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It's been awhile since I've done one of these grab bag posts and I assure you, I have lots of links built up but...we'll stick to somewhat of a theme today. AKA, my love for First Class and Star Trek.

As a note...I think I know why I ended up loving Charles/Erik so much (beyond the obvious chemistry, the script, the tragedy, the AWESOMENESS). While the characters themselves are nothing like Kirk and Spock (Charles and Erik are both emotional, simply in different ways and they're not different species) in some manners they are remarkably alike. First and foremost: they're "old friends". In the Reboot, Spock Prime calls Kirk "old friend". I nearly died, I laughed so hard. I mean, perfection. And then you do have sort of the frat boy versus the stoic personality (but where both men are actually incredibly smart - of course the roles are somewhat reversed with Charles being the frat boy with the PhD and Erik being the stoic one without any particular claim to how smart he really is), there's chess, there's a culture clash, and then there's that whole ability to have mind!sex. Ah, telepathy. It's just a shame Charles doesn't come with pon farr. I love the desperation. *shark grin*


1. My Little Ponies Does First Class. No, Really.

It's like crack!fic. Made into a video. I wouldn't be surprised if a Castiel fan made it, 'cause, PONIES. I particularly love how it looks like they're saying the actual words, and how after pony!Erik's "peace was never an option" we see them launching pies. PIES, MOTHER FUCKERS. It's hilarious.

2. In Which Charles and Erik Apologize.

Dear, Erik. Stop trying to kill our children.

3. pg. 562, Volume 3, The Autobiography of Magneto X by Erik Lensherr

Wherein Magneto sounds like a 15 year old girl, but manages to point out glaring WTF moments of the movie (why did they cart that chess board all over DC?).  Also, we find out Erik's true evil plan: chess boards everywhere.

4. Star Trek Captains Documentary

That's right, there's going to be a documentary featuring William Shatner and all the former Star Trek captains. *grabby hands* DO WANT. But more importantly, Chris Pine is "shy" and there is arm wrestling. ♥  (Also, Chris looks like a dashing mountain man. UNF.)

5. Star Trek (in 47 Seconds)

"Must you keep hanging from things?" So, I just rewatched the Reboot and...SO TRUE. Also, the ending is HILARIOUS.
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Vid Recs )

4. Outbreak

This cartoon reminded me of Croatoan and the beginning of The Devil You Know. Basically, it's a riff on all zombie movies, but I kinda liken it to SPN in many ways. (Also, if you're not an XKCD connoisseur, hold the mouse over the comic to get more humor.)

5. For actor Misha Collins, playing Paul Bernardo became an unwelcome trip into his own dark side

Just an interesting article on Misha playing Paul Bernardo in Karla. It's a really interesting look into Misha's thoughts on the movie and character (especially since he seems to have reversed his opinions). It also showcases that Misha is intelligent and well-spoken (when he wants to be, lol). And he's never even been in a fist-fight, awww! My favorite line from the writer: The American actor with the handsome face of a young Robert Redford . Misha spouse, y/y?

6. I've Got Legs. Do You Like Bread? by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins and Michael Rosenbaum)

Thanks to this author, I discovered a renewed love for RPS...of the strangest kind. I can't really get into the Misha/Jensen or Misha/Jared fics for some reason (because I like J2 together? because no one ever addresses #1 in the fics I read? IDK.). But the author's writing and characterization really got me excited for this pairing: Misha and Michael Rosenbaum. That's right, Rosenbaum of Smallville. Yeah, plays Lex Luthor? Michael is such a dork in RL that he seems a perfect match for Misha. This fic is kid!Mike and kid!Misha and it's totally PG and utterly ADORKABLE. THEY'RE BESTIES. It's an RPS AU. (Jensen and Jared are girls. Brilliant!) Seriously, even if you're not a RPSer (as in you don't like the idea of two real people kissing who aren't together) it's adorable. GO READ.

