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Title: Shadows Filled Up With Doubt
Author: MF Luder
Recipient: [ profile] amor_remanet
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Castiel/OFC, intimated Dean/OFC
Keywords: slash, het, apocalypse, character death, established relationship, alternate universe
Rating: R
Word Count: ~11,600
Warnings: torture, drug use, character death
Spoilers: 5x4, “The End”
Disclaimer: All characters herein belong to Kripke and Co. and the CW.
Archive: My LJ, anywhere else, please let me know
Summary: When Dean begins to torture again, Castiel slowly loses pieces of himself.
Author's Notes: Filling this request: 5.04-verse: established Dean/Cas. Remember in "On the Head of A Pin" when Cas says, "I would give anything for you not to have to do this" about Dean torturing Alastair? After losing his Grace, basically-human!Cas picks up the taste for pain meds, but for the most part, he's sober more often than not. When Dean starts torturing again, it takes its toll on Cas too for [ profile] castielfest. Title taken from Jace Everett's “Bad Things,” another prompt. And umm, I sorta of included two of your DNWs so I'm hoping you'll forgive me since it is a 5x4 fic. D:
Author’s Notes 2: This is a little twist on 5x4 in that there is no past!Dean. Thus, the ending is a tish different. Make of that as you will. Bastardized a few lines from the show as well.
Author's Notes 3: Finally, the BIGGEST of apologies to the mods and to my recipient [ profile] amor_remanet for being so incredibly tardy with this.

Shadows Filled Up With Doubt )
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Ok, so this is sorta of like a trial run? Not really like that but something. As in, I want to see what kind of reaction this fic gets. If people like it, I'll write more and have all next parts betaed and lengthy like most of my stuff, but in the meantime, it was basically written because [ profile] lexalot made beautiful art that inspired this bit and who am I to refuse? :-)

Title: Fallen is Babylon the Great
Author: MF Luder
Category: Sam/Dean
Keywords: horror, slash, AU, post apocalypse
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: They belong to the CW and Kripke.
Archive: Sam/Dean Archive, my LJ, Biani's Slash Archive, Sinful Desire, anywhere else, please just let me know.
Summary: A broken world where there are worse evils than the Demons Hunters used to hunt.
Author's Notes: The brothers are not related here. Total inspiration comes from [ profile] lexalot's gorgeous manip of a hunter Demon!Dean. Title taken from Revelations. Unbetaed.

Fallen is Babylon the Great )

PS--Anyone know if they're not it still considered Wincest? *is pondering about which comms to post to*
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Yo! More of Heaven Can Wait, FINALLY! I am probably more excited than you all, even. :-D If you've missed out or want to remind yourself, just check out my heaven can wait tag and they're all in order.

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More Heaven Can Wait that had this one sentence that was just kicking my ass today, so it's posted several hours later than planned, but it's only 10:49 and thus posted in the same day still.

Also, a version of the artwork I made for [ profile] siberian_skys' birthday.

Chapter 4 )
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Chapter 2 )
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Ok, wow, it's been awhile for this fic, but I finally got around to it again, and am steadily working on new parts beyond what I'm posting now. If you want to refresh your memory, you can go to this post, and it links to all of them in order. Main header found there as well.

Prologue 1 of Heaven Can Wait

Chapter 1 )
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Heaven Can Wait Prolouge 2 )
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