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And so is SUPERNATURAL. Because it's BACK. In BLACK. Maybe. Actually, I don't know. But here's like four weeks worth of [ profile] spn_fridayfive.

Question Galore! )

Happy Supernatural Day!!
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So I don't know how many people will find out about this...I don't know how posh Heroes fandom is. ;-) Anyway, I got an email today advertising...

Dooney&Bourke Limited Edition Hayden Bag

It's cute if not my style. (I wonder if it's dolphin friendly?)

SPN Friday Five

1. When asked about angels (or 'good' supernatural entities), Kripke said he and his writers believe God works "through a very human, sweaty, outgunned and overwhelmed group of hunters. For us, these are the angels ... the forces of good work through humans who are flawed and imperfect and trying to make the right decisions." What do you think about that? Is it just an excuse for not having enough money in the budget to add CGI angels into the show? It is deep and insightful? Or do you think something else completely?

Why would the angels need to be CGI? I think it's very appropriate for the show and reflective of RL (not the hunters, but that we don't ever truly "see" God--it's not that easy).

2. Although the Yellow-Eyed Demon is dead, how much do you think his past actions will affect events that take place in season 3?

I think it's going to affect the entire show. Kripke did very well with that.

3. Why do you think Sam has not revealed what he found out about Mary's past (she knew the Yellow-Eyed Demon) to Dean?

I think he wants to know more first and he doesn't want to damage Mary in Dean's eyes.

4. Inspired by the upcoming winter holiday season: What type of holiday or yearly event, if any, would you like to see featured as a sidestory (to the main plot) in a future episode of Supernatural?

Well, we've already got a Christmas ep coming up...I dunno, got the lame evil Leprechaun route? LOL Maybe Day of the Dead. Dean in Tijuana.

5. Last we saw Agent Henricksen, he was very determined to capture Sam and Dean. Are you interested to see the character/story arc return, or would you prefer all episodes to focus on demons, Dean's Deadly Deal, Sam's Boy King status, etc.?

I think it adds an interesting layer to the story, as well as recognizing reality, though I haven't been thrilled by Henricksen, personally. The character, not the role/storyline.

So this is week 3 of no SPN, right? Which means it'll be back next week? PLZ?!
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Two weeks worth of SPN Friday Five beneath the cut. (Spoilers for Fresh Blood--you've all seen it, right?)

Some good questions, one REALLY dumb one... )
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NCIS Finale )

Heroes Finale )

Friday Five
1.) Tonight the CW re-aired the season two premiere, "In My Time of Dying". Now that we've seen the season finale and premiere, and as it is obvious both episodes were meant to have a big impact on the characters of the show (and therefore the fans), which episode did you like better and why?

The finale. I mean, Dean with the reaper was moving, but I love the action and adventure and lack of crappy miracle needed to make me want more.

2.) If the fans could vote on one extra Supernatural episode, would you rather have a wee!Winchesters episode (like "Something Wicked" from season one) or an episode twenty years in the Winchesters' future? As always, please explain.

Ohhh. Tough. I'd have to say wee, because I like the future being left to my own imagination.

3.) Supernatural is very music-oriented, so here's your crack question for the week. Which real band (meaning you can't make one up) would you place Sam and/or Dean in and why?

Oh, Dean would love to tour with like, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Sam would fit with Good Charlotte, probably.

4.) How do you hope the Agent Henricksen storyline will be handled in season three?

Tense and always on their toes. I like him because he really is just doing his job. Mulder would probably want to bring them in at first, too (until he was convinced they were heroes), because of the whole grave desecration thing.

5.) What are your thoughts on the season 2 DVD cover?

First off...second season cover, already? Holy crap! Second, it's nice. Love the blue. Works for the emo season. ;-)
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Don't forget to check out my Friends Cut post.

How amazing was last night's SPN finale? Just a few things I want to comment on...Spoilers for All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 )

Friday Five

1.) Now that we're out of fresh Supernatural episodes until September, how will you spend your Supernatural-less summer?

Working. Watching Battlestar Galactica, Kyle XY, Eureka. Getting my tan up to par again. Attempting to write.