7. The Baum is the Key (and the Rosen) by [ profile] queenklu (Misha Collins/Michael Rosenbaum)

Pure, unadulterated RPS/SPN CRACK. But it's brilliant. Really good crack is hard to pull off, but this author can make you WTF, spit Coke through your nose, and go awww all within sentences of each other. The characterization! Like, I don't care if it's nothing like Misha or Michael in RL. It's written so well, so fully-fleshed out, you absolutely believe it's really Misha and Mike. It helps that the author uses real Misha tweets. Because he actually is that cray-cray. Also, Misha babysits. And Tom Welling plagues everyone at CW parties with the PheTomenon.

8. Look at us we're beautiful by [ profile] zelda_zee (Misha Collins/Adam Lambert)

Not cracky at all, though the pairing may somehow make it seem so. But the situation is plausible (we all know Misha has been to Burning Man) and the way the author writes Misha is fascinating. The story itself is smoking (heh, pun not intended) and incredibly sexy. PWP, but we all love a little porn, right? The image of the two of them together...they'd be gorgeous.
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So the good (and amusing) tidbits of today are:

You thought the tattoos were weird (and yeah, they kind of are)? Hold on to your horses because one of our beloved Supernatural boys has the title of number one rising-in-popularity name for a boy. Which one? Why our very own little angel that could. "Castiel" is apparently the quickest rising name for a boy.

Now, I'm not one to knock it, it's a good name (and probably better than naming your child after one of the Na'vi). But are they all gonna get called Cas? And how much will these boys hate their parents ten years from now?


You KNOW Rodney McKay owns this alarm clock. Somehow, though, I don't think it would work for Jack Bauer. He could do it, quite literally, in his sleep.

Tick tick, BOOM!
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So, awhile back, Syfy aired a miniseries called Alice which was based off of Alice in Wonderland. While I wasn't too impressed with the majority of the acting or reinterpretation (I liked Tin Man better,) I was pleasantly surprised where they went romantically. It gave me Alice and Hatter. And it was so damn cute, I couldn't resist seeking out a tiny bit of the fandom. So for those of you who haven't seen the show or who have and want to revel in the adorableness of Alice/Hatter, I present to you a few recs.

An Alice and Hatter Picspam created by [ profile] dictums

An awesome 3 part picspam. Includes some iconic quotes. How can you resist Mad Hatter sexhair? Or Hatter's silly faces? Answer: you can't!

Alice and Hatter Picspam created by [ profile] anne_elli0t

Small in size (only one part!) but still full of awesome quotes and a lot of Alice and Hatter adorableness.

Foam by [ profile] alittleoddish

A sweet AU that fits the characters perfectly in a world where there's a little less wonder, but just as much hat awesomeness, plus coffee. Accessible for those who haven't seen the miniseries but are curious about the ship.

A Michael Weatherly Picspam created by [ profile] kaaatie

The many faces and handsome sides of Michael Weatherly. YUM.

When I Have Been A Memory by templemarker (The History Boys, Scripps/Posner)

This is a lovely fic that really captures the feel of The History Boys setting. It's a little sad and a little happy and altogether wonderful.

Now, I don't read online original fiction. I tend to leave my fiction to books and my fanfic to the internets and never the twain shall meet. That is, until I came across this little gem. Honestly, I started reading because I was in the mood for porn and I've always enjoyed the author. And then I was utterly swept away into their 'verse which is stunningly rich in detail and unafraid in any sense. Seriously, you have got to check this out and let the author know what you think. If you don't look at a single other one of these recs, do look at this one.

King's Day by [ profile] ellipsisblack (Original Fiction)

It isn’t safe to be a halfblood on King’s Day.

Thanks for checking out this edition of recs! I have more Dean/Cas to get to as well.
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Supernatural Stuff

1. Quarters, Sharing is Caring, and Heaven or Las Vegas by [ profile] trinityofone are all part of an AU verse in which Ruby is snarky demon but still ends up being the friend to an angel, Castiel discovers a little bit more about being human, and there's the hunt, the Impala, arguments, and sex. Dean/Castiel and Sam/Ruby.

