus Unbound Gone SGA style. )

Heroes (in which Mohinder is stupid (but still a sexass)) )

Sin City. A little less conversation a little more action... )

Ok, three hours later...I shall finally get to my homework.

ETA: OMG!! My computer just righted itself!! Thank God! I can make art again! *does a happpy dance*
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Bionic Woman ep 2, Paradise Lost )

SG:A ep 2, Lifeline )

Heroes ep 2, Lizards )

Supernatural premiere, The Magnificent 7 aka BEST PREMIERE ON TV THIS SEASON )

NCIS, ep 2, Family

Read: Always a good show. And DiNozzo calling her "marks"? LOL Plus. Family. AWWWW.

Next up: Heroes unaired pilot and still waiting for Profit.
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*cries* It's been two days and no Heroes uploads yet anywhere I go (as I can't use torrents). I want my episode! And NCIS aired last night and it's not up yet. *hyperventilates*

Couple of memes to share with you all.

Icon Meme (for icon makers)

Stargate: Atlantis Friending Meme (because it's a new season and you can never have too many SGA friends!)

So, based on these David Hewlett pictures on Joe's blog...can we guess maybe an ep like Dod Kalm (XF) is in store for us? Only of course by Ancient machine. Poor McKay. Last season the Ancient technology tries to kill him and now it's at it again. At least last time he got super powers. (Only my guesses, of course.)

ONE DAY TILL SUPERNATURAL!! You have no idea how pumped I am. I miss this show! And so, I have avoided all spoilers this summer (and still want to), but I am open for anyone linking to me pictures for this season or really good and in depth Wincest fics. And once I watch the first ep, I'll rejoin the fandom.

Now onto Heroes. I really missed this show, too. Again, I avoided all spoilers and am very happy about that. But then, I did cheat and look up all the new heroes and I must say, I love them. Kristen Bell though--I take it VM was not renewed? And I do hope she doesn't seem too much like Niki/Jessica. I love the brother/sister combo. This show is just Ahem. Seriously Kring. How can Ianyone avoid Special Hell watching your show? And so, shower me with (good) fic involving any combo of Peter/Nathan/Claire that happened over the summer that I missed. Or good photos. Or icon posts with prett N/P icons. Or anything (but spoilers)!

TV Guide on the New Heroes

Next up: My review of Profit!
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MUCH better than last week. I figured that the...familial, situation was really the way it ended up being. It was too easy otherwise. And OMG what about that ending?! Hardcore.

Jack PWNS me.

Studio 60:

And they just keep getting better. More of the AMAZING Danny/Jordan. Loved Jack and Kim's father ("Why do you do it?" "It's fun." Ahahaha!!). I liked Jack with Kim (No, not like that, I mean the little convo they had. Poor guy.). Matt and Harriet=WHOA. Tom+Lucy=so damn cute.

But the best. The best was Tomothy Busfield and his animals. OMG I was laughing so hard.

My favorite line (concerning the snake, ferret, and coyote):
"Yote made his debut in The X-Files. Been doing this ever since."

Dear Aaron,


Your biggest fan,


Now, due to 24, I managed to catch the last, not shitting you, 30 seconds. And here's what I have to say:


And now, I found this wonderful youtube link via another Heroes fan and I had to share. If you're a heroes or Sam fan (not directly related, but you will laugh and understand why I'm suggesting it to you) you must not walk, or just click. You must RUN to this video.

Peter is Emo
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1. To begin, I am pimping our brand new Heroes comm, [ profile] waffles_hq. It's the brainchild of [ profile] technosage, and I and [ profile] just_like_rogue voluntered to create it. [ profile] just_like_rogue did the vast majority of the work, so feel free to tell her how pretty and shiny it is! It is a quote comm, and soon will be a virtual database of all the best Heroes quotes. You'd better bet my favorite shark!Nathan quote will be up soon! So go, check out [ profile] waffles_hq, share it with other friends, and please--help pimp!!

And on a running Heroes note...It has been renewed for a second season!! How cool is that? No waiting in intense worry like with SPN.

2. Ok, so I know some of you are SGA fans. So, come out of hiding and share with me your favorite SGA comms. Because I tried going through all the ones that came up in an interest search and the cool ones either seemed to have not been written in since last spring or I couldn't tell if they were cool. I don't care what the subject is (as it's your favs, not necessarily mine), but I really love McKay, Shep, icons, basic info, etc. I got [ profile] sga_newletter already. But whatever else is welcome!
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WTF. [ profile] technosage, you were so right when you mentioned how Heroes " SO anti-slash? Like, it's terrified of it. Seriously." (yes, I stalked your journal so I could quote you--be nice)

Though technically, it's NBC and not so much Tim Kring (who wanted/planned on Zach being gay). But still.

Heroes Straightens Up Its Gay Character

I am incredibly depressed with NBC right now. After seeing Wedding Wars only to read this? What a fucking let down.

Although I do have one gripe. Why are they using Zach's MySpace as evidence? Aren't these sites typically created by the wannabe-RPGers out there? Or is his actually show sanctioned, or created by the actor?
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So remember the other day, I mentioned how adorable Adrian Pasdar is? Well, I've found out he's even more adorable then I ever thought. Seriously. This is like...whoa. I could like an actor here. WHo knew that could happen? I mean, Jared's funny and nice and all, but really? There's just something different about Adrian. I'll definately be looking for more interviews with him to see if he lives up to it as time goes by.

Anyway, I found two other uber cute interviews.

Adrian at Comic Con, at the very beginning of Heroes No real spoilers, only the ones they showcased as NBC premieres.

AP on Megan M show yesterday You might say general show spoilers, but I think he mentions one thing.

And an amazing SPN rec for you all. It's Wincest, but incredibly sweet. The story is so good I'm not even done reading it an I'm reccing it. It's very H/C, and bittersweet. It's amazing how much Dean loves his brother.

Somersault by Sub Rosa

And now I'm off to keep reading before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 15 minutes on CBS. *pimps*
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God, I'm back to spamming you all. Sorry. But really. These are important things, my friends.

Like Adrian Pasdar. Who knew a grown man besides JDM could be so cute. What the hell is it with these two men? They're ADORABLE. Here's a great interview with him, and I was right in that he doesn't die. Oh, and neither does Niki. But then, I figured that.

Kristen: Or was it Hayden?... Masi?...Gosh, I can't remember now. Adrian: It’s all of us, actually. The whole cast. One big, catastrophic explosion.

And FINALLY!! My wonderful, talented, amazing friend [ profile] _3amconfession had posted The Strongest One. I have been waiting to pimp this out. This fic has been in the process forever and's GOOD. Fabulous and broken Winchester boys with so many layers of closed communication and its like the show, but with sex. Everyone should go read Part 1, Accident. Go. NOW!

And on a random the S2 Smallville ep Rush...I totally have the shirt Lana's wearing in the beginning. O___o. It's GUESS.

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