2.) Who's your favourite Supernatural villain so far, and why?

Oh, YED. He always cracked me up and had such intensity. And the original shapeshifter.

3.) Based on what we know from season 2, how do you expect season 3 to play out?

Uhh, see under the spoiler cut.

4.) Jared's spending his summer filming 'The Christmas Cottage' and Jensen is doing a play called 'A Few Good Men'. What other sorts of roles would you like to see the boys portray?

Is it only me that think this question was created by someone completely ignorant of Aaron Sorkin and his godlike status? Anyway. I don't know really. I guess I'd like to see Jared do something really funny with like Ben Stiller or something. And I'd love Jensen as a romantic lead.

5.) If you could sit down and have lunch with one Supernatural side-character (anyone other than Sam or Dean), who would it be, and what would you talk about?

Bobby. He's just a wealth of information even if he is a hick.

Have I ever mentioned how much I fucking love David Hewlett? You all must see T H I S. DH FTW!! And Mars, too. And shameless self-pimping. LOL
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It seems quite a few of my flisters are having some rough times with their families health or welfare and so since I'm awful at knowing what to say, I'm just putting out a blanket statement that you are all in my thoughts and I hope that things look up soon.

Also, there seems to be new SPN wanking going on? Since I've come across a few comments relating to that, I will be avoiding my SPN comms for a few days because I just cannot deal with repetative, boring wanks.

And wow, you all crack me up. Your answers to my hot dog poll were hilarious. Some of you pointed out the sizing is different than what I mentioned. I think this is a brand and regional thing. For example, you can buy 10 hot dogs in a package here (depending on the brand), but buns never come in more than packages of six.

SPN Friday Five )

Shipping meme stolen from [ profile] mahoni
Ships, ships, sailing away... )

Ok, even I'm getting nauseous from all the romance in this entry. So I leave with that, but I ask you all to wish me good luck. I have a huge presentation for a job tomorrow and I'm a little nervous.
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Ten points to whomever can name that song. *points up*

Blech. I don't feel well for some reason today. It's rather annoying.

Did anyone watch Raines last night? It was supposed to air on NBC at 9pm (central) but it seems MN high schools are in basketball finals or whatever and we got that instead of regular programming.

Also heard Smallville is picked up for season 7? You know, you'll be hard pressed to find a bigger Superman (TV) fan than me, but really. The show is boring now. There's nothing new and exciting and I think even the actors are feeling that. The acting is...acting-less. It's just motions. I mean, there are shows that can go that long. Stargate, X-Files...but SV just can't, IMHO.

SPN Friday Five (spoiler for Roadkill) )

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!!
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Hola, mi amigos!

To begin, I have a very special Spring Break To Do List posted which everyone should go and see and stab me with a stick to get it done. *nods*

And this week's SPN friday Five )

Thoughts on season one of Stargate SG-1 )
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Is LJ being slow and stupid for anyone else, or is it just me?

We have so much snow, you all. It's crazy! It hasn't stopped snowing since yesterday around 2. There are snowmen all over campus. It rocks.

However, my thoughts go out to those caught in the tornadoes in central and southern US, and for the families and friends of the baseball team that were in the bus accident in GA.

This week's Friday Five (see, I haven't totally forgotten about SPN!)
1. We see that the episodes are starting to "recycle" some of the season one monsters. What monsters would you like to see revisited?

Uhh...isn't this basically a repeat from last week? Anyway. I'd love to see the Trickster again. Beyond that, they already did the shapeshifter and that's the only one I'd want to see again. Though I do love mythology behind various "gods" (like in Scarecrow).

2. In the season one finale, Sam draws the devil's trap onto the impala and explains its function, and although this symbol is not brought up again, the episode title is Devil's Trap. What do you think is its the significance?

*scratches head* Isn't the significance to trap the demon? I'd say we've seen plenty of that (Crossroad Blues, Born Under...). Also, the one on the car was protection. It's safe to say that the Demon wouldn't have gotten the gun had it been back there.

3. What is your favourite season two episode so far? And why?

Born Under A Bad Sign. Does anyone on my flist really need me to explain?