2. Lend a Hand and Lift Me by [ profile] xgreyfeather

In which Anna gently matchmakes (more or less, she opens Castiel's eyes), Dean has his usual problems of believing he's worth anything, and the two fix each other. There's sex, and yet it's still lovely. Dean/Castiel

3. The Consequences of Falling by [ profile] pandarus

Ok, I can say I have a few quibbles with some characterization, but as a whole this fic is outstanding. Castiel makes the transition from angel to human when he decides to save the boys lives and who is there to pick him up? Ruby, of course. This is one of the best Ruby characterizations ever. You'll definitely like her more than Kripke's (mainly because the S4 finale isn't in here). And she gets what she deserves at one point. Oh, also? There's an offering of Castiel as a virgin. Very funny, very sexy, with some nice angel!angst and Dean!angst. Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby.

4. Have Faith by [ profile] gembat

A brilliant, lovely, unique piece of digital Castiel/Dean art. Take a look. NSFW.

5. Till We Have Faces by an unrevealed author (part of a secret fic thing at [ profile] deancastiel).

The apocalypse is over and Dean has been granted a gift to see Castiel's true form. There's a wonderful OC in this short story and Dean and Castiel break my heart in all the good ways. But it's not just about them, either. My favorite line of the whole piece is a little comment Dean makes to John Winchester. Dean/Castiel.

Star Trek Stuff

1. Interview with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

Chris to Zach: That's your morning voice? That's a great morning voice.

They also totally fight over vocabulary. Dorks! ♥

2. Dancehall Drug by [ profile] anythingever

An intensely hot and hilarious Zach/Chris RPF. Seriously. Hilarious as fuck. In which Chris somehow fits into Zach's pants, and there is hot, HOT sex (just, not quite with each other).

3. Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) by [ profile] roga

A very funny remixed fic featuring John Sheppard as "the new guy" at Starfleet Academy. Have you heard of anything as absurd as Kirk trying to outdo the master of cool? Kirk has to learn his lesson the hard when he tries to out seduce the next big spacewhore. John Sheppard/Jim Kirk, SGA/Star Trek crossover. I want this pairing like ALL THE TIME now.

4. I'm On A Ship by [ profile] sparkly_stuff (and other fans)

Ok, I'm actually sad the creator changed the format of the post, because the song used to start automatically. So, in my opinion, for full effect, scroll down to the youtube vid at the bottom of the post (without reading the stuff in between!!) and start it, the scroll up to the top and follow the picspam down. Then reexamine the gif at the top and check out the other youtube vid another fan made singing the lyrics to clips from the movie. This whole post is made of EPIC WIN. Genius, seriously.

5. However Improbable by [ profile] tabled

This is one of the funniest fics I've read in the new Trek fandom. The author's McCoy is just PERFECT. One-sided Spock/Kirk.


DNA's Hottest Men of 2009

Gratuitous sexiness. And several boys my flist will recognize.
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What is this Glee everyone has icons of and such? It looks like some sort of musical TV it going to be like Fame, basically?

Also, anyone else see THIS spoilerish thing about Heroes? Thoughts? I think its a cop out. Also unlikely since we know how deep they are into other certain relationships...who needs this on top of it all? LOL

Pinto (aka Chris Pine and Zach Quinto) art by [ profile] trolleys_art

It's so much fun!! Chris Pine is very bad at Scrabble...

Righteous by [ profile] cadesama

This is a fabulous little dark piece about Nathan and Peter. Each time Nathan dies, his vision of the world gets a little clearer...but what is it doing to Peter?

Make the Man by [ profile] trinityofone

This is a lovely and somewhat sad fic between Castiel and Dean (Smith). Castiel takes his job very seriously. Dean thinks being watched means something else. But things are only as real as the angels let on...
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But first....three days ago we had a MASSIVE blizzard and it was 31F below. Today? It's above 40F. My state's weather is frakked.

1. James Joyce letters

Looking for some hilarious, disturbing early 20th century porn? Look no further. Seriously, you will laugh. And perhaps blanch.

2. The Happening in 15 Minutes

Ok, so I actually liked the movie. But this is hilarious!!

3. Now For Breath I Tarry

This is a wonderful little gem of The History Boys fic written for Yuletide. It's fairly short but lovely.

Grab bag!!

Dec. 7th, 2008 09:46 pm
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It's been awhile since I've posted any recs; I've been saving up. Enjoy!!

SGA Comic by [ profile] gnine

So cute!!

Masters of Sci-FI, Fantasy and Horror

While it's good with geniuses like Kripke and Joss Whedon, it passes over the ultimate--Chris carter.

