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Disclaimer: Some of these fics contain more than one pairing. Make sure you check the author's notes if you're picky.


Evolution by [personal profile] rhaegal

The most epic of epic stories EVER. Following the events of the new movie, this describes the first year of the mission of the Enterprise and all the crazy things that come with that including new aliens, viruses resulting in mutiny, the Romulan Empire trying to start a war, and renegade Vulcans. All while Kirk tries to figure out this thing he and Spock have going. Hot sex scenes, wonderful writing, and spot on characterization from Kirk and Spock to the smallest OCs. What more could you want?

So Wise We Grow and the sequel It may be that the gulfs will wash us down by [ profile] captanddeastar

A touching kid!fic with one of the best kid OCs I've ever read that really gets at the heart of Vulcan emotions with excellent writing and a wonderful sense of pacing, action, and relationships between the characters. Remarkably well-characterized.

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) and the (Big Bang) sequel War Games by [ profile] seperis

The witty banter, absolutely excellent characterization, and the psychoanalysis of Kirk and Spock via the current situation (which leaves you wondering just what's going on, sitting on a knife's edge, building and building until it slides into place) and their experiences on the Enterprise to this point, are perfection. Seperis is a fantastic, fantastic writer who can move a story along while delving deep into the characters. And the sex...WOW. I've read this story multiple times and it's just as good each time. The sequel is just as detailed and intricate. Brilliant, brilliant story and world crafting on Jenn's part. And, if some things are a tad unclear, check out the comments on part 12 where she explains some of the motivations behind one of the main characters.

Lost by [personal profile] garryowen (Kirk/Spock Prime)

A lovely Spock Prime POV of Delta Vega. The reaction of Kirk is wonderful, and the thoughts of Spock Prime well written and poignant.

Till the Heavens Stop the Rain by [ profile] mithen (Kirk/Spock Prime)

Gorgeous, is about all I have to say of this fic. Smart and lovely prose.

Inextricable by [ profile] lunabee34 (Kirk/Spock Prime)

A sad, beautifully heart-breaking fic.

Spock Prime series by museaway (Kirk/Spock Prime, Kirk/Spock)

I absolutely love this little series. It has pretty much everything I love? I really love connections between Kirk and Spock Prime, but also Kirk and Spock finding their way together. And then on top of the wonderful emotions infused in those two relationships, there's also my fav character other than Spock (Q!) showing up to make everything right with the Primes. It's Kirk/Spock^4. Tender, intense, sweet, and my eyes even welled up with pure happiness.

To the Best of My Recollection by [ profile] svileficrecs

Sweet without being sappy. The dialogue is very IC and some of the lines had me actually laughing out loud.

through water by [ profile] sans_pertinence

A rather unique style, and not just because it's written in 1st person POV. The sex is hot, but it's really the still-existing animosity and stiffness between the top that makes this fic sort of punch you in the gut. I also enjoy that it's not "finished". Nothing is resolved, and in fact, the fic leaves you wanting more, something I find unusual in this pairing.

Palynology by [personal profile] waketosleep

An unexpectedly hilarious little gem. I giggled all the way through.

Unplanned Parenthood by [personal profile] waketosleep

Spock and Kirk are de-aged. Shenanigans ensue. McCoy drinks a lot. HILARIOUS.

Break Down and Tell by [ profile] betweenthebliss

This is just a good piece of writing. I really enjoyed Kirk's thought process and his frustration and confusion. And the reaction when Spock catches on to what's wrong with Kirk...HOT. It sneaks up on them and it's all the better for it.

We Live in Detail by [ profile] black_eyedgirl

Great character piece, some relationship angst, and reads like an episode of Star Trek.

Spoctoria by [ profile] waldorph

The first in this series was written for the Star Trek Big Ban post 2009 movie. Funny, witty, AU where Jim is Prince of America and Spock is heir to the Federation throne. It's a long epic romance with sex and royalty and political machinations. And additional heirs, eventually.

The Survivors by Eligh

An epic, sorta-AU post 2009 movie where the Federation is attacked, Kirk and Spock are rebels, and everyone is broken but gets put back together by each other. Excellent world-telling with awesome OCs, as well as a few romances that might surprise you. Plus, A+ Kirk/Spock.

The Lotus Eaters by aldora89

Where to begin. This fic manages to be smart, funny, sweet, intense, and creepy as hell. I would give my first born to see Sigma Nox played out onscreen. It was both appropriate for the reboot but also harkened back to the quirky and bizarre TOS type planets. It's such a rich world and the author gives just enough answers for me to be satisfied and yet for me to also want a sequel to know what this planet and its wildlife actually is. It also has an amazing OC who is adorable and funny and a perfect companion for Kirk and Spock. Kirk and Spock are perfectly in character and your heart will break for both of them at various points. And finally, the emotional, romantic (and sexual) tension that builds between Kirk and Spock is glorious. If you like a slow burn, this is the fic for you.

For Gladness of You by kariye

This is a haunting, tragic, beautiful story. It's got beautiful rugged edges like AOS!Kirk has and a style befitting of someone's train of thought. It's a unique way to tell a story that is quite beautiful. Your heart will ache for Kirk and Spock and their relationship, but it's not a sad story (i.e. no character death). It feels almost unfitting of the lovely prose to say this, but it also has some fantastically hot sex.

infixion by Etharei

I love the OCs in this, an alien race that has made a mistake or two. Gar and Jim have a lovely mother-son type relationship that develops. I really enjoy Kirk and Uhura's relationship - often times the relationship gets written really cold or bitter or even antagonistic; this has a nice set of layers of meanings in their friendship. I love the sense of friendship and family that flows through this fic with crew members supporting each other and defending one another. Also, the super secret hidden messaging system is great.

Still Life by [personal profile] garryowen

This fic is wonderful. There's so much detail and great characterization. I enjoy the journey both Kirk and Spock go on: it is sad, it is happy, it is healing. Some really excellent writing.


Some Victory by waldorph

Wherein Spock and Kirk are musicians and then Kirk becomes a politician, too. I love that this fic makes me laugh because everyone is ridiculous and adorable and the sex is really hot.

Something Rich and Strange by jouissant

This fic manages to be both AU and canon-based at the same time yet not a canon-AU (read to find out how that works!). I really like the journey Kirk goes through and Kirk and Spock together. The way the rest of the team comes together is great, too. The ending leaves me pumped, imagining their adventures.


Brief Encounter by [ profile] awarrington

While the plot is slightly contrived (but then again, it's fanfic, when isn't the plot contrived?), it's executed exceptionally well. The language and interaction between Kirk and Spock is fluid and well written. The sex is hot, but the conversation is better; clever and spot on characterization-wise. And the inevitable ending was written far better than I was expecting. A great fic!

The Squire of Eros by aldora89

An amusing little Valentine's Day inspired fic that places Kirk and Spock (and the crew of the Enterprise) in the manipulations and misunderstanding of a familiar being. I laughed a lot. And the very end of the fic left me delighted.
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