4. Sam or evil!Sam?

Evil!Sam. Shit, yeah.

5. If the Winchester brothers got tossed into another fandom (TV show, book, etc), which fandom do you think they'll be the most at home in? Which one would they be the most out-of-place in?

The X-Files (or Buffy, I guess) for sure. Most uncomfortable? Probably other sci-fi, like Stargate or Battlestar Galactica because they (Sam and Dean) don't deal with aliens and ambiguous things like that. They deal with good and evil, not technology and xenocide.

You also all know just how obsessed with Imogen Heap I am and the other day I "found" four songs she performed specifically for iTunes. They're not new songs, but they're live (but without the annoying clapping kind of live) and creatively different. They're wonderful. I especially love her live version of Just For Now. I wanted to share so...Imogen Heap Live!

Trust The Man review coming later this weekend.

PS--Fandom? This is why I'm frustrated with you and very tempted to ignore you. I can't escape the wank in any one of the fandoms I'm in, and really? It bores me. Can't we all just get along?

End of my own .02.
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SPN Friday Five )

And now, I have to link you all to a little post [ profile] kashmir1 made. It's a DOOL Jensen and wow. LOL I don't mean that 'wow' in the way you think. I mean, Jensen is...well, Jensen. He's steaming no matter what. But that clip? That is all I ever need to see of him in DOOL. Totally reminded of why I don't watch soap operas. I just...*facepalm* It's embarassing to me for them. CHEESE!! I couldn't help laughing at the end. I'd totally want to be in the scene with Jensen...but I can't watch it without cracking up. But hey, HOTT BOY.

And now I have for you a test run of icons. See, when I turned in my computer for repairs...I also put in for the operating system. And the graphics look weird in Vista. Things that look good on my computer might not look so on everyone elses. So, give me a general inclination of whether or not the icons are too sharp, the colors too saturated so they look pixelized, etc. I'll be checking on a different computer as well, but input always good. :-)

Test Batch SGA )

I am also starting my regimen of SG-1 tonight! Expect squees or comments about bad sci-fi effects from time to time. :-)
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Ok, in a short while, I am heading out of town for a few days. I am unsure as to if I'll have internet, so I thought I'd just warn you all. :-)

SPN Friday Five )

Fun Greek quiz I stole from someone on my flist... )

So, I know I'm suddenly spamming you with requests, but I would love it, if you haven't already, to give me recs for classical rock music. And then, I know this is a long-shot, but does anyone have/known someone who has made "The Good German" screencaps? I recently saw it and I MUST icon it.

Once I get back, I promise I'll do that music post and I'll rattle off some recs. And, I'll be able to dl the latest Heroes and all of SGA, so expect comments and squees on that. In between the rest of my life. :-/ LOL
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I'm behind on my SPN Friday Fives. So here's the past two weeks.

This week's, including spoilers for Hunted and Born Under a Bad Sign )

Last week's

1. If you could have lunch with Sam and Dean and ask them one question each, what would they be?

Dean: Why are you so sleazy?
Sam: Why won't you cut your hair?

2. If the boys weren't limited to US locations, what other town would you like to see them investigate, and why?

Mexico City or something. I'd love to see a little ancient civilization myth or something.

3. Do you believe that Mary's death at the beginning of this series was "fated", or could she possibly have stayed alive if only she'd remained in bed?

I think she would be alive had she stayed in bed. However, considering we had to have a catalyst for this whole thing...yes, it was fated. lol

4. What do you think is the contrast between Andy Gallagher and Max Miller?

Background, definately. Same with the kid that umm...'met' with Gordon.

5. What do you think of Season Two so far?

I like it. It's emo, it's angsty, it often seems to be fanfic-y. I like now that it's heating up with more action, less emo, and more intense scenes (like FBI). To be honest? I think I'm one of the few who likes S1 better.

And finally, you all kind of suck at taking my Random Poll. Just sayin'. O___o.
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So. Today is officially my one year anniversary on LJ. YAY!! I've found so many friends and so many new fandoms and fandom experiances. I love LJ and all of you very much!