The Slow Rise of NCIS

It's rare to find articles on NCIS, and this article points that out. A good read and tribute.

BSG Duo Comes Out

Sexual spoilers. lol

An Angel Close By Me by [ profile] zelda_zee

The first and still best Dean/Castiel fic I've read. It's beautiful.

EW Article on New Star Trek

OMG new Trek!!!

Star Trek Trailer

Finally, the long-awaited trailer. I saw this on the big screen when I went to see Quantum of Solace. O.M.G!!
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1. Water Your Dreams by [ profile] amireal and [ profile] ladycat777. McShep.

Sheppard taking a break and slinking into his richly habits. Which basically involves a yacht. And a stranger he meets in a bakery. And really. Can you pass up preppy!John? I didn't think so.

2. Objectifying Rodney/David Hewlett by [ profile] bitter_crimson.

Because there can never be too much focus on Rodney's eyes. Or arms. Shoulders. Ass. Or...where was I?

3. Vote or Be Resurrected

A wonderful look at the presidential candidates. And the strange similarities they have to certain cylons. Is Roslin the last cylon? (Seriously, a bit of genius work. Now, I don't particularily like or dislike McCain, but this person has thoroughly convinced me he's a cylon. *nods*)

4. Petraeus: Adama?

Poor General Petraeus. Always with those damn cylons!
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Some things have been collecting dust in my bookmark folder for awhile, saving up till I had enough. Enjoy!

1. Jimmy Kimmel Reimagined as J2

That'd be Jared and Jensen, for those who don't know. In the post is a link to the original video from Jimmy Kimmel Live. And if you haven't seen it...WHY THE HELL NOT?! How could you miss that Sarah is f***ing Matt Damon? Anyway, it's one big macro post and is hilarious as fuck. (And even if you love Sandy, it's just friggin' funny since the whole thing's a jok,e anyway.)

2. Grey's Anatomy Reads Fanfiction

Ok, so it's not in as much a positive light as David Gareth-Lloyd reading it, but I for one would love to see fanfic acted out. Just think of some of that bad!fic out there...and if we can't laugh at ourselves, well, fandom's fun, right?

3. Battlestar Galactica Beginnings in Five Minutes

I found this via someone else on my flist. It's hilarious. granted, it takes mroe than five minutes to read, but who doesn't love comments like "Make a note in the ship's log: sucks to be humanity"?

4. Getting There by [ profile] zinfic

A lovely coda to Exit Wounds that really speaks to Ianto and the team as a whole. (Spoilers for TW finale, obviously.)

And finally, a request. I'm joining up for [ profile] mcshep_match and need photo help. 4 seasons and promos is a lot to go through. I'd love specific eps (beyond the obvious Return I&II) or pictures that you think reflect "home". Thanks!
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1. Can't remember the 11 planets?

And yet, apparently not enough of one (geek) to know that we somehow gained three planets. I mean, what?! First, I thought Pluto's planet status was revoked. But now they're calling it a dwarf planet? That makes no sense to me. So a frozen rock is not a planet. It's a dwarf planet. O__o. Does that mean Eris is Planet X?

(Ok, apparently Eris is not Planet X as I knew that back in 4th grade and Eris was only "discovered" in 2003, according to the Wiki page. So technically, aren't there 12 planets? Or you know, 9 planets and three dwarf planets. Actually, that wiki article explains a lot.)

2. Mensa's Top 10 TV Shows

Mensa sucks at picking TV. Mad About You!? No way. I can agree with Fraiser, West Wing, House (maybe), CSI, and MASH. But where is The X-Files? Or all other Sorkin shows? And what about the show where most of the members of the verse are or could be Mensa members, Stargate: Atlantis? (Ok, SGA doesn't really take too much brains to get, but I feel like with all the Mensa props the show gives, they deserve something.)

3. BSG Season 4 Preview

HypaSpace does a look at S4 with some actor interviews. Don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled for the S3 finale.

And then a random question. Does anyone have the Riverdance soundtrack? Anyone willing to upload it for me? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*
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Well, I have absolutely nothing profound to say, so...have a mish-mash post.

NCIS (Did I mention I'm going through withdrawal?)

Meet Abby's lab. It has lots of gloves.

I ♥ my team.

Kyle XY

I just finally caught up (I guess there's two more eps of the season remaining. However, I have no clue if it's been affected by the writer's strike or not. Anyone else know? IMDB says they should be airing this week and next.). I am still in love with "Keclan". And no, I don't mean just the Kyle/Declan slash (which I probably love more than any other because they are just so darn cute!). But the name is just too adorable. Seriously, said it before, saying it again, Lori and Hillary? Total closet slashers.

And also in 2x14, Kyle and Jessi walk out of the woods and they see a cabin. Jessi asks, who lives there? My response (which I yelled out): Jack O'Neill!! LOL Had the same dock and everything that he fishes from. So now I want Kyle XY/SG1 fic.

One of these days I will write another Kyle XY fic.


Q.E.D. by [ profile] smokeringhalos/[ profile] technosage.

A lovely, bittersweet and witty short fic wherein Ianto and Martha talk about...the avant garde and Jack pouts.


Suffer Me Not To Be Seperated by [ profile] auburnnothenna

A very painful, but beautiful and romantic tale of loss and reunion, loneliness and waiting. I think part of what makes it so hard to read is that the situation is so close to what could happen in the SG universe if it hadn't been for Merlin's device. The politics are so real. And then of course add in our angsty boys's one amazing fic.

The X-Files

I have had a hard time believing it all. And then I saw WonderCon photos and the "trailer" and OMG. It's surreal and fabulous. God, I've missed my show.


Not impressed.


Jan. 28th, 2008 03:05 pm
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So, when I originally saw a photo from Hancock, my reaction was like, ugh, please. And then I saw THE TRAILER. And OMG you have got to watch it. It's hilarious!! There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there's HANCOCK. Will Smith and that guy from Arrested Development.

In case you missed it the first time around, check out A priest, a rabbi, and an ATA user walk into a bar . . . I like to think of these as jokes the SGC tells about their sister expedition.


10,000 Pieces by [ profile] blueraccoon

This story is just beautiful. So often slash fics have the characters saying "I love you" but it feels so fake, so contrived (to me, at least). This fic doesn't have those three little words in it at all, but it's so right, and so obvious. The author truly shows how McKay and Sheppard fit. (Ok, I'll admit, the last scene is a little chick-flicky, but it's still lovely as can be.) Highly recommended!

Where the Similarities End by [ profile] alizarin_nyc

For all those Torchwood AND SGA fans. *nudges [ profile] siberian_skys* It's a rather humorous look at the two teams getting together, courtesy of none other than the IOA. Neither team is happy about it. And yet, there's a whole lot of chemistry going on. Pretty hot!
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1). Sore Loser designed by [ profile] slodwick. McShep and hockey go hand-in-hand.

2). Joe Flanigan's Hair Picspam. Even after seeing his naked chest and back, and even his nicely-shaped ass...his hair is still my favorite part.

3). Judas Doesn't Answer by [ profile] auburnnothenna. I believe I've mentioned it a few times, but I love everything I've ever read by this author. Judas features SG1 coming to visit Atlantis for reasons unknown and immediately after, there's a murder. John and Rodney struggle to find the murderer amidst rumors, who's been sleeping with whom, their own dysfunctional relationship, and the threat to Atlantis SG1 came to find. It's a dark, smart and amazing look at John, a smart Rodney, and lots of suspicion. And why is it no one ever listens to Vala? I loved this story so much. It stuck in my head for days. Days in which I couldn't read another SGA fic because they just wouldn't fit into how perfectly created this version of the characters and situation was.

Non-SGA link: Check out the The Orgasm Post. What gets you going?
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1. Your thoughts on the Iowa winners? Are you happy, extraordinarily upset? Do you think the same people will win New Hampshire? Do you even care?

2. Does anyone know how to shut down an LJ comm? I'm the mod and I can't even find that function.

3. Anyone ever tried using LJ voice posts via computer (Skype or Vonage, etc)? What do you use as your phone number you're calling from?


1. Slash: Adult by [ profile] solvent90. A little jewel from Yuletide in The History Boys fandom. It's a little thought about pairing, Dakin/Scripps, that just has this sense of rightness to it. To understand the fic all you need to know is the two are old school mates who attend Oxford.

2. Slash: Each Man in His Life Plays Many Parts by [ profile] duckgirlie. Another Yuletide The History Boys fic, featuring Irwin. It's a wonderful character development showing up sides of Irwin we never get to see in the movie/play. In this case all you need to know is Irwin is (one of) the boys' teacher.

3. Slash: The Dark Side by [ profile] astolat. A funny AU of McKay and Sheppard in the world of Star Wars. It's adorable and sweet with an edgy John that just excites me though I have a distinct distaste for SW, normally. So if you like SW, even better!

4. Het (gasp!): Intercostal Clavicle by [ profile] auburnnothenna. First off, I love pretty much everything written by Auburn, so how could I refuse this one? Written for the John/Vala Thing-a-Thon, she manages to get crazy humor, a talking cat, McKay/Sheppard friendship, and a circus all in one, making it your average day at the SGC. And the image of Vala and John is just such a pretty one...
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1). Anyone who's a fan of Alex Krycek needs to check out the Alex Krycek 12 Days of Christmas calender thing. Lots of great new artwork! Plus some fics and recs.

2). A humorous romp in which John and Rodney Save Christmas over at [ profile] sga_santa. Too funny! Just the right kind of Christmas cheer I was looking for from SGA this year.


1). A hilarious 5 Things fic in which Someone Finds Out About John and Rodney by [ profile] bluebrocade. I dare you NOT to laugh.

2). One Piece At A Time written for [ profile] sga_santa. It has a little bit of everything. Manly building, Athosian detective work, Sheppard and a fear of babies, genderswitch, clueless!Rodney, and a very sweet ending. What more could you want?

3). MGM has this cool little thing with videos where you can add your own messages to McKay's laptop/tablet, or Sheppard's big screen TV screen. It's fun.

Porn (sort of):

A very tasty man including video via [ profile] ohnotheydidnt (NSFW). Who can resist FDNY men? That's a big ol' firehose.

And now I'm off to make lunch. And maybe do some homework reading.

PS: Still looking for a beta for my McShep fic. The fics about 14000 words long--really, it's not too bad, I swear!
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JoeM, you never fail to amuse...

Farscapefan writes: “Is there a ray of hope for Cam/Sam shippers?”

Answer: Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?

Oh, all those poor Cam/Sam shippers...well, at least they aren't actually siblings. Like us Wincest and Petrellicest fans.

I've been saving a few things on my computer. Have them as an early Christmas gift. Enjoy!!

1) SGA Sock Puppets All I have to say is...chest hair.

2) Stargate SG1 and SGA My Little Ponies Seriously, this girl is crafty! I would totally buy them like the dork I am. Apparently Michael Shanks didn't like them. Well, he's just dumb. lol (At the bottom of the page is the links to the other ponies.)

3) A Bed Too Small The tragic tale of the search for bigger beds in Atlantis. And how did Teyla get one bigger than the rest?

Merry Christmas Eve (in some parts of the world, I suppose)!


Nov. 12th, 2007 07:39 pm
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1) I hate Megaupload. Still.

2) Who knows the SG1 version of [ profile] sgastoryfinders or [ profile] sgagenrefinders?

3) Give me your recs for best sci-fi movie. I prefer things a little less on the Arr-monster-chasing-me! and a little more on the political consequences, conspiracy, or general creepiness aspect. (Ala less Alien, more The X-Files/Sphere) But you know, your favorites.

4) What is the actual order/names of the Star Trek TV series and movies?

5) I think there should be a policy on those "don't talk about" comms that requires the mods to go through posts monthly and delete the posts that do not have active links. There is nothing more annoying than going through 13 entries and not a single one having working links to actually dl. Geez, the amount of posts I go through, I'd fucking do it for the mods.
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1). More Sex Talk

Frankly, I don't know what to think about this article. Jail seems too much, indeed. I don't think 13 year-olds having sex with each other (consensual) need to go to juvie. I think they need better sex ed. At the same time, there's always the issue of judgement and do-they-know-enough-for-it-to-be-consensual. Also, where does one make the age cut? 17 and fifteen, ok. 14 and 14, ok. But what about 17 and 13? You can't say no crime as long as both are under 18. But you can't say 2 years. Is there some kind of magic transition that happens if the kids are 12 and 14? What about 14 and 16? Kids are always going to have sex. Can we really jail them for that? Or should we simply do our best to teach them?

Critics decry states’ teen sex laws

2). Marriage? Maybe. Living Together? No way.

These people are sheer geniuses. As long as kids know they're loved and see both parents, is it a crime? So it's a little unusual. So is two dads or two moms. So is being raised solely by Grandma. Unusual is normal and beautiful!!

For some couples, distance is key to closeness

3). SG-1 Macro.

And those of you in bandom or who have a love and/or hate relationship with boy bands will cry at it's hilarity. Poor Cliff Simon...

Goa'uld...or Boy Band Singer?

4). Fetish...For Shoes.

I love shoes. I love artistic pornsensualness. So this? Was quite a treat. Not very work safe.

My favs have to be the black, high-heeled psuedo point shoes.

Fetish, by Louboutin and Lynch
Full slide show here: One of the photos was deleted from the original post.

5). Incest and Fandom Poll

No, you don't have to be into incest fics to take part! Nor do you NOT have to be. Take part in a little poll, and write some comments.

Poll: Do real life siblings make fictional sibling incest pairings less interesting?
My own comment(s)/meta to the poll

6). Heroes and the WGA Strike

I keep trying to tell myself this is just TV. It's not my life and livelihood at stake, here. And yet, if this rumor is true? I will be very upset. The shows are rarely as good after the creator leaves. Just look at West Wing. In addition, it seems this season of Heroes will only last until Dec 11th.

Kring To Give The Fuck Up On NBC Pigmasters?

Ok, in honor of the fact that I like to gather random links and post them all at one time instead of each individually (in hopes people will actually pay attention rather than going 'OMG Lucy is posting AGAIN'), I have decided to give these posts a tag. Thus: grab bag.


Oct. 26th, 2007 10:07 pm
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1). Bionic Woman this week rocked.

Seriously, she's like the female Jack Bauer. I mean, granted he does it without the aid of technology implants, but still. She's pretty damn cool. And the TA's HOTT. And Nathan? So funny.

2). Speaking of 24...

There WERE some amazing promos available on YouTube but FOX is apparently on the ball and catches them within a day. *shakes fist* But if any of you have seen The Sentinel with Kiefer Sutherland and Michael Douglas, it's going to be that...only 20 times better because a) no Eva Longoria and b) faster paced because it's frakking 24.

3). Of frakking...

BSG is not set to come out until APRIL 2008. What is that shit? And want to bet they give us some crap break like they did for SG1 and SGA? *hates on Sci Fi Channel*

4). If you live in the UK...

You can get Battlestar Galactica Season 3, already. NOT FAIR!

5). Well, Sci Fi got one thing right.

Season 5 of SG: Atlantis is a GO, for those of you living under a rock. In Afghanistan. Probably hanging out in the caves with You Know Who.

6). McKay

How funny is this action figure? Seriously, does not look like Hewlett AT ALL. LOL

7). More Action figure humor.


Blue Light Special: Two for One!!

8). SEX.

Now that I have your attention...

If a condom is typically 85% effective in stopping pregnancies, how is it nearly 100% effective in stopping the spread of AIDs?

However, this article has both good points, and clarifies some REALLY DUMB myths about sex (I know you don't all need this info, but like I said, good article).

What teens don't know about contraceptives could hurt them.


So umm, I found a funny *cough* little blog.

Gay Porn For Girls

*sets flist free to explore*

8). Of Star Trek (Yes, you read that right.)

Most of you know, I'm not a fan of the biggest sci-fi show ever, and the first slash pairing. But after watching this video, I just might change my mind...I never knew!! Half naked in a (presumably alien) jail. Plus, Shatner wears embroidery. And his pain face is WAY too similar to an 'O' face for it to be coincidence. LOL

ETA: 9). Harry Potter

David Thewlis (Professor Lupin) weighs in on Dumbledore being gay. Hah!! Fanfic ♥

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