It is also my two year anniversary of being a fangirl. It was two years ago that I read and started writing my very first fanfics. back when I was an innocent little XF shipper. Since then I've expanded into quite a few levels of that Special Hell we all love. And what a trip!

SPN Friday Five under a cut for potential spoilers from the past few weeks and little spoilery (actress) squeeing for those of you who read Kristin's (E!Online) recent coverage of Winter TCA )

Anyone seen the previews for the new Sci Fi show, The Dresden Files? Is it only me that thinks a show with "Files" in the title, of the same genre as XF, is doomed to fail? I don't know if I want to tune in or not...

TCA Transcript for all of you who may want to read.

And finally...a little creative meme. Now, granted, I do have a Nathan fic to write for [ profile] vote_petrelli, but maybe one of you can spawn a good idea for me or something. I'm totally out right now.

The 'Tell Me What to Create' AnonyMeme!

The rules are simple. You comment here with your username, and people can tell you what they want to see you write. Or draw, or vid, or icon, whatever. Despite the name, they don't have to do it anonymously, though of course they certainly can. You then go through the comments and if you see that person who you've always wanted to write a Green Arrow AU set in the Terror, where Ollie is a Scarlet Pimpernel-esque figure, smuggling people out of Paris, then you tell them that they should write it.

I am over here. FYI, I write SPN, X-Files, Heroes, Kyle XY, J2. I could be encouraged to write Dark Angel if the idea clicked with me.

Have a happy day!!

PS--Ahem. *coff* The Patriots will bring home another victory tomorrow!!! *coff*
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What SPN character(s) Am I? )

To read about Britain's UFO Division, click here. Quite amusing. And cool.

I also magically caught the Trapped in TV Guide thing I mentioned the other day with the XF gag? It was lame. But all the more amusing because of it. I can't believe the shoppers were fooled and actually believed the two "agents" were agents. i mean, I know that from time to time our law enforcement is lame...but they're not that bad. LOL

I am POed because I can't watch the CW promo for SPN. Or the director's cut. Computers on campus don't use sound. I also will not be able to watch Heroes until I can get a computer again because 24 starts on Monday. Freaking...*trails off grumbling*

Great S1 picspam of behind the scenes of SPN. Dude, even the guy who snaps the "take (fill in number here)" sign is hott on this show!! What? Is Jared not allowed to have snow in his hair or something?

SPN Friday Five )

Oh, and more thing I'm pissed about. I got my paycheck and was going to buy S8 of X-Files, right? Cause amazon had them at $25. But now, I go today...and they're not anymore!! *cries*
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In 2007, mf_luder_xf resolves to...
Get back in contact with some old gilmore girls.
Start an artwork fund.
Give some x-files to charity.
Ask my boss for a supernatural.
Connect with my inner wicked.
Overcome my secret fear of heroes.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

You know...I like these resolutions. LOL

First things first...SPN friday five )

God, I am so behind. I have caught up on my XF friends. And now I'm onto my SPN friends. At skip=760. Wowza. Who knew you could all be so prolific over Christmas? :-D

I want to thank [ profile] foxestacado for the AMAZING icons she made to fulfill a wishlist wish of mine. All of them are loaded into my userpics at the moment so check them out. Just like her, they are pretty and shiny and smart. :-) I love you, Fox!!

More birthday thanks:
[ profile] motorwill
[ profile] _3amconfession
[ profile] biani
[ profile] wendy
[ profile] la_folle_allure

Thank you all! Going back and seeing this is just making me smile like a giddy schoolgirl and extends the pleasantness of the day out. You are all so kind and I love you very much!! And Kate...I will definately cash in on that IOU sometime. I'm still hoping for a Dean/Tony fic. ;-)

And now I'm off to bed. Argh. I don't want to work tomorrow morning. But hey. At least I get to go out shopping tomorrow evening. Semi-annual sale, yo!!
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1. How did you first hear about SPN? And when did you start watching?

Oh, God. Long complicated answer alert.

So I knew about the show because that was the season for all supernatural and alien shows (Threshold, Ghost Whisperer, Invasion...). I saw Jensen Ackles and was like, hey! I know him from Smallville, he's hott, I'll tune in. Maybe it'll be XFish. Then the night of the premiere, I had a friend over or something that made it so I wasn't watching until the last three minutes or so. And all I saw was Jess on the ceiling and the blood and went ummm...ICK. So I was like, nah, I won't watch. And then the slow infiltration of SPN into the Phile fanbase converted some of my online friends, especially [ profile] staranis and [ profile] siberian_skys. They both told me about the great dynamics, yada, yada, similar to non mytharc XF eps...and so forth. Then they mentioned incest. And I was like, JHFHGFJVJG!!? But they sent me links and inflitrated MY BRAIN with hott fic and that? That's what converted me, pretty much. I saw one ep, and then the Pilot...and then I was sold. Though I do still think it's too gross at times.

2. We all have our squee-moments over Jared and Jensen. Post your absolute favourite (one only!) picture of the two.

Ummm...I don't have one? No, really. I don't think of favorite photos...I mean, I like all the touchy/goofy ones, but no favorite.

3. Which character would you least like to wake up next to without being able to remember how you got there?

Uhhh. This is an odd question. If we're going for looks, it be some minor character. But if we're going for scary reasons? Then all three of the main boys. Cause I don't want to find out I'm a demon or that my family's been killed by one or something creepy like that.

4. Your favourite brotherly quote so far?

Sam: Our dark spots are pretty dark.
Dean: You're...dark. *petulant face*

5. There are a lot of shippers in this fandom, as well as quite a few non-shippers. What is your view on Wincest?

LOL. Well, above you can see my initial reaction to it. But then, it was only slightly more vehement than my reaction to slash at first. Incest was like OMGEW and slash was more like, WTF*stares like at a car accident*. But now? Well, have you seen my LJ?

Bond. I was going to write a nice long review, but I am just not in the mood for that. Basically, I love it. Craig's at the level of Moore. That beginning chase scene kicked ass, the beginning credits were amazingly artistic and I just kept chanting, "trust no one," through the entire thing. LOL

ETA: Mad TV, Aaron Sorkin, West Wing, etc fan you HAVE to watch this video. Man, this is better than when they made fun of XF on Mad TV. (Probably don't want to watch if at work.)

Studio 69
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The current news is that SPN and SV will be back January 11th. Frankly, I'm surprised. I expected it the week of the 22nd like Heroes. *cries cause that's how long she has to wait for Heroes*

[ profile] spn_fridayfive

What are your favourite Supernatural moments so far, involving:
1. Dean?

1). Shapeshifter!Dean with his flashy eyes and "he's got issues with you".
2). Dean killing shapeshifter!Dean.
3). Dean looking up after going all Saw on the vamp.
4). Pilot scene when he says "Dad's on a hunting trip..." and the "I don't want to do this alone".

2. Sam?

1). Asylum.
2). Interacting with shapeshifter!Dean.
3). Stopping Max and saving Dean.

3. A male guest star?

1). Seeing the mayor in Scarecrow be CSM.
2). JDM with "take your brother outside!"
3). Demon!Daddy
4). John negotiating with The Demon.
5). The Demon in IMTOD

4. A female guest star?

1). The car scene on the way back from PA in No Exit. Ellen, OMG.
2). Sarah in that scene with Sam right before Dean comes out saying, "Am I interupting anything?"

5. A bad guy?

1). Uhh...does shapeshifter!Dean count?
2). Anytime The Demon is on, no matter who it is.
3). Tom, the Demon's "son" (simply because it was Sebastian Spence).

And I'm VERY PISSED AT MYSELF because I thought it was an old ep of Smallville and so caught the literal last 5 seconds of Lex walking away. Shoot me now. I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT 33.1!!! Oh, and anyone out there have an mp3 of the song that played at the very end of the ep? Thank you [ profile] la_folle_allure and [ profile] crimsonsenya!! I LOVE that song.

And now I'm off to take a nap so I can be awake tonight.
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IT SNOWED!!! And then it melted. :-P

I am feeling much better now, though rather worn out. But thank you to everyone who wished me well--I think you guys helped!

This week's [ profile] spn_fridayfive

1. Think back to all of the guest characters who's appeared so far. If you had the ability to miraculously go back in time and take one of those guest star positions, which character's position would you take, and why?

Does this mean I get to look like them? Cause if so, then totally Andrea (naked in Jared's arm--GUH!). But if it were just me, then it'd totally be Sarah. I'd say Cassie...but Cassie's a bitch, whereas Sarah was a fun character, even if she only got the kiss and Meghan got the sex.

2. Do you think the Winchesters celebrated holidays? (Christmas, etc.) If so, what do you think they did?

Awwww, I like to think so. I don't see them putting the material emphasis on them as most of us do, but I imagine Christmas and birthdays meant just slightly more without their mother and because of their lifestyle--as in they were thankful they were alive and helping others.

3. Pick a character: Layla or Sarah? And why?

Sarah. She was spunky, scared, but totally gung-ho and understanding. Layla was sweet, but...

4. What location would you like to see the Winchester boys visit?

Dude. MINNEAPOLIS. Maybe something's haunting the Edina ice rink or something. LOL And Dean could totally make some Mighty Ducks crack. *G*

5. Do you think the boys' training, when they were children, involved playing sports? And if so, what kind of sports?

Well, not in school, I don't think as I believe they moved too much. But John seems like the type to have played and soldiers love their football and soccer. So I can see them playing in backyards and on playgrounds. Football's a good way to work on length and spin of a throw.

Sera Gamble is my newest favorite person. She says Kripke gives her looks that say "you're on crack" and she wants Sam to get laid, and until recently knew very few straight boys. LOL Minor, minor spoilers, but a great interview.

I finally got the seduction quiz to work... )

AND OMG I LOVE [ profile] trystan830 FOR HER TV GUIDE SCANS. KYLE XY IS RENEWED FOR NEXT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, Aquaman is coming back to Smallville in January. YUM.
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Ok, so Sylar? Looks like a baby Donnie Phaster. It's his mannerism and expressions. It's creepy. Oh, and did you know that actor was in first season Gilmore Girls? Even as a single Dad of a kid at a prep school, I couldn't not find him creepy.

Heroes Theories )

Last week's [ profile] spn_fridayfive
1. What's the single episode that's affected you the most so far? And why/how so?

Skin. It was delicious in its twistedness, and an amazing look into Dean's mind...AND the shapeshifter's. When he was talking to Becky, you got a rare insight into the MOTW's thoughts and reasons.

2. If fandoms were to collide, which character (from which fandom) would you place in the Winchesters' lives? Or, which fandom would you place the Winchesters in? Why?

Do I even need to answer this? Obviously, I would say X-Files. What character from X-Files? Interestingly enough, not Krycek. I can't see him fitting into an average day in the Winchester's life. But Mulder would be perfect. I'd love to see the boys and Mulder end up on the same "case" together, see the differences in viewpoints on what, how, and why.

3. Considering the way that Dean and Sam were brought up, do you think their childhood fears are any different from what children's fears normally are?

I think no matter what, children are all the same. They all fear abandonment (only made worse by their mother being killed), they fear the dark and monsters under the bed (as we know with Sam for sure). I just think they a) tried/had to hide those fears, and b) probably had a few more in addition.

4. What do you think Dean and Sam were like in school? (Ie, in terms of grades, friend-making, etc?)

I hate to say this because its so fanfic cliche, but...Sam was definately the studious, reading type. Considering his penchant for "normal" and "safe", I bet he tried as much to stay away from the family as he could, always hanging out after school doing something. We know he did drama club (or was it only the show?) at one point. Dean though, I bet he was thekid who got into a lot of scrapes. He wasn't a bully, and maybe stood up for one or two, before he got TC (too cool) for that. He was probably the school bad boy in reputation, even if he didn't have the motorcycle and all. Definately a ladies man.

5. What kind of pets can you imagine the boys having?

Imagine them having? Definately dogs. Do I think they did have any? No. John would know better. Soldiers can't exactly keep pets